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10 Trampoline Safety Tips (The Benefits of Safe Bouncing)

Serious complications can arise from almost any activity when it comes to sports recreational events. Trampolines, have certainly received their share of stop sign warnings due to the seriousness of reported injuries.

As with any other sport, there must be a strict set of safety rules in place in order to receive the healthy benefits involved in trampolining and greatly reduce the risks.

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If trampoline safety tips are put to good use, there is no reason why this activity could not be a fun safe way to get good exercise.

Trampolines have received praise for a good number of health related benefits that tend to place them in a more positive light once all possible safety precautions are observed. Some benefits with a regular safe bounce routine have been noted in areas such as weight loss, stress reduction, increased circulation strengthens the immune system, can be useful in strengthening the joints, can improve heart and lung function providing better oxygen to the blood, improving muscles and additionally aids in improved balance.

children on trampoline

Professionals dealing with autistic children have found this type of exercise very beneficial in the treatment of all forms of autism. With toddlers, improvement has been noted in language developmental skills with the steady rhythmic bouncing.

There has been a great deal of research done on the health and benefits provided by trampoline exercise and there is a ton of information available on these positive aspects of ownership and use of the trampoline. It cannot be stressed enough however that nothing is a good thing when it is not used with knowledge and safety. Here we will share some of the most important rules that trampoline owners should post and follow for safety precautions.

Our Best Trampoline Safety Tips to Follow

Choose and Use the Right Equipment

Trampolines today are designed to fit the specific needs of your family. For example, toddler trampolines are designed very differently from kids in the next age group and so forth. The various sizes and shapes are designed for certain age groups and functions. It is not only a wise decision to do your research and make a purchase that will suit your family’s needs; it will also help to insure their safety.[/su_service]

Follow all Guidelines in the Owners Manual

Follow all instructions provided by the manufacturer. If specific instructions are provided for assembly, those should be followed to insure the safety and longevity of your produce. Also if there are any guide lines such as weight limitations etc. these should be adhered to as well. The manual should be kept handy for review if for any reason you need to replace a piece of the equipment or reassemble it for any reason.

Choose the Best Set Up Location

Where your trampoline is placed is important for safety and optimal usage. There should not be any obstruction from power lines or trees above the device. The sides should have open space as well that are free from any hazardous objects. Placing your trampoline on level terrain is additionally a great way to insure safety and fun.

Always Use Safety Nets and Pads

Many good trampolines today come with some of the necessary safety accessories. If they are not provided, make sure to purchase, install and use the safety equipment designed for your model. The enclosure is designed to provide safety and protection from springs and falls for your family.

Shock absorbent pads cover and protect those parts that have been found to cause injury in the past models and reduce the possibility of accidents. There are many accessories you may consider for their added safety value when doing your research.

Keep the Jump Space Clear and Secure

Be certain that trampoline is not accessible without your knowledge by putting away any ladders or climb up devices when you are not in attendance. This can help to avoid injuries that you are not even aware of or any guest usage that is not by invitation. It is also a very good idea to keep the mat space free of any additional toys, shoes etc that may cause harm to a jumper.

Supervisory Measures

It is the best idea that there should always be supervision when a jumper is on the mat. Normally a spotter is used in athletic activity events and it is a huge help when possible. Under no circumstances, however, allow children to board the trampoline and jump without adult supervision.

Jumping Rules

It is always a great reminder message to post your rules for use so all may visibly see them. This helps children understand that the rules are not just made for them but for the safety of everyone. Decide which rules are important and make certain they are strictly enforced for the best possible safety during exercise and play. It is a good idea as well to establish a one jumper on the mat rule in order to avoid unnecessary injury. One jumper at a time is able to better focus on their bounce and landing technique.

Rule Out Risky Activity

Somersaults or any other dangerous moves should be ruled out for all recreational trampoline jumpers. If any somersaults, tricks or exercise stunts are practiced for athletic training or by competitors then jumpers should be attended by a professional spotter and trainer. These types of exercise are high risk and not recommended for novice and recreational use.

Routine Safety Checks

All equipment should be checked often and any defective or worn out items should be replaced. Everything should be properly padded for safe usage. Parts can show wear due to time and weather and should be attended to immediately when these signs are noticeable. It is a great idea here to train family members on checking their equipment for safety. Children are much more cautious in sporting events when they are trained to check all sporting and play equipment for safe operations. Make these checks and important step in your trampoline safety tips outline.

Check Your Insurance Coverage

It is generally good idea before making your purchase to check on your homeowner’s policy for their guidelines. If you already own a trampoline this may not be a necessity however some insurance companies require certain safety equipment to be in place for coverage possibilities. Yet some of the companies do not insure injuries with pool or trampoline use while others offer exclusions to your policy. It is a good idea to be aware of any liabilities you may be responsible for so you can choose your coverage accordingly and know exactly where guests come into play for your protection and theirs.


Trampoline safety tips may not prevent all accidents that your family could bounce into. Proper acknowledgments of the best safe practices however, usually make any sport safer and most traditional sports have rules to follow.

Proper care of any equipment insures the life and safe usage of that equipment thus reducing accidental injury to a better minimum.

Attentive parents and adult users stand a better chance using the trampoline safely than those who choose not to seriously follow the guidelines.

The bounce experience can be a healthy and beneficial experience if the best precautionary safety measures are employed from the beginning.

Happy and safe bouncing!