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How Much Weight Can a Trampoline Hold? Know the Limits Before Bouncing

Whenever you visit a trampoline park, have you ever thought to yourself, "How much weight can a trampoline hold?" Sometimes, older trampolines have the capacity to break after multiple uses and excessive force. Realistically, trampolines are meant to hold up to 450 pounds maximum.

However, the safest way to answer this question is through extensive research of each individual trampoline since every bouncing apparatus is different. We did some research ourselves to best understand how much weight a trampoline can hold based on a few key factors. Read along to better inform yourself about the different types of trampolines, and which is the safest and most durable depending upon your individual needs.

Comparison Table

How Much Weight Can a Trampoline Hold?

The amount of weight that a trampoline can handle really depends on the following factors:

  • The style
  • The size
  • The materials used to make the trampoline
  • The brand

If you are truly curious to know how much weight a trampoline can hold, it's important to understand that there are several key factors that come into play. The style can make a difference or the length and height. In addition, the materials used to put it together as well as the brand are also important to consider. Read along to understand just how crucial these factors are, and how they all connect.

The Style

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Image by FotoRieth from Pixabay

How much weight can a trampoline hold when the style is on the table? From round to rectangular or springs to springless, the many different styles of trampolines hold varieties of weight. Read below to view the main styles of trampolines.


Round Trampolines

Round trampolines are most commonly used for occasional outdoor and recreational activities. Because of their family-fun nature, they usually have safety netting and padding around the springs for extra precaution. Typically, round trampolines are between 12 and 18 feet in diameter, with the ability to hold 250 to 350 pounds.

rectangular tarp

Rectangular Trampolines

Rectangular trampolines are a step up compared to round trampolines. Its shape is more suitable for athletic use because there is additional room for aerial movement, and it promotes a higher bounce. Even though they are more expensive, rectangular trampolines are usually 17 to 18 feet long with the ability to hold over 400 pounds.

springless tarp

Springless Trampolines

A newer type of trampoline introduced to the market uses long, fiberglass rods instead of springs to give the safest bounce. Since more springless trampolines have yet to be sold, the diameter is between 12 and 18 feet with the ability to hold up to only 250 pounds maximum.

The Size

trampoline spring

Image by Schanin from Pixabay

How much weight can a trampoline hold if the product is smaller or larger in size? Just like anything else, the same rules apply: the bigger the object, the greater the weight and the larger the force that the object can handle.


Weight Requirements

Below, you will see some general guidelines to follow:

  • A 12-foot trampoline has a weight limit of 250-350 pounds
  • A 14-foot trampoline has a weight limit of 300 pounds
  • A 15 to 16-foot trampoline has a weight limit of 400 pounds
  • A mini trampoline for kids has a weight limit of 150 pounds

Now, keep in mind that these are just general guidelines. For your safety, it's very important to read the weight limit specific to whichever trampoline you buy, and it may also be helpful to read online reviews to get a better idea of the "true weight" of the product.


Weight Requirements

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For the most part, how tall you are doesn't have an impact on the weight limit of a trampoline. However, if you are concerned about the safety enclosure around the trampoline, your height may have an effect on how safe you feel.

On average, a person will jump to a height of up to about 16 feet. Ideally, the safety net is supposed to accommodate this jumping height. Obviously, the taller you are, the higher in the air you will be compared to shorter people. So, to put this into perspective, a good safety enclosure should rise to at least waist-high of the tallest jumper.

On the plus side, you will probably never have to worry about hitting your head on the ceiling of an indoor trampoline park no matter how tall you are. According to the International Trampoline Federation, an indoor trampoline facility must be at least 26 feet in height. Unless you are an athlete or you are trying to break world records with your friends, you shouldn't have to worry about a 26-foot high ceiling.

The Materials

Trampoline Spring

Image by Schanin from Pixabay

If you purchase a brand new car, you want to be 100 percent positive that you can rely on the car to get you from point A to point B in one piece. On the flip side, if you purchase an old beater, you can't fully trust in the car's ability to get you to your next destination.

Similar to a vehicle, the materials used to make the finished product are equally as important as the finished product itself. If you think about it, each piece of material is like putting together a puzzle. You need all the pieces to make it run smoothly.

The Jump Pad

The Springs

The Frame

The Brand Matters

Even if you don't want to admit it, everyone has a favorite brand of something. Maybe your favorite shoe brand is Nike, or maybe your favorite brand of dish soap is Dawn. Sometimes, people don't even realize they prefer one brand over another until they pay closer attention to their shopping habits.

The same holds true for a trampoline brand. The only difference is that a trampoline is a big purchase.

People want to choose wisely, especially when safety is a major concern. So, when looking at a few top brands, how much weight can a trampoline hold? Read along to find out.

JumpSport AlleyOOP VariableBounce Trampoline with Enclosure | Premier...
  • New, advanced safety net design with our latest performance enhancements! Engineered with...
  • Patented Unforgettable overlapping doorway eliminates fall-outs for parental peace of...
  • Fail-Safe enclosure system permits placement near (3 ft min) barriers. Heavy-duty support...

JumpSport, a company based in the United States, is considered a top brand due to its dedication to safety, long-lasting quality, and a 10-year warranty. One of the company's most popular trampolines is known as the "Soft Bounce." This 14-foot, circular trampoline provides a soft-impact landing, 80 stretchy springs, and it also has the ability to hold up to 245 pounds.

If you are interested in a basic, long-lasting trampoline, you can find the Soft Bounce on Amazon for less than $1000.

JumpSport 14' DoubleBounce | AlleyOOP Trampoline with Enclosure |...
  • Patented DoubleBounce Technology creates a shock absorption zone with its double mat...
  • 128 Black High Performance springs offer a soft landing with a smooth downward bounce and...
  • New, advanced safety net design with our latest performance enhancements. Engineered with...

AlleyOop is a highly trusted brand due to its heavy focus on unique quality and customer service. By unique quality, we mean that the brand offers both rectangular and circular trampolines with many distinct features. A family favorite is called the "Power Double Bounce." This 14-foot, circular trampoline offers 192 springs and a strong safety net to hold up to 295 pounds.

If you're interested in an incredibly safe, strong trampoline, we would recommend the Power Double Bounce. You can find it on Amazon for about $2500.

Springfree Trampoline | 8 10 11 13ft | Oval Round Square | Springless...
  • Springfree Trampoline is the world's safest trampoline featuring no springs, no hard...
  • Leave your trampoline outside year round. Our trampolines all have double powder coated...
  • 10 Years Warranty On All Parts

Perhaps you're interested in a fitness trampoline. Springfree is an elite brand specifically meant for gymnasts and other competitive athletes. Its rectangular shape and ultimate springs promote stability, usability, safety, and durability. Used in the 2016 Olympic games, Springfree can withstand 572 pounds with its longer, 17-foot frame.


3 little girls are playing at the trampoline

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

How much weight can a trampoline hold when considering all of the above factors? As we've learned, because there are so many different trampolines out there, the weight limit is not set in stone. Many trampolines are customized nowadays, so make sure to read the directions that come with the specific trampoline your purchase before use. There will be specific safety protocols depending upon the trampoline you purchase, and it's critical to follow them.

Featured Image: Image by Ron Porter from Pixabay

Best Double Trampolines

Best Double Trampolines

Double trampoline, also known as double bounce trampolines, are unique because they incorporate a dual-layer platform.

Not only do double bounce trampolines offer a lesser shock to the joints upon landing, but they also increase the overall height jumpers experience.

These do tend to be pricier than their single-layer counterparts, so take the time to get to know the ins and outs of double trampolines.

Best Double Trampoline Comparison Table

Double Trampoline Manufacturers and Sellers

There aren’t many manufacturers that make a double trampoline because there is some amount of controversy as to the safety of the trampolines. If you are interested in a double bounce trampoline, make sure you purchase yours from a reputable manufacturer.

JumpSport, creator of the AlleyOop Double Bounce trampoline is at the leading edge of double bounce platforms. The company has been in business for over 20 years and prides itself on being a leader in the trampoline industry. They manufacture several different trampolines including the Double Bounce trampoline.

Hammacher Schlemmer also sells a Double Bounce trampoline and is measured at 14’ in diameter. They do not specify who the manufacturer is, but the company has gained a positive reputation for being a consumer advocacy group that presents only the best consumer products on the market.

There is also such a thing as a double mini-trampoline, although those are used in gymnastics. Smaller than an Olympic regulation trampoline, these are manufactured by companies specializing in gymnastics training. Some of the manufacturers include but are not limited to Eurotramp, Geofei Sport, Gymnaova, and PE-Redskaber.

man jumping on black trampoline

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A Quick Tutorial on Buying a Double Bounce Trampoline

With quite a few products to choose from between the manufacturers, it’s a good idea to ask yourself a few questions to help you along your way.

1. What Are Your Options?

2. What Do You Need In a Trampoline?

3. Is The Trampoline Modern or Dated?

4. How Much Can You Afford to Spend?

5. What Do the Reviews Say?

JumpSport 14' DoubleBounce | AlleyOOP Trampoline with Enclosure |...
  • Patented DoubleBounce Technology creates a shock absorption zone with its double mat...
  • 128 Black High Performance springs offer a soft landing with a smooth downward bounce and...
  • New, advanced safety net design with our latest performance enhancements. Engineered with...

The AlleyOop trampolines are made with high-quality materials and can be expected to last for a number of years.

Granted, these trampolines are not the most inexpensive options, but they fit the old saying of you get what you pay for. Built with longevity and safety in mind, JumpSport does not skimp on quality.

The Double Bounce Trampoline was designed to keep safety at the heart of the product. The double mat provides an extra safe jumping experience complete with a safety enclosure netting that goes all the way around the trampoline.

Add the way that the Double Bounce is easy to set up, too. The provided instruction manual gives you directions on how to get your trampoline in working order.

It comes with high-quality springs that have an approved weight capacity of up to 250 lbs. The Double Bounce trampoline was also tested up to 800lbs successfully. That means that adults can enjoy the trampoline, too.

Highlights of the AlleyOop Double Bounce Trampoline

There are some major perks to owning this particular trampoline. Here are just a few that will help you decide whether or not to purchase one.

  • Safety features are top notch.
  • AlleyOop uses latest technologies available for their double trampoline.
  • The mat design prevents injuries.
  • Trampoline set up is easy.
  • Plenty of positive reviews from happy customers.

Real Reviews of the AlleyOop from Real People

If you go to Amazon, you’ll see several different reviews expressing their happiness with Jumpsport trampolines. All of the reviews for the 14’ Double Bounce are 4-stars or higher.

Erik Hohler says, “Love the trampoline. It is everything they say it is! FUN! And the safety factor is high. Very happy with product!! The instructions SUCK! I followed them to the letter. Alleyoop needs a tech report writer to reduce the instructions. The video on youtube helps but fails to explain how the frame install actually takes place. Happy with the Tramp! Very glade (sic) to be done with the install! Took about 5 hours with 2 people.”

In a lengthy review from Light Buzz Year, you can see yet another happy customer when it comes to the product. “First off, this is a very heavy duty trampoline, probably the most sturdy one you can buy. It is nearly impossible if not impossible to tip over. It is also very likely the most safe and secure in a mixed lot of products. After much comparison and testing of this and Springfree I went with AlleyOop. Springfree makes an innovative and high quality product, but it has a few major shortcomings, especially if you expect to have numerous kids around the trampoline. The serious injuries on trampolines linked to design are hitting the frame and going over the edge. The problem with Springfree trampoline is that the net doesn’t stop you, it catches you. If a toddler is outside and someone goes over the edge they could be seriously injured. On AlleyOop trampolines the net is very sturdy and secure. You could do a dive and wedge your head into the corner and probably get quite a bump, but that’s better than going head first over the side into the head of another person or child after a 3 foot drop. The weight rating on this unit is best in class too.”

JumpSport 14' DoubleBounce PowerBounce | AlleyOOP Trampoline with...
  • Patented DoubleBounce Technology creates a shock absorption zone with its double mat...
  • 128 Primary Black High Performance Springs + 64 Black PowerSprings = a trampoline with...
  • New, advanced safety net design with our latest performance enhancements. Engineered with...

According to the product description, this trampoline uses a dual-layer platform for high performance and soft landings. The platform is also UV-resistant.

The double platform is made of polypropylene and is shock absorbent to reduce the impact on your joints. A double layer also provides for a higher level of bounce.

The springs are made of galvanized steel and are adjustable for age as well as weight, to be able to accommodate multiple jumpers.

The platform sits 40” off the ground with a weight rating of 260 lbs. The netting is 11.5 feet high and provides protection all the way around the trampoline. The foam-padded poles are designed to absorb the impact of a jumper falling into the net and then push them back towards the jumping surface.

Hammacher Schlemmer also provides a fantastic lifetime guarantee that guards against everything. In fact, they state “if this product ever disappoints you, for any reason, you may return your Hammacher Schlemmer purchase for exchange, credit, or refund.”

Highlights of the AlleyOop Double Bounce Trampoline

Clearly, there are some significant considerations to think about when considering purchasing a trampoline, and Hammacher Schlemmer does not disappoint.

  • Safety features are a high priority.
  • The mat design prevents injuries.
  • The springs are adjustable for age and weight of jumpers.
  • The Lifetime Guarantee is excellent.
  • Plenty of positive reviews from happy customers.

Real Reviews of the AlleyOop from Real People

There are plenty of different reviews about Hammacher Schlemmer, although not many are to be found regarding the trampoline specifically. Even still, you’ll be happy to see that they fulfill their promise to provide good customer service.

SandalsLee claims, “I bought a clock in 2006 and it started loosing (sic) time. Loved the clock so wanted to exchange it for a new one. When calling customer service they couldn’t find my old order number and I no longer had it or remembered when I bought the clock. They sent me to Terry Coolidge who spent quite a bit of time researching to find my order number so that I could exchange the clock. Way to hire professional, dedicated staff that bend over backwards (sic) to make customers feel important and well-taken care of. Terri made sure that Hammacher Schlemmer is a company I will continue to buy from for years to come! We hear of life-time guarantees that normally don’t occur, Hammacher Schlemmer delivered on their promise.” This review was left May 2018, a full 12 years after the reviewer’s initial purchase.

Another reviewer, Tcbgd2002, has more positive things to say about the company. “Hammacher is my “go to when ordering online, especially if it’s a new product, even if a similar item is available elsewhere at lower price. I know that I can rely 100% on the description, quality and services provided.”

Over and over, the familiar refrain is the way that the company handles their customers day in and day out. Should you decide to purchase a Double Bounce trampoline from them, you won’t be disappointed if you need help with something later on.

A Bit About Double Mini Trampolines

These are worth mentioning if you’re in the market for gymnastic training equipment. A double mini-trampoline has a flat surface on one side with an incline on the other. You’ve probably seen them in gymnast competitions.

A gymnast will run up to the double mini, jump on the inclined side and then on the flat part before performing the dismount. As of right now, there are only two that are approved for international competition, although there are others that are available for training.

As these are true pieces of gym equipment, you can expect a price tag to go along with that to the tune of as low as four thousand dollars over eight thousand dollars. Before you invest in the equipment, talk to gymnast coaches to get real feedback and recommendations. You’ll also want to check reviews as needed.

two girls jumping on double trampoline sunset

Image Source: ​

A Final Few Words on Double Bounce Trampolines

Double trampolines tend to include both the double bounce trampolines that are used recreationally, while double mini trampolines are explicitly used for gymnastics training.

Remember to ask yourself questions to figure out what you actually need so you don’t overspend and end up purchasing precisely what you want.

Happy jumping!

Professional Trampoline: Which Among The Best 7 Should You Buy?

athletes on a professional trampoline

Backyard trampolines can present a lot of fun activities for you and your family, but they can only take you so far. If you have kids that are interested in pursuing the trampoline as a sport, or who are involved in any number of trampoline-related activities, then you should consider a professional-grade trampoline.

But just what are the activities that a professional trampoline can help with? It turns out the list is pretty long. Trampolines are a great way to improve a person’s overall fitness, but they can also help with balance, flexibility, and even endurance. If your child is interested in gymnastics, for example, on a serious level, then a high-quality trampoline can help give him or her an edge over the competition.

It provides a safe place to practice routines, tumbles, and difficult moves without having to have a brush with gravity. You can help challenge your kids to develop new gymnastics skills, but you can help reduce the risk of injury.

The same goes for snow sports like skiing and snowboarding. The complicated flips, tricks, and jumps are much easier to practice on a trampoline than on hard-packed snow. And because the trampoline doesn’t require snow, you increase the time that your kids can spend learning their skills.

Cheerleading, acrobatics, and diving all also make use of trampolines in their training. For all of these various sports, the trampoline offers a safe space to learn new tricks without the risk of falling onto hard and unforgiving surfaces. The trampoline acts as a stepping stone to help them progress to harder and harder skills while still facing minimal consequences when errors occur.

The 7 Best Professional Trampolines to Help Your Kids Achieve Their Sporting Goals 

If your child or children are interested in pursuing any of these activities seriously, then a professional trampoline is a safe way to give them the upper hand. You won’t be at the mercy of a gym or trainer’s schedule, and you can help your kids learn to be more self-sufficient and more self-motivated to achieve their sporting goals.

So now that you know how beneficial a professional trampoline can be, you have to figure out the best one for your kids and their interests. You’ll have to be prepared to pay a pretty hefty price for a professional trampoline, but you’ll get a quality product that can help your children for years to come in return. Here is a list of 7 great professional trampolines that will foster your children’s love of sports while keeping them safe.

This heavy-duty​​​​ trampoline provides plenty of space for your kids to practice their moves, and it gives them the biggest sweet-spot landing zone to maximize their jumping power. It has patented StagedBounce technology to provide smoother and safer jumps, and its large rectangular size is perfect for any number of sports.

The StagedBounce technology makes this a perfect trampoline for beginners who want to practice new moves like cheerleading flips, or gymnastics tumbles. That’s because this technology allows for half of the springs to be set at a lower tension, which delays their engagement by a split second. This becomes really crucial when your little one is practicing a new jump and lands awkwardly. He or she gets to absorb half of the impact at a slower rate, helping to reduce injury.

JumpSport 10'x17' StagedBounce | Includes Rectangular Trampoline,...
  • Provides the largest “sweet spot” landing zone of any trampoline from beginners to...
  • Patented StagedBounce technology and High-Stretch springs for smoother, safer bounce...
  • 10 Year Warranty!* JumpSport trampolines are the first and only trampolines designed to...

For any parents who are already worried about the dangers of jumping on a trampoline, or the dangers of training for sports like snowboarding and cheerleading, this should come as a welcome bit of relief.

The trampoline also features a heavy-duty double-truss frame that is made from cold rolled steel to ensure its strength and durability. It comes with a 10-year warranty, and a JumpSport commitment to safety. The Permatron mat has high-tensile strength, and it is UV protected and water resistant.

This is the kind of trampoline that you buy because you are making an investment in your child’s future. It’s not just for some fun in the backyard. It is a trampoline for training for bigger things, and it can help your kids achieve their sporting goals while giving you some peace of mind.

This rectangular trampoline by Upper Bounce boasts lots of great features for a trampoline experience that goes beyond just some fun jumping. It is easy to assemble and take apart, meaning that you don’t need a lot of equipment or time to put it together, and you can store it in your basement, or garage during the off-season.

It is made from black-coated steel for extra durability and welded sockets on the frame that support the enclosure poles and help give it extra strength. Its springs are rust-free, and its jumping matt is made from premium mesh that won’t rip or tear.

Upper Bounce 9' X 15' Gymnastics Style, Rectangular Trampoline Set...
  • 🖤Easy Set Up: Our easy assembly & disassembly feature makes it simple for you to take...
  • 🖤Quality Mat: Our jumping mat is manufactured from high quality premium PP mesh...
  • 🖤Increased Bounce: This premium jumping mat is equipped rust free heavy duty galvanized...

It’s a high-quality professional-grade trampoline that can help give your kids an edge in their chosen sport. They’ll have plenty of room to practice flipping and landing, and you won’t have to worry about them getting hurt. They can work on their balance and flexibility, burn some energy and calories, and still manage to have a lot of fun too.

The no-gap enclosure also eliminates any space between the jumping surface and the safety net. No more landing on the springs like you used to do as a kid.

This is the kind of professional trampoline that you might find in an Olympic training facility. It’s the real deal, and a necessary piece of equipment if you have a child who needs to train full-time. It’s a big investment to make, but for parents with elite athletes, it pales in comparison to the expense of sports clinics and training facilities.

Having a trampoline like this at your disposal also gives you more control over your child’s training. So often parents have to send their kids away for months at a time if they want to be able to train seriously, but investing in a trampoline like this one allows you to be with them all the time. That gives you, the parent, the upper hand, and not the coaches. Just as it should be.

JumpSport 12' Elite Basketball Package | Includes Trampoline, Safety...
  • Purchase Includes: JumpSport Elite Trampoline, Safety Enclosure, and Proflex Basketball...
  • Fun for all ages! Our spring technology allows for softer landings + superior bounce...
  • Patented Unforgettable overlapping doorway: climb in and let the safe bouncing begin!...

It features jumbo high performance springs for maximum bounce, and a sturdy steel frame for durability. It is padded for safety, but does not include a safety enclosure like other models. Its mesh pad is marked for training purposes, and it can help keep ensure that your child is landing in the right spot.

If your child isn’t quite an elite athlete yet, training on models like this one just might help them get there.

4. Tumbl Trak Porta

The one downside to a professional trampoline is how much space they take up. Sure, you would love to buy your child an elite training trampoline, but where will you put it? Unless you have a spacious basement with high ceilings, or a beautiful backyard in a temperate climate, you don’t have a lot of options.

But you still want your child to be able to train, and you don’t want to be at the mercy of a gym schedule. You know other parents get up at 4am to drive their kids to tumbling practice, but you just don’t know if you can make that kind of sacrifice.

Tumbl Trak Porta professional trampoline

With the Tumbl Trak Porta trampoline you don’t have to give up your time, your space, or your sleep. It is uniquely designed to help your child practice tumbling, flipping, and landing, and it can be folded and wheeled away when not in use.

It’s good for all ages and skill levels from beginner to expert. Your little tumbler can gain confidence with each flip, and your elite athlete can hone their skills and show up to competitions better and stronger. It comes in several sizes, and has an available matching landing mat.

5. Olympic Rectangle Trampoline

This trampoline is manufactured in the US, and it uses the exact same specifications as the trampolines used in the Olympic games. It doesn’t get any more professional than that. It sits 39 inches off the ground, and it is made from galvanized steel-tubing. It can be used indoors or outdoors, giving you the options of turning your backyard into a makeshift Olympic village.

The trampoline uses 100 galvanized 8.5 inch springs for maximum bounce, and the vinyl coated pads last twice as long as most other trampoline coatings. The padding is also sewn to the frame using custom Velcro straps to ensure a safe and secure fit.

Olympic Rectangle Trampoline - professional trampoline

Your kids can feel like Olympians even if they aren’t, at the same time that they train to become one. They’ll have plenty of room to practice everything from cheerleading routines to tumbling passes, and they can still have some carefree jumping sessions with friends.

This is a great trampoline for beginners and experts alike, and it can help anyone, regardless of their skill level, make improvements in their fitness and sport of choice.

6. No products found.

This popular Texas brand trampoline will help turn your backyard into the perfect training facility for your kids. It uses 11-gauge structural steel piping for extra strength and stability, and a Permatron mat with a strength of 750 pounds per square inch. This is perhaps the trampoline’s best feature. After all, it’s the quality of the bounce that is the most important.

Whether your kids are looking to jump around casually, or get in practice for anything from their snowboarding run to their diving routine, the ability of the trampoline to provide a consistent bounce is all they’ll care about as they flip and tumble.

No products found.

Without that bursting bounce, their tumbles flat fall, and their landings suffer. This can mean injury in the worst of cases, and lots of frustration in the best of cases. But with a good bounce, your kids can retain their enthusiasm for their sport while gaining more confidence and control.

You can watch them flourish on the wide expanse of this rectangular trampoline. You can see them flip and tumble in ways you never thought possible, and you can see first-hand how these new skills translate to their favorite sports. You’ll see their balance improve, their flexibility improve, and their overall stamina improve.

Who says that a high-quality trampoline has to be rectangular? This 14 foot round model might not be built to Olympic specifications, but it has plenty of features that can help your kids train seriously and blow off a little steam as needed.

It features a double mat that helps to increase bounce and reduce the risk of injury. It’s a great trampoline to buy for younger kids because the bounce increases as they grow thanks to the patented DoubleBounce system.

JumpSport 14' DoubleBounce | AlleyOOP Trampoline with Enclosure |...
  • Patented DoubleBounce Technology creates a shock absorption zone with its double mat...
  • 128 Black High Performance springs offer a soft landing with a smooth downward bounce and...
  • New, advanced safety net design with our latest performance enhancements. Engineered with...

It is considered one of the most safely engineered trampolines on the market, and that’s definitely important to you as both a parent and a potential user. Sure, you want to make sure that your kids are safe while they’re jumping, but you’d also love to take a bounce or two without pulling a hamstring, or rolling an ankle. A trampoline like this one that is so committed to safety can help make sure the whole family has fun, and stays fit and active.




Our Rating


Jumpsport professional trampoline


120 x 340 x 40 inches

Product Weight:

470 pounds 

Upper bounce professional trampoline


85 x 20 x 33 inches

Product Weight:

133.5 pounds 

Jumpsport professional trampoline


12 feet

Product Weight:

235 pounds 

Tumbl Trak Porta professional trampoline


Bed is 53" wide. Springs are 4" long

Olympic Rectangle Trampoline - professional trampoline


The frame measures 9' 7" wide by 16' 7" long, and is 39" in height.

No products found.

Texas Trampolines


10x17 rectangular

Double Bounce



Product Weight:

535 pounds

A Professional Trampoline is a Great Investment

All of these professional trampolines will give your budding athletes the advantages they need to perform their chosen sports better. The skills they learn on a trampoline can translate to the skate park, the diving board, the gymnastic mat, and far beyond. Investing in a high-quality trampoline is the perfect way to foster their enthusiasm, grow their skills, and give them confidence.

fun things to do on a trampoline

Fun Things To Do On A Trampoline: Six Exciting Activities For Kids

fun things to do on a trampoline

Backyard trampolines always sound like such a good idea. They’re so fun and tempting. You definitely always wanted one as a kid, and so, when your own kids asked for one, you caved immediately. Sure, you always see them sitting empty in everyone else’s backyard, but your trampoline and your family will be different.

So you fulfilled your own childhood wish and the wish of your children, and you bought a trampoline. You staked out a perfect patch of grass for it. You got it equipped with all the safety features, so that your kids could play carefree and have tons of fun.

The first few days were great. Your backyard trampoline was instantly the best parenting decision you ever made, but then the novelty wore off. It turns out, even for your kids, there’s only so much jumping up and down they can tolerate.

kids doing fun things to do on a trampoline

6 Fun Things To Do On A Trampoline

But that’s no reason to give up on your trampoline. It might not be new and exciting anymore, but there are still plenty of ways that they can enjoy it. In fact, you might find that there is fun to do for you on the backyard trampoline too. Here are 6 fun things to do on a trampoline that go beyond just jumping.

1. Use it With a Sprinkler

Never underestimate the power of adding water to a children’s activity. In the heat of the summer when your kids are tempted to stay in the comfort of the air conditioning and play on their phones, the promise of cool water can get them outside. It’s no wonder adding water is one of the best fun things to do on a trampoline.

Just set up a sprinkler underneath or beside the trampoline, and let the fun begin. They can bounce in and out the water, and they can get nice and cooled off. You’ll want to keep an eye to make sure that they are playing safely, and you will all need to be mindful of the slippery surface. As long as things don’t get too rambunctious your kids will have a blast, and the neighbor kids will be eager to join in too.

2. Turn it Into a Ball Pit

These days you can turn just about anything into a ball pit for your kids, so why not use the trampoline. You can combine the fun of jumping with the fun of a ball pit, and your kids will get a completely different trampoline experience.

You can purchase the plastic ball pit balls from places like this one here, and you don’t have to go nuts in order to make sure your kids have fun. You can find lots of crazy parents who filled their trampoline enclosures to the brim, buying hundreds and hundreds of plastic balls. You don’t need to do anything that extreme to ensure your kids have fun. Even a thin layer provides excitement and stimulation.

3. Use It for a Sleepover

Slumber parties are great, but aren’t they even better when the kids get to sleep outside? They get to have fun, burn off lots of energy, giggle and scream until their heart content, and you get a good night’s sleep.

Trampolines are perfect for outdoor sleepovers. In fact, once you spread out a few sleeping bags on its spongy surface, you’ll wonder why you haven’t done it before. Your kids and their friends get an experience that is somewhere between a camping trip and a slumber party. They get to sleep with the stars overhead, but they don’t have to worry about rocks under their sleeping bags, or ants crawling in their pillows.

kid jumping on a trampoline

4. Draw on it With Chalk

You probably didn’t spend all that money on a trampoline just to have your kids use it the same way they would a free chunk of sidewalk, but adding chalk to a trampoline is a perfect way to give it a new spin.

On days when your kids are tired of jumping, and twirling, and dancing, hand them a bucket of chalk, and let the fun begin. They can draw a hopscotch board, or play tic-tac-toe, or draw pictures and play word games. The best part? It just takes a little hose water to clean it all off.

5. Play a Jumping Game

Again, there’s just only so much time that your kids can bounce up and down without getting bored. They need another element to make the jumping more interesting. With a little adult supervision, they can practice doing tricks and flips for points. They can see who can jump the highest, or they can see who can stand on foot the longest without falling over.

6. Try Out Some Yoga Moves

Your kids can certainly participate in this activity, but it’s a great way to get a little alone time on the trampoline and use it for yourself. Yoga is all about balance, and what better way to test and strengthen your balance than by using the springy surface of a trampoline?

You’ll get improved core-strength, better balance, and you’ll finally feel like you’re making the most of your trampoline.

Breathe Life Back into Your Trampoline 

By employing these fun things to do on a trampoline you can add an extra level of fun to your family’s trampoline. You can get your money’s worth out of your investment, and you can help your kids make the most of their free time.

how to measure a trampoline

How to Measure a Trampoline: Measuring Mat And Springs

how to measure a trampoline - measure the spring

There are several reasons why you may need to know how to measure a trampoline mat and springs. You may need to purchase a replacement part such as a new jump mat, padding, or additional springs. Or you may want to add on a safety net enclosure if one was not included with your trampoline when you purchased it.

It is important that you order replacement parts for your trampoline as soon as you notice any signs of wear and tear. While trampoline mats and other parts are designed to withstand years of use, the fabric and springs can easily become damaged or worn down over time. Failure to replace these parts could result in a serious injury, so be sure to inspect your trampoline often.

To make sure that you buy the right replacement part for your trampoline, you need to know the exact measurements. But how do you accurately measure a trampoline?

How to Measure a Trampoline to Buy Replacement Parts

This will explain the best way to measure a round trampoline. Although there are some rectangular or square trampolines available, the majority of trampolines have a round jumping surface.

There are a few measurements that you will need to have to guarantee that you get the correct replacement part. For round jumping mats you will need to find out the frame diameter size. The spring count, and the spring length.

The get the diameter of the frame, you must measure from one outside edge of the frame across to the other outside edge. To measure the length of the springs, remove one spring and measure it completely from one hook to the other.

By using these measurements along with the spring count, you will be able to find the right replacement jump mat you need for your trampoline.

how to measure a trampoline - measure your trampoline frame width

How to Measure for a Replacement Safety Pad

The safety pad or spring cover is the round padding that goes over the springs on your trampoline to prevent injury while it is in use. These parts will endure wear and tear over time and are usually one of the first things that need to be replaced on a trampoline that is used often.

To get the correct replacement safety pad, you will need to know the diameter of the trampoline frame, and the width of your old pad that you want to replace. By using these measurements, you should be able to find the right spring cover so that you can go back to jumping on your trampoline safely.

How to Measure to Replace Other Parts on your Trampoline  

If you need to buy a new safety net for your trampoline, you will need to know the frame diameter and find out how many poles or arches that are currently on your trampoline’s frame.

If you require additional parts such as poles or other hardware, you will still need the frame diameter size and also check to see if your enclosure system needs a “U” shaped leg to attach to. Some trampolines have these particular legs and others do not. Therefore, you should double check to make sure you are ordering the right replacement part.

Things to Remember When Ordering Replacement Parts for your Trampoline

There are a few things that you should remember when ordering replacement parts for your trampoline. Even if you understand how to measure a trampoline frame accurately, you may still be unsure about the correct size of your jump mat.

Remember that trampoline frames are made in an even foot amount. That means they are available in 8, 10, or 12-foot sizes and so on. As long as you remain at least 2-inches within the correct size, you shouldn’t have any problems installing your new jump pad.

Also keep in mind when ordering a new safety pad that some trampoline models require the pad to have slots for the enclosure poles that hold up the safety netting.

If you need this type of spring pad, you may want to check the manufacturer’s website first to see if there are any factory replacement parts available before you try to find a universal type of safety pad.

how to measure a trampoline - trampoline frames

Information You Will Need When Ordering Replacement Trampoline Springs

KOVAL INC. 5.5" Trampoline Spring Replacement Heavy-Duty Galvanized...
  • Dimensions: 5.3"L
  • Quantity: 20
  • Material: Heavy-duty Galvanized Steel Wire

When you need to order replacement trampoline springs, you will need to find out the total spring length and the spring count. Remove one of the springs from your trampoline and measure it from one hook to the other. Do not just measure the spring itself or attempt to pull the spring apart.

Find the Right Part for Your Trampoline

If you are unsure about buying a replacement part from an online retailer, you can always get in touch with the company that manufactured your trampoline to find out if they sell replacement parts instead. This is a great way to ensure that you get the exact parts that you need since the company can look up the information based on your trampoline’s model number instead of measurements alone.

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