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JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250

JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250 Review

A good fitness trampoline is hard to find. A lot of workout routines involve using some sort of a rebounder, and you can’t use a full size trampoline for this kind of exercise

Many small trampolines aren’t durable enough for a hard workout, and this makes the selection process difficult. If you’re on the market for a trampoline that will help you get in shape, the JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250 may be exactly what you’re looking for.

JumpSport is one of the leading manufacturers of trampolines, and they’re trying their hand in creating innovative workout equipment. The result is something truly spectacular, and it’s a marvel of modern technology. Not all workout trampolines or rebounders are created equal, and JumpSport is here to up the standard.




JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250

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Review of the JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250

This trampoline only comes in black, and it’s double coated in order to help the finish last. The frame itself is 29 inches in diameter. The rebounding spring bands are covered by a special covering pad that’s designed like folding pedals. This helps prevent shifting or dislodging while vigorously jumping, and also keeps you from sliding off of the edge of a solid plastic coated spring protector.

JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250 with Detailed Information

This trampoline uses rebounding spring bands, called EnduroLast 2 cords. The jump pad is attached with 30 of these EnduroLast cords, which are rated for up to 1 million jumping cycles. Using these instead of metal springs makes your workout trampoline safer and a little quieter. When bouncing vigorously, you won’t need to worry about the jump pad making contact with the ground, or the springs being stretched out with regular use.

This size makes it a great fit for indoor use. If you don’t have yard space, you’ll need a trampoline just like this one. It also works great in apartments or condos.

Garage home gyms will work perfectly with the JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250. Because the size is so compact, you can even use it in your bedroom or living room. If you intend to use it outside, it’s easy to move this trampoline onto a shaded patio, screen room, or deck on days when the weather is bad.

JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250


  • This trampoline is designed to hold up longer that similar workout trampolines. It doesn’t have springs or a slippery spring pad, and it’s rated for high intensity exercise. You can run, jog, or jump in place without fearing a spring will pop out on you.
  • This is an indoor/outdoor trampoline. You can put it wherever you need the space. Because it’s so small, it can easily be stored under a tall bed, or flipped sideways and stored vertically in a large closet when it’s not in use.
  • The pedal design of the skirt that covers the EnduroLast 2 bands is incredibly safe. It’s textured, so you won’t slip. It’s in several individual “petals”, so it won’t rotate or slide while in use like some single piece spring protector pads. This is a unique safety feature that improves the overall jumping experience.
  • EnduroLast 2 cords will last longer than springs, and may even be safer. When doing a high intensity bounce or jog, springs will slowly warp over time and cause the jump pad to sag. This can render your trampoline useless. If a spring snaps or dislodges during the workout, this can actually become dangerous. If an EnduroLast 2 cord is broken, it won’t fly at you. No dangerous exposed pieces of metal or projectile springs here.
  • This workout trampoline utilizes a unique innovation called FlexBounce III technology. With this technology, you can actually adjust the tension of the trampoline. If you want deep bounces or a small rebound, it’s easy to tune it up yourself. This makes this trampoline essentially multifunctional.
  • Most rebounders sit on straight legs, but the JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250 actually comes with arched legs. These legs offer better stability, and help absorb some of the shock from your rebounds. It keeps the center of gravity on the jump pad, so you can bounce without the trampoline moving or sliding around.


  • Even though this trampoline comes with rubber coated legs, it may still damage delicate flooring. If you have unfinished hardwood or ceramic tile, consider placing it on a gym mat before you use it. This will protect your floor from any scuffs or dents associated with a rigorous workout.
  • This workout trampoline requires some assembly, but it does come with all of the hardware you’ll need to set it up. It takes less than an hour to put together. It doesn’t collapse or fold up, but it can easily be taken apart and reassembled if you need to transport it to a different location.
  • There’s no realistic way to replace EnduroLast 2 cords after they’ve broken. They’re difficult to break and designed to last a very long time, but you may be out of options after you’ve actually broken a few. You should be able to safely jump after one or two of the cords have snapped. When the rest of them go, you’ll need to get a new trampoline.


After reading the JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250 Review, it’s plain to see that this is one of the best workout trampolines currently on the market. It’s designed to be safer and rugged. If you want to rebound with a medicine ball for your Crossfit WOD, or you just want to get in some low impact indoor jogging, this trampoline is exactly what you need to help you get in shape.

It’s a little on the pricier side, but you get what you pay for. Some traditional rebounders cost double what this model costs, so the value for money demonstrates itself.

If you’re ready to get in a calorie burning, muscle toning workout from the comfort of your home, you can’t go wrong with the JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250.

It’s like having your own personal gym. Get fit and have fun.

SkyBound Stratos Trampoline with Full Enclosure Net System

SkyBound Stratos Trampoline with Full Enclosure Net System Review

You’ve probably never seen anything like the SkyBound Stratos trampoline before. Due to growing safety concerns of parents, a lot of trampoline manufacturers have made an effort to create safer trampolines for children.

The Stratos takes safety to a whole new level with its premium level innovation that incorporates additional net poles and a unique enclosure shape.




SkyBound Stratos Trampoline with Full Enclosure Net System

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This trampoline sits on 6 “W” shaped legs, which provide maximum stability. Straight legs often dig themselves into the ground over time, causing the trampoline to sink. The unique “W” shape prevents the trampoline from lowering itself with constant use, so you won’t need to constantly move the trampoline or install it on a hard surface.

The weight capacity is 330 pounds, which is much higher than many other trampolines. The majority of trampolines top out at 200 pounds, regardless of their diameter.

With such a high weight limit, multiple children can safely jump at the same time. This also makes it easy for adults to use the trampoline with their children. Whether you’re looking to jump for fun or climb on to teach your child how to jump safely, the weight limit will allow you to do it.

SkyBound Stratos Trampoline with Full Enclosure Net System

The frame height is 34 inches, so it’s easy for youngsters to climb on. Smaller children may require a ladder, but the average elementary school student should be able to pull themselves up without issue. The total height of the trampoline is 108 inches including the enclosure net, which towers high to keep children safe while they’re bouncing high and performing tricks on the trampoline.

Part of the innovation that SkyBound offers with the Stratos trampoline is in its assembly.

A lot of the pieces come already welded together, and all the installer needs to do is snap them into their proper places. This unique system means that joints won’t weaken and bolts can’t come loose, making this trampoline easy to maintain.

The most difficult part of the installation is hooking the jump pad to the springs, but since the springs are 8.5 inches long, you won’t have to fumble to hold onto the ends.

SkyBound Stratos Trampoline

SkyBound offers a comprehensive warranty on all of their trampolines purchased new from an authorized dealer, and this will help you protect your investment.

All you need to do is register the product once you’ve received it. If you ever need new parts, the manufacturer will be able to send them directly to you. Trampolines cost a fair amount of money, and the warranty will give you some peace of mind.


  • While most trampolines come with a typical enclosure pole system of 6 or 8 poles depending on the size of the trampoline, the SkyBound Stratos trampoline utilizes 12. This is almost double the support of competitors’ trampolines, and you can’t put a price on a structure that’s twice as safe.
  • The enclosure poles have a sharp outward curve, where most other trampolines either come with straight poles or poles with a slight curve. This extreme curve drastically reduces a bouncer’s chance of coming into contact with the enclosure poles, minimizing the risk of injury.
  • The enclosure system is gapless and concave, and designed to fit inside of the trampoline’s springs. This eliminates potentially dangerous gaps. Trampolines with gaps in the enclosure often cause injury to jumpers, either by the jumper falling between the springs and getting their legs caught, or by the recoiling spring pinching a jumper’s skin. This concave enclosure prevents jumpers from ever making contact with the springs, limiting them to the safe zone.
  • SkyBound utilizes a unique installation system that’s far easier than other methods. The pipes are welded to the proper angles and fit together with steel push-pin bolts. You won’t need any additional tools to erect this trampoline. There’s no reason for screws, drilling, brackets, nuts, or bolts. All of the poles are finished at the top, so you won’t even need to install safety caps.
  • The springs are made of a premium material called gold zinc, which is resistant to virtually every weather condition. They won’t erode, rust, or weaken over time. The springs will last for decades on a properly maintained Stratos trampoline.
  • All of the materials used in the construction of the trampoline, including the poles, jump pad, spring cover, enclosure net, and pole systems, are UV coated. The sun tends to weaken materials over time, making them brittle. Rain or snow can cause mold. This weather coating helps keep your trampoline looking new and running strong despite what nature throw at it.


  • The setup may be counterintuitive if you’ve ever built a trampoline before. You’re probably used to traditional nuts and bolts, and this process removes all of them. You’ll need to read the instructions carefully to snap the poles together the correct way. Once you understand what you’re supposed to do, it’s easy.
  • SkyBound Stratos trampolines only come in three sizes – 12 feet, 14 feet and 15 feet. If you have a small yard, you may have a difficult time determining where to set this up. Larger trampolines are a lot more fun, but they do take up a lot of space.
  • The legs are welded at a fixed length, so this trampoline can’t be used on a hill. You’ll need to level uneven yards before you install this trampoline.

SkyBound Stratos Trampoline


SkyBound is well known for their innovative design, and it’s easy to stop just how innovative the company is when you check out the specs on their Stratos trampoline.

The SkyBound Stratos trampoline may be a little more expensive than the trampolines provided by their competitors, but they’re well worth spending a little more. They’re designed to be durable, safe, and dependable for both kids and adults.

If you want to purchase a trampoline that your children will be able to use from early grade school all the way into their college years, SkyBound won’t let you down.

Fun, exercise, and top of the line innovation should place the Stratos at the top of your outdoor shopping list.

JumpSport 280 Safety Enclosure

5 High Quality Safety Enclosures That Actually Work

Safety enclosures are one of the most popular accessories for trampolines.

In fact, most trampolines already come with a safety enclosure.

Parents take comfort in knowing their children won’t hit the ground when they’re jumping and doing tricks on the trampoline, and because of that, safety enclosures have become a first priority for trampoline owners.

If you’ve purchased a trampoline that came without a safety enclosure, or the one you already have has been damaged or is inferior quality, you’ll want to find an enclosure that’s going to work best for your trampoline and your family.


With something as expensive as a safety enclosure, you’ll want to be sure that your investment is justified.

This means finding the right enclosure and the right price.

Do I Need A Safety Enclosure for my Trampoline?

You absolutely need a safety enclosure for your trampoline.

A trampoline by itself leaves riders open to injury. When someone bounces, comes off of their axis, and loses their center of gravity, that person will inevitably fall in a way they can’t control.

Without a proper enclosure, this means the rider is likely to fall a greater distance, sometimes hitting the ground or structures that exist around the trampoline.

With a properly installed, high quality safety enclosure, the bouncer will hit the net, landing back onto the jump pad. This is a much safer fall, because the jump pad will rebound. Adults need a safety enclosure just as much as children do – everyone is prone to injury from falling, and a safety enclosure greatly reduces the risk of a serious fall.

How Do I Determine The Quality of a Safety Enclosure?

A good safety enclosure will be made of high-quality material. This means the fibers will be less prone to tearing or weakening. Since enclosures are intended to be bumped into, you want something that will be able to withstand the weight of the jumper.

You want an enclosure that is least likely to be torn by twigs, tree branches, or small animals like squirrels that may wander onto your trampoline.

Since your trampoline will be outside, your enclosure should be able to withstand constant sun exposure. Over time, UV rays can degrade the material of your enclosure net, causing it to weaken.

A high quality safety enclosure will be treated with a sun proofing product, preventing the material from absorbing the sun’s rays, drying out and becoming brittle.

The enclosure should fit securely over the poles of the trampoline. The strap should be able to withstand at least 1,500 pounds per square inch – the higher the strength rating, the better.

You’ll want the strap to be interwoven with shock cords, designed to wrap around the outside of the poles instead of the inside.

Which Safety Enclosures Are the Best?

1. JumpSport 280 Safety Enclosure

JumpSport uses a technology that they’ve patented, called their Double Fail Safe engineering. This is a backup system that secures the net to the posts twice as well as competing enclosures.

The overlapping entry on this enclosure helps fill the gaps, preventing the risk of the bouncer falling through the gaps around the entrance. The steel poles are shock absorbent, and the net has been tested as safe for bouncers up to 200 pounds.

JumpSport 280 Safety Enclosure

Since this enclosure is adjustable, it will fit square, octagonal, and round enclosures anywhere between 10 to 14 feet in area. It’s hard to find a trampoline that won’t work with this independent enclosure system

2. Trampoline Enclosure Net Fits For Jumpking/Orbounder Trampoline Model # OR1413B

Though this is a branded enclosure, it can be used with a multitude of different trampolines. Built for a 14 foot trampoline with four poles and an upper ring system, it can be used with a variety of brands that fit the standard specifications.

OR1413B by Upper Bounce

The entry uses both zippers and buckles, maximizing the bouncer’s safety by offering them two layers of protection. This model connects the enclosure to the jump pad with very durable clips, preventing a gap.

3. Trampoline Net For 12ft Round Frames Fits 4 Arches by Sky Bound

This is another multi-fit enclosure that works with several popular configurations of trampoline styles. This net is designed for any four-pole trampoline, particularly those that use arch styles. If your trampoline doesn’t already have poles for an enclosure net, you’ll need to purchase and install them separately.

Trampoline Net by Sky Bound

This reinforced weave is safer than most enclosures that come with trampolines, giving the bouncers more protection than the standard net. With zippers and buckles to secure the doors and a triple stitch to keep the net together, you’re getting a great deal.

This net is also covered by a one year warranty.

4. Trampoline Enclosure Net for trampoline Curved Pole by SKYTRIC

This enclosure comes in designs for both a five pole and an eight pole system. These are the irregular sizes that many trampoline manufacturers use, and it’s difficult to find upgraded or replacement nets for these models.

Enclosure Systems by SKYTRIC

If you have one of these trampolines, Skytric has provided the best solution. The dual closure entry and clips to secure the bottom provide a better experience for bouncers.

5. Jumppod/bazoongi Replacement Netting for Some 5 Pole Enclosures by SkyBound

5 Pole enclosure systems are difficult to find nets for, and SkyBound has stepped up to deliver a highly sought after quality solution to this issue. This particular model is only top mounting, though SkyBound offers an alternative net for users who need a bottom mounting enclosure.

5 Pole Enclosures by SkyBound

Their replacements nets have some of the highest safety ratings on the market, and provide an excellent amount of slack. They’ll catch bouncers who have fallen off course, and the amount of give in the net will prevent damage.

Final Verdict

While a proper safety net can cost a significant amount of money, you can’t afford to skimp in this area. It’s necessary for your protection. A good safety enclosure will last a long time, and cheap ones are not only unsafe, but they’ll require frequent replacement

Get the right safety enclosure the first time.

It can last for decades if properly cared for, and it costs less than a hospital bill for a broken bone.

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12 foot Pure Fun Trampoline And Enclosure

12 foot Pure Fun Trampoline Review

Pure Fun is renowned for providing jumpers with affordable options. The company specializes in trampolines and other backyard play equipment. The brand has years of experience in manufacturing durable and safe products.

For those who prefer function to glitz and glam, the 12-foot Pure Fun Trampoline will give you what you need.




12 foot Pure Fun Trampoline And Enclosure

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Reliable Safety

This Pure Fun model has a standard safety enclosure. There are eight padded posts surrounding the perimeter of the trampoline. A mesh fabric stretches between the posts to keep jumpers safely on the jumping surface. Each pole has a cap to cover the sharp edges, so you don’t have to worry about nicking yourself while in midair.

12 foot Pure Fun Trampoline And Enclosure

The trampoline is made with patented T-section structure. No-weld construction creates extra stability where you need it. This special design keeps the frame from moving over time. The T section decreases the stress that can lead to frame failure. Strong joints make for a strong trampoline.

The polypro mat absorbs shock fairly well, so you can keep your joints strong too. The 72 heavy-duty springs work with the mat to give you that bouncy feel you want. To keep you from catching your appendages, thick vinyl padding covers the trampoline’s outer rim. This limits the likelihood of accidents.

For added steadiness, Pure Fun’s 12-foot model has W-shaped legs. The special shape will keep the jumping area from shifting as you bounce. There are a total of eight contact points. This high number of contact points keeps your base solid as you reach for high planes.

If you are looking for teenagers or adults, this model will do an okay job. Though, you will want to be careful with group jumping. The trampoline is safety rated for up to 250 pounds and this weight limit typically reflects the maximum for single jumpers. If you are going to frequently use your trampoline for gymnastics based movements, you may want to consider another model.

Easy Assembly

The company states that the product has an easy and quick assembly. Heavy duty and high-grade safety features typically translate into longer constriction times. Because the trampoline has standard safety features, it should have a short build time. As always, it is important to read the instructions and work with a partner.

Customer reviews indicate lengthy set-up times are uncommon. With 72 springs, it can be easy to loose track of where you are. Having a partner reduces the risk of error, which is often the cause of long builds. If you read the instruction manual closely, you should have the trampoline ready for jumping in no time.

Pure Fun Trampoline Durability

The 12-foot model has several proactive features to encourage durability. It has galvanized steel tubing, which lengthens the metal’s lifespan. The frame is resistant to rust so feel free to live in a rainy state. The trampoline can endure the weather. The safety enclosure will protect you and itself from the sun.

The mesh is UV resistant to help reduce degradation due to weather. The enclosure will reduce the UV rays hitting you as well. As long as you’re jumping inside the net, you can count on Pure Fun to guard you from the direct sunlight. The company stands by its product with a 2-year warranty. The warranty is limited to faulty parts or manufacturing defects.

In Conclusion

The 12-foot Pure Fun Trampoline gives you the most bounce for your buck. It is a durable model with adequate safety features. It is ASTM certified and perfect for lively young children. If you are looking for teens and adults, consider other models with higher tested weight limits.

However, if you are looking for quality on a budget, this is definitely a recommended model.

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Zupapa Trampoline Safety Combo

Zupapa Trampoline Safety Combo Review 2017

Zupapa is rather new to the trampoline game. They aren’t as widely distributed, and they’re still very up-and-coming. They’re definitely a competitive company, creating trampolines that rival those produced by more popular brands.

Their packages are a revolutionary idea, including more than you would get from most manufacturers.

If you’re looking for something all inclusive and you don’t want to make any additional purchases to create a functioning trampoline, Zupapa has you covered.




Zupapa Trampoline Safety Combo

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An Overview of the Zupapa Safety Combo

Zupapa is one of the only trampoline companies that provides the consumer with a whole host of customizable options. You’ll be able to select most aspects of your kit, so there is no standard size.

These particular trampolines come in 12 foot, 14 foot, and 15 foot varieties.

These trampolines are manufactured in Germany, and are subject to many safety tests. The TUV, which is a company that exists to rigorously test products for safety standards, have certified Zupapa trampolines as being among the safest on the market.

If you’re purchasing this trampoline for family fun, you won’t need to be concerned about the safety of your children when they’re bouncing around.

These trampolines are lightweight, but don’t be deceived. Lightweight doesn’t mean light duty, because the high weight limit will safely accommodate several children, or up to three adults. The superior enclosure keeps everyone safe from backflip mishaps and bounce-offs. Its galvanized steel frame is nearly unbreakable.

Zupapa Trampoline Safety Combo

Specifications and Features

These trampolines have a shipping weight of 65 pounds, and have a maximum weight capacity of 375 pounds. The total product height runs 94 inches.

The mat sizes range from 124.4 inches to 159 inches, depending on which size you select. These trampolines offer superior stabilization, with the poles and legs attaching in two places for maximum security. This makes for a very firm trampoline that isn’t prone to twisting.

The frame itself is composed of deep galvanized steel. The pipes come in at 42 millimeters in diameter, and 1.5 millimeters in thickness. The pipes are rust resistant, so you won’t have to worry about their integrity degrading over time.

Both the mat and the enclosure are UV protected to help them last. The sun will break down some trampolines and enclosures over time, because it causes fiber to become brittle. The UV protection boosts their strength, keeping your trampoline safer for longer.

In addition to this safety feature, the trampoline is padded by 10 millimeters of foam to prevent bumps and bruises.


  • When it comes to added value, Zupapa blows their competitors out of the water. While most trampolines will require additional purchases for their use, everything is included here. The enclosure, ladder, cover, safety pad, and even a shoe bag are included with your purchase.
  • Everything is ready to go right out of the box. Nobody else offers a total package that stacks up against Zupapas, and you won’t incur any hidden costs.


While this trampoline is great, it’s certainly not perfect. After all, nothing is perfect. While none of the cons directly reflect the safety of the trampoline, there may be some durability issues with the small parts.

  • Some people find the installation instructions to be a little confusing. To be fair, not everyone is naturally inclined to build things. Assembling a trampoline is a big deal, and it’s going to take hours no matter who is doing the hard work. Some people feel that more detailed illustrations may have removed some of the confusion from the situation.
  • The nuts and bolts are of lighter construction, which means they may come loose sooner than heavier nuts and bolts. It’s a good idea to routinely tighten nuts and bolts on a frequently used trampoline every three months to assure that everything is operating to maximum safety standards.
  • Though the enclosure net is UV coated for sun protection, it is quite thin. Some users wish the netting was a little thicker. As long as the netting isn’t being intentionally damaged (for example, by children who like to pick things apart or scrape at the netting with sticks), the net is durable enough. Make sure that children know not to damage the net intentionally.
  • Some users have lukewarm feelings about the net poles, claiming that they feel flimsy. Many trampoline manufacturers built trampolines this way on purpose. Putting a little bit of give in the poles will prevent the net from ripping when someone bumps into it, and it’s also more likely to prevent injury because collision with the poles will be lighter. Just make sure the poles are completely secured and regularly tightened, and you shouldn’t have a problem.


The value for money is outstanding with the Zupapa Safety Combo kit. While similar trampolines run hundreds of dollars more expensive and don’t include required accessories, Zupapa stands out by offering you everything you need to start having fun the second the boxes arrive.

If you’re working with a budget, your money is going to go as far as humanly possible if you select a Zupapa combo.

This trampoline comes highly recommended by youth cheerleading and gymnastics coaches for its safety standards. This is the kind of trampoline you want for your athletic child, no matter how rambunctious he or she may be.

The weight limit will allow the trampoline to support multiple children, so this is an excellent option for larger families.

While no trampoline can please everyone, the Zupapa Safety Combo seems to please the majority of its purchasers.

With everything you’re getting for your money and its optimized safety for children, you’d be a fool to pass it up.

It’s easy to overlook its small issues, and for the price, you can still afford to purchase galvanized nuts and bolts to replace the included ones if you have any concerns about their longevity.

This trampoline is an excellent sweet spot between price and quality.

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Super Jumper Combo Trampoline

Super Jumper Combo Trampoline Review 2017

Super Jumper makes some of the best value trampolines without sacrificing strict safety standards.

This particular trampoline features a weight limit that will allow you children to grow up or have friends over, while perhaps accommodating a few fun loving adults. You’ll never have to worry about upgrading to a heavy duty trampoline.




Super Jumper Combo Trampoline

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Overview of the Super Jumper Combo Trampoline

By “combo”, Super Jumper means that this particular package includes the safety net system.

You’ll still need ladders, games, and accessories to go with your trampoline. This model features a 330 pound weight limit, so multiple children can jump at the same time.

It’s an excellent choice with families with multiple children who may still want to use their trampoline into their teenage years. The safety net feature means you won’t have to worry about your children getting injured having fun with trampoline stunts.

Features and Specifications

The shipping weight of this trampoline is 82 pounds, and its maximum weight capacity is 330 pounds. As mentioned, this is great for families with multiple children, or for when parents would enjoy bouncing with their kids.

The mat offers 14 feet of jumping surface, providing everyone with enough room to move around. When things get really bouncy, this trampoline has a good stabilization system. Additional poles mounted to the feet provide an extra level of stabilization, and they’re made of sturdy galvanized steel.

You won’t have to worry about this trampoline tipping over on you.

This trampoline comes with a mesh net enclosure that is designed to prevent toes and fingers from getting hung up in the webbing. It features a basic zipper door to let jumpers in and out, and the safety and security of preventing jumpers from falling out.

The durable spring protection pad ensures that no one is going to get knocked around by the springs. Working in conjunction with the mesh enclosure net, these two features combined create a safe environment.

Super Jumper Combo Trampoline

Parents can worry less knowing that their children are less prone to injury with this secure trampoline.

Many users report the assembly of this model is super easy, with some having stated that it only took them around an hour to get the whole thing up and running.

This trampoline doesn’t occupy a lot of space, so it’s not difficult to determine where to erect it. Its assembly means it’s easy to store this away during the colder months to prevent damaging the components.

When Spring comes around, it’s just as easy to put it back up.


The combination of durability and weight make this model an easy choice for families. It’s built sturdy and features a high weight limit, but it isn’t difficult to move. Moving the trampoline around the yard is easy, particularly for occasions where you’ll need to get the lawn mower underneath the area it covers.

One or two adults can easily drag this model back and forth for easy yard maintenance.

With the assembly being so easy, it’s easy to properly care for. It won’t be a nightmare when you need to take it down for the season, or even if you plan on moving house. Simple assembly is always a plus, and this trampoline will provide that for you.

children on trampoline

Any trampoline that comes with an enclosure safety net is beneficial over an open trampoline. It just so happens that this one has an extra durable net to protect your children while they’re bouncing. Not only will the net help contain your children and prevent them from tumbling onto the ground, it will also make games easier.

The height of the safety net will help contain balls and other game accessories, preventing them from bouncing out.

The weight limit means this trampoline can support a growing family. If you have another child, or someone has a sleepover birthday party, multiple children will be able to bounce at once safely. If you want to spend time with your children jumping on the trampoline, its 330 pound weight limit can accommodate an adult as well as a child or two.

That makes this trampoline excellent for family bonding, between parents, children and siblings.


It wasn’t easy to find many cons about this trampoline.

Most reviewer complaints seem to relate to occasional defective parts, or user errors, which are bound to happen. Some reviewers complained that the blue cover slid around a lot while the youngsters jumped.

As long as you’re assembling the trampoline as the instructions state, you should be fine. In the event you’ve received a part you think may be defective, simply contact the company about getting a replacement part.

Even the users who experienced minor difficulties with the product went on to love their trampolines.

Ultimate Decision

This trampoline is tested and approved by children everywhere, and parents seem to agree.

Many of them report that they’ve joined in on the fun, bouncing hours away with their little ones. Families love this fun space saver, stating it fits perfectly in the average back yard.

Users say they feel safe and sturdy on their Super Jumper, and safety is a top priority with athletic activities. It’s great for playing games and keeping the young ones entertained for long periods of time, and you won’t have to worry about anyone getting any bumps and bruises in the process.

Families with kids won’t want to pass this one up.

Its affordable price point in conjunction with everything it has to offer makes this trampoline an unbeatable deal. It’s important for children to get out and exercise, especially in modern times where children usually opt for electronic forms of entertainment, such as smartphones, tablets, video games, and television shows.

This trampoline is an excellent way to get your children healthy and active, and they’ll have just as much fun as they do with their indoor activities.

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Skywalker Round 15 Foot Trampolines with Safety Enclosure

Skywalker 15-foot Round Trampoline Review

Skywalker Trampoline is one of the best trampoline brands around and has the largest trampoline manufacturing facility in the world. The company is known for its perfect balance between safety and affordability. The 15-foot round model gives youngsters plenty of space to jump and play, while the enclosure provides reliable safety.

Overall, this Skywalker tramp is an affordable and family friendly model.




Skywalker 15-foot Round Trampoline

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Reliable Durability

The trampoline offers 15 feet of jumping space on a woven mat. The interlocking fibers create a no-slip jumping surface. This will provide a fun jumping environment for everyone. Multiple jumpers can bounce around without accidently bumping into one another. This helps to lessen the risk of injuries and accidents.

Skywalker 15-foot Round Trampoline

The jumping pad has a max weight of 200 pounds. Multiple children can use the trampoline comfortably. If you are looking for a trampoline for multiple teenagers, you may want to consider other models. The maximum weight indicates the limit for single jumpers.

The frame is made of 16 gauge, galvanized steel. Steel is a common durable material used for many trampolines. The material is treated to be rust and weather resistant. The model’s enclosure net is also treated to be UV resistant. This means you can leave your trampoline out in harsh weather conditions without worry.

This tramp includes 96 springs. For those lucky little ones, that means maximum bouncing. The steel springs will weather the storm and allow jumping for years to come. The design will perform extremely well within the established weight constraints.

Skywalker 15-foot Round Trampoline Springs

Potentially Problematic Assembly

By and large, most customers reveal an easy assembly process. The Skywalker package includes an instruction manual. Be sure to read the manual thoroughly. The trampoline has 96 springs, which do need to be aligned properly. The process, like with all trampoline brands, is designed to be user friendly.

However, the assembly experience is inconsistent. Some customers have claimed longer than average assembly times. When trampolines have added safety features, it usually translates into longer assembly times. Though since this model has a standard safety enclosure, these extended build times are a bit excessive.

The other potential assembly problem is missing parts. Occasionally, customers report receiving an incomplete product whether it’s a missing spring or V ring. This not a common problem but it has been reported by multiple customers around the internet. Of course, this can put an unhelpful wrench in the assembly process.

Skywalker Trampoline Warranty and Safety

Standard warranty for this company is one year on the frame. All other parts have 90-day coverage. While missing parts are not unheard of, Skywalker does always make an effort to satisfy customers. They are always happy to replace faulty or missing parts.

This 15-foot round model comes with a safety enclosure. The net attaches to the jumping mat’s V rings, which means no gaps. Young children can jump as vigorously as they like without ever coming into contact with the trampoline’s springs. This is good news for your children’s’ fingers and toes.

Skywalker 15-foot Round Trampoline Safety

The safety posts are sturdy. Each post has a foam cover to absorb any possible impact. The net attaches to the inside of the posts. This helps keep your children from jumping into the post. Even if you child slips, the strong mesh net will keep them safely within the 15-foot perimeter. On safety, this trampoline excels and meets current ASTM safety protocol.

In Conclusion

In our opinion, this is a great trampoline for a family with multiple children. The high weight limit easily allows for group jumping. If you have three teenagers, you might want to consider a trampoline specially designed for adults.

Skywalker Trampoline always delivers and their 15-foot model is no different. It is definitely recommended.

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14-foot JumpSport Elite Trampoline with Enclosure

14-foot JumpSport Elite Trampoline Review

JumpSport is dedicated to the active lifestyle. The company’s trampolines are designed to keep your family active as they play together. They have specially crafted safety nets and are built to survive weather conditions.

The 14-foot JumpSport Elite Trampoline with Enclosure provides superior quality for advanced and beginning jumpers.




14-foot JumpSport Elite Trampoline with Enclosure

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Safe for Adults

Most trampolines are designed with children in mind. Finding trampolines that can take adult weight can be hard. If you are looking for a trampoline for your teens, the JumpSport Elite is what you’re looking for.

The maximum single user weight is set at 240 pounds, but the trampoline has been tested to take up to 800 pounds at a time.

The patented safety enclosure features an overlapping entry. This means you don’t have to worry about reminding your children to close it. As soon as they are on the mat, they can start jumping safely. Adult customers have tested the enclosure by running full force into the net. The mesh material kept them safely on the mat without injury.

14-foot JumpSport Elite Trampoline with Enclosure

The posts come with one-inch thick foam covers. A total of eight poles line the outside of the trampoline. The sturdy posts are PVC coated to help protect jumpers. Their royal blue coating matches the rest of the trampoline’s padding.

JumpSport Elite Trampoline Assembly

The company boasts an easy assembly, but customer experience varies. Customers have noted that solo construction is especially difficult. However, most trampoline manuals recommend at least two people build the product. Be sure to have someone help you to ease the process. Though JumpSport promises ease of assembly, they don’t say anything about how long it takes.

Customers have reported the build time at 3+ hours. This is probably due to the safety net, which attaches inside enclosure posts. There are also a high number of springs in this larger model. Typically, the more advanced the safety features or the bigger the trampoline, the longer the construction time.

You want more?

Responsive Mat

The trampoline has a highly responsive mat. The jumping mat has 10 rows of stitching. This particular jumping pad is soft, yet springy. It is a great fit for those jumpers who like to think of themselves as amateur gymnasts. With 113 square feet of jumping area, you will certainly have enough room to do as you please.

You’ll get plenty of height and plenty of bounce with this pad.

The Elite also has 96 springs to yield maximum jumping with minimal effort. The springs are 8.5 inches long and made of high tensile steel. To protect your youngsters from the powerful springs, the trampoline has one inch thick padding that is 14 inches wide. The padding more than covers the springs for safe bouncing.

High Durability

JumpSport stands behind its product with a 15-year warranty on the frame and enclosure poles. All other parts are covered from 1-5 years depending on the item. Clearly, JumpSport expects its products to survive and last over the years. If you are not satisfied with the product, the company offers a 30-day return policy. The padding and the jumping mat are both UV resistant, so you can leave the trampoline outside without fear of excessive wear and tear.

In Conclusion

The 14-foot JumpSport Elite Trampoline with Enclosure is a high quality trampoline for adults and children. This spacious model allows for group jumping. It is sturdy enough to take gymnastic style jumping so if you’re an athlete, this trampoline will be ideal for you. The safety enclosure is internally mounted and has an overlapping entry for added safety.

Overall, this brand is highly recommended for jumpers of all ages and sizes.

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Springfree Large Oval Trampoline

Large Oval Springfree Trampoline Review 2017

Springfree is the industry leader in trampoline safety. When making the initial designs for its products, the company saw the need to do better. Even with the now standard safety enclosures, adults and youngsters alike can get injured while at play.

A Springfree trampoline tackles this problem with an innovative spring-free set up.

Upon switching to fiberglass, the brand looked at the safety enclosure posts. They thought, “Maybe we can do that better too.” After this wave of inspiration, Springfree removed the enclosure’s steel posts and substituted flexible fiberglass.

The company’s 8 foot by 13-foot oval model is an excellent example of this leap in technology.




Springfree Large Oval Trampoline

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The Springfree Trampoline FlexiNet

The safety enclosure has been a common feature for modern trampolines, but Springfree pulls out all the stops. The FlexiNet is UV resistant and is a ‘no-climb’ net. This means the weave is too fine to slip your fingers through.

This design detail limits the likelihood of your digits catching accidently. Good news for adventurous jumpers.

Springfree Large Oval Trampoline

The designers improved the traditional steel frame with springy fiberglass rods. The FlexiNet attaches onto the rods’ interior. The fiberglass concaves to create a small space between the net and the posts. When jumpers fall into the enclosure, this space helps the net absorb impact. Even when children under the age of 14 run into the net, the enclosure absorbs enough impact to keep them safely away from the ground.

However, on other models, the net is known to work poorly for adults. Most adults probably won’t run full speed into the net, though accidents happen. Adults have been known to hit the ground if they fall into the super flexible net. For older or heavier individuals, a steel framed enclosure may be a safer fit.

Soft Mat, Hidden Frame

Springfree loads you up with a SoftEdge mat. This specialty-jumping pad is 30 times more shock absorbent than standard pads. You’ll be able to bounce around for longer without aching knees or joints. Usually, this is the part of the trampoline has the shortest lifespan, but not this time! This superior mat will last you for many jumps to come.

Springfree Large Oval Trampoline Pad

Another unique and safety-conscious detail is the oval trampoline’s hidden frame. The bendy composite rods are underneath the 92 square foot jumping area.

You can’t hit the rods. Ever. On this tramp, there is virtually nowhere to catch your fingers or toes.

Some trampoline enthusiasts have mentioned jumping on this model requires more work. The mat isn’t very springy compared to other brands. The spring-free system is fairly new, so the fiberglass rods may provide a little less bounce. You may not be able to jump as high as you’re used to.

Narrow Spaces, No Problem

Even in its shape, this design isn’t traditional. It’s labeled as an ‘oval,’ but it looks more like a rounded rectangle. Because it’s 8 feet by 13 feet, there is plenty of room for multiple people long ways and short ways. The trampoline has a maximum single jumper weight of 250 pounds.

It’s strong enough for anyone!

The oval shape gives you enough space to comfortably move around, but it can still squeeze into tight spaces. If you have a small backyard, you can put this trampoline into oblong areas with ease. Crowded city or suburb, you’ll be able to fit this trampoline into your backyard. It’s spacious and space efficient.

Springfree Large Oval Trampoline Net

In Conclusion

In you’re looking for extreme safety for your children, this Springfree oval trampoline is absolutely ideal. The spring-free design and no-climb FlexiNet is great for rambunctious kids and teens. If you are looking for adults, you might prefer something with a less flexible enclosure design.

The steel frame and UV resistant net are built to withstand the demands of weather. You may have to put more effort into jumping, but you’ll get plenty of life out of this Springfree trampoline. Its shape is perfect for city backyards.

Overall, we’d highly recommend the Springfree 8-foot by 13-foot Oval Trampoline.

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Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline with Enclosure

Taking a look at Skywalker Rectangular Trampoline 15 Feet Review

Skywalker is one of the best known brands in the industry and their attention to detail is what makes the difference. If there is one thing that stands out in reviews it would be that their products are made to last.

Designed with the utmost in quality, those jumping on the Skywalker rectangular trampoline will also find the bounce to be superior to other models. In addition, this trampoline is designed to take up a more narrow space in the yard making it an excellent fit for smaller areas or just saving space. All parts are made to be durable, long lasting and with safe family fun in mind.

Skywalker rectangular trampolines are a leading choice in their field.




Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline with Enclosure

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How Bounce Benefits differ from Round Models

This shape, with the long straight sides is great for competition jumpers, aspiring athletes and those who are interested in the higher leaping experience. The design, will give a greater lift versus the traditional round trampolines. This is due to the springs working at different rates giving the jumper more control over their height and landing.

The round trampolines work with a controlled soft slow bounce and all the springs working at the same rate. It is simply in the nature with round trampolines to guide the user back to the center. This style gives an even bounce anywhere on the mat.

Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline with Enclosure

Paramount Features
  • This shape provides more jumping space and higher jumps, making it a preferred choice for gymnasts.
  • An ideal model for anyone with multiple users. The mat is a spacious 15’ with 1” thick comfortable padding.
  • The UV protected interlocking enclosure net eliminates gaps and protects the jumper from the springs.
  • The netting design earmarks an exclusive feature by interconnecting the enclosure to the jump mat at each v ring.
  • Reinforced, welded T sockets secure the upper enclosure to the frame preventing structural twisting.
  • Galvanized steel frame material for enhanced durability and stabilization.
  • Rust resistant springs and UV resistant materials for superior longevity.

  • Shipping Weight:119 pounds
  • Max Weight Capacity:250 pounds
  • Total Height: 9 feet

Design Popularity

The bounce on the rectangular design is not controlled making it even from end to end. To the jumper, this means that any spot on the mat is going to provide the most extreme bounce possible.

These are the tramps you will find in the sporting competitions and are extremely popular for families with participating members in gymnastics, cheerleading, and competition events. Since the jumper is not forced into the middle they are also great for doing tricks.

This particular model is number one in the top three trampolines of this shape category. Another reason for the popularity of this model is the leg design which consists of four legs that run diagonally across each corner.

Practice Safety When Jumping

It is always a concern that jumpers practice safety measures when working or playing on their trampolines. Since this style and shape gives the ultimate in bounce and less control over the landing it is never a good idea to jump without the net in place.

These mats are great for flips, jump routines and tricks.

The best practice to consider when doing this type of work out is that only one person is on the mat at a time to ensure the safety of the jumper. Keeping in mind it is very easy to lose sight of where you are as a jumper doing tricks is very important. It is always a good idea for the buyer to be aware of all safety tips beforehand.

What to Consider

Consider very clearly your purpose for purchasing before you make the final step. First and foremost look at the space you have available and make your selection accordingly for ample satisfaction with your purchase.

If you are purchasing a trampoline for just Childs play, then mostly any model and shape that has great safety features will do.

If, however you have some more serious users involved who are considering use of the machine for gymnastics or weight loss, then this model may be an excellent choice for you. This particular design is structured with competition in mind.

In Conclusion

The Skywalker Rectangular Trampoline is very sturdy and well made in addition to being a beauty of a tramp with a very comfortable jump. It holds a top ranking in the rectangular model being the competitor’s choice. There is just really not a whole lot to not like about this model.

Consumers here receive a high quality product that will not break after one year of use. The enclosure is not only extremely strong but attractive as well with its UV resistant polyethylene material. If you don’t mind a little assembly work when the boxes arrive then get ready, set and have some fun.

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