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Teach Your Child to Jump Properly on a Trampoline

Trampolines make excellent gifts for children. They’re better for a child’s health and development than stationary toys or electronics. Though they’re kind of expensive, a good trampoline will last a long time, following your child into his or her teenage years.

Some parents have concerns about the safety of trampolines, and it’s perfectly natural to want to know their child is out of harm’s way. A lot of injuries can be prevented by implementing the proper safety measures, and teaching the child to use a trampoline the right way

First of all it is important to find the best trampoline for your kids to use.


Trampolines For Kids


Bazoongi Bouncer Trampoline with Handle Bar

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Bazoongi Bouncer 48” Handlebar DesignBuy From Amazon Button
Upper Bounce 7 feet Trampoline

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Upper Bounce 7 feet TrampolineBuy From Amazon Button
Little Tikes 7 Trampoline

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AirZone 55-Inch Trampoline

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Airzone 4.5 feet TrampolineBuy From Amazon Button

What Are The Benefits of Trampolining for Children?

In the age of technology, children aren’t moving around as much as they used to. This causes some parents to be concerned about childhood obesity. For good habits to become a part of a person’s preferences, they should be implemented at an early age.

This means less computer time, less video games, and more moving around.

A trampoline is one of the most enjoyable ways to get your child excited about exercising.

Ten minutes on the trampoline has the same effect on the body as thirty minutes of jogging. Children won’t feel inclined to jog, but they will feel inclined to bounce and play games on their trampoline. Trampolines will allow a child to bounce with a friend or sibling, encouraging social bonding.

Essentially, using a trampoline is a way to get a workout without feeling as though you’re exercising. Your children will be having a blast, completely unaware that they’re getting healthier and stronger in the process.

At What Age is it Safe for Children To Jump?

The age at which it’s safe for a child to jump depends on your trampoline. Children from the ages of 2 to 5 are able to jump safely, provided the trampoline is small enough and designed for toddlers.

Children ages six and up will be able to utilize a full sized trampoline, as long as it has been assembled and prepared safely.

Are Trampolines Safe For Children?

Trampolines are only as safe as the measures you take in preparing them for a child’s use. All trampolines should be equipped with a high quality safety enclosure. You want this enclosure to be made of a reinforced, sun-resistant material with buckles and zippers around the entry that will prevent a child from falling through the doorway.

Padding is necessary on the steel poles that support the enclosure, preventing children from being injured when colliding with the sides of the trampoline.

trampoline-boyAll trampolines should be erected on even terrain, free from any debris or structures. The integrity of the trampoline should be routinely inspected. This includes the metal frame, the jump pad, the enclosure net, and the pad covering the springs.

Don’t allow children to use the trampoline if you see signs of damage. Contact the manufacturer about your warranty (if applicable) and branded replacement parts should your trampoline need to be repaired.

How To Implement Trampoline Safety Rules

When teaching your child to jump on a trampoline, you’ll need to implement a clear list of rules. Always supervise your child closely while they’re using the trampoline to be sure that they’re following your rules.

Never allow children to use the trampoline without an adult present.

The act of jumping is easy for a child to learn on their own, because there isn’t much to it. The act of jumping safely involves certain measures being set in place.

1. Control the Amount of Jumpers

When children are first learning, make sure that only one child jumps at a time. While children enjoy jumping together, you’ll need to be sure that they understand how to work with gravity before they’re allowed to jump in unison.

Injuries can occur from jumpers bouncing too closely together, especially when they’re still discovering how to use their momentum. After everyone gains a little experience, it will be safer to allow two children to jump at the same time.

2. Only Jump in Clear Weather

Jumping in the rain may seem fun, but it’s dangerous. A wet mat will make it easier for little jumpers to lose their footing, and this can cause them to get hurt. Since trampolines are made of metal poles, this makes them dangerous to use when lightning is a looming threat.

Jumpers should only jump when it’s sunny, and should return inside at the first sign of inclement weather.

3. Jumping in Proper Attire

Children should only jump on a trampoline while barefoot. Shoes may cause a bouncer to slide around the surface, and socks are bound to do the same thing. The bare sole of a jumper’s feet interacts best with the jump pad, especially for grip and traction.

When jumping on the trampoline, children shouldn’t have anything in their pockets. Jewelry like bracelets or necklaces can get snagged or stuck, so prevent this risk by disallowing them. Children with glasses should also exercise caution.

If they can go without their glasses on the trampoline, that’s best. If the need them, prevent them from jumping around other children.

4. Disallow Most Toys on the Trampoline

Imagine the injury your child may receive from falling on a hard, plastic toy. Even if your child doesn’t fall on this toy, anything with hard edges can cause tears or snags in the jump pad and safety net.

The only toys that should be allowed on the trampoline are soft toys, such as inflatable balls for trampoline basketball games. For maximum safety, don’t allow children to jump while these toys are being used on the trampoline.

5. No Dangerous Stunts

Children are adventurous. They’ll want to do things like somersaults, cartwheels, and backflips on the trampoline. If they haven’t been taught how to perform these tricks by a professional, such as a gymnastics teacher, don’t allow them to do them on the trampoline.

Since bouncing adds a new layer of complication to a trick, children are risking head injury if these tricks are improperly performed.

As your children learn and grow, they’ll want to experiment with the trampoline more. Start by monitoring them closely, gradually increasing their amount of freedom as you become comfortable with their skill level. Older kids will be able to do more, but younger children require more experience.

Skywalker 15-foot Round Trampoline Safety

Best Trampolines for Kids 2017 – The TOP 10

When considering the beneficial reasons to purchase a trampoline, first on that list, you will learn that they encourage healthy exercise and play for our children. With our world moving more and more toward technology oriented pass times, we tend to neglect the physical amount of energy that our bodies should be burning off in order to remain healthy.

Trampolines can provide hours of good exercise and great fun when the proper supervision and safety measures are implemented. Getting to know the best trampolines for kids can put you in the know with what to consider when making your selection. It is important to know what other customers are saying that they have found to be important tips about the various models.

All of the models discussed here come highly rated for safety and fun but vary in assembly, space saving features and accessories.

Getting to Know the Best Trampolines for Kids


Best Trampolines for Kids


Super Jumper Combo Trampoline

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Super Jumper 6 feet TrampolineBuy From Amazon Button
Bazoongi Bouncer Trampoline with Handle Bar

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Bazoongi Bouncer 48” Handlebar DesignBuy From Amazon Button
Upper Bounce 7 feet Trampoline

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Upper Bounce 7 feet TrampolineBuy From Amazon Button
Little Tikes 7 Trampoline

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Little Tikes TrampolineBuy From Amazon Button
AirZone 55-Inch Trampoline

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Airzone 4.5 feet TrampolineBuy From Amazon Button

Making the Right Choices

There is a wealth of knowledge available on the market today about trampolines and why everyone should own them. Seriously, like swimming, playing baseball, riding a bike or playing on the playground, there are serious dangers if these activities are not well planned out with rules and considerations.

So, in looking at the big picture, after you have schooled yourself on the pros, cons and safety procedures, then it is time to look at the right equipment choices for your family.

Here, we plan to introduce you to some of the best and safest trampolines for your kids to use. It is important when doing research as well, to take make a purchase of a device that the manufacturer is going to stand behind.

The brand names listed here are well known for their products and high quality.

Super Jumper 6 feet Trampoline for Kids and Safety Enclosure

Super Jumper Combo Trampoline

Review ratings tend to run pretty high over all on sites for this little bouncer. Customers have reported a reasonable assembly expectation around anywhere from an hour plus. Ratings show the jump mat included with this tramp to be one of quality and considered a candidate for the best trampolines for kids.

The bounce, according to parents is at a safe altitude for small children. Child safety was definitely a key consideration with this product and this can be easily validated by the reviews you will find when researching the best kids trampolines on the market today.

In looking over reviews of this product I have learned that the design is simple standard trampoline type with not really any attractive dress up but absolute safety seems to be the selling feature here with the totally padded security even close to the extremities. Recommendations for age have varied between two to ten years.

Enclosure Height – Top to Bottom:78″

Weight limit:130 lbs

Editor’s Rating: 5 Stars

Recommended for:children up to 120 pounds

 Bazoongi Bouncer 48” Handlebar Design

Bazoongi Bouncer Trampoline with Handle Bar

Of all trampolines designed with kids in mind, this bouncer has provided fun for little ones as young as a couple of years and up to seven. One thing I have noticed while reading reviews on this trampoline is that I am seeing a fluctuation in the load limit from some reports of 80 pounds, 100, 130 pounds and then 150.

Important safety features include 30 rust resistant steel springs covered by padding for protection, an adjustable padded handle bar to accommodate children as they grow and six legs to assist in stabilizing this unit that is typically structured for indoor use.

I would recommend checking the load limit for the particular model you select from the site where you make the purchase. The Bazoongi is definitely on the list of best trampolines for kids.

Weight limit:150 lbs (70kg)

Editor’s Rating:  4 Stars

Recommended for:Children 4+

Upper Bounce 7 feet Trampoline for Kids with Safety Enclosure

Upper Bounce 7 feet Trampoline

Upper Bounce provides the perfect indoor/outdoor entertainment recommended for kids ages 3-10. This model not only looks attractive but has all the bells and whistles for your child’s safe and secure playtime activities. The frame offers the sturdy support of a skeletal steel structure clothed with quality, durable molded plastic for the best possible strength and protection features.

The frame and legs are designed with stability in mind and the jumping surface is made of very high quality material as is the enclosure. Padded protection and safety was definitely given maximum consideration in the construction.

Size is a key feature with this system for year round use inside or out, the unit is designed to save space but provide adequate fun. Comparison shopping on price may be a good idea with this great little bouncer. It may not be as economical as some of the trampolines here but the quality speaks volumes.

Spring Size:6.5 Inch

Weight limit:150 lbs (70kg)

Editor’s Rating: 4.4 Stars

Little Tikes Trampoline with Safety Net 7’

Little Tikes 7 Trampoline

Little Tikes once again delivers quality products for our children with this strong and sturdy design in the bounce world. Assembled weight comes in at about 75 pounds and can be put together by one person in a total estimated 45 minutes time easily. The sturdy frame made of durable heavy duty plastic.

A strong zippered safety enclosure insures us the best possible safety measures have been considered for our small jumpers. Bouncers are welcomed here between the ages of 2 to 10 weight permitting. Customers have very impressive things to say about the key safety features that make up the Little Tykes trampoline. Lists of replacement parts are available from the Little Tikes web site and are easily purchased there.

Recommended for:Age 2-10

Weight limit:100 lbs (45kg)

Editor’s Rating:  4.4 Stars

Airzone 4.5 feet (55″) Trampoline for Toddlers and Kids

AirZone 55-Inch Trampoline

This Airzone trampoline for kids is made with both indoor and outdoor use in mind. Not only is safety a key benefit for your children but the price is affordable for the parents as well. This design is made specifically for the smaller children with a total weight capacity of around 60 pounds.

Quality mesh material that makes up the enclosed safety bounce housing has a small zipped archway passage that allows your child easy access and safely secures them inside.

Customers acclaim that the bounce is good but not overly intense but just right for the little jumpers to enjoy.

It has also been documented that the padded security design is very reassuring. This manufacturer’s warranty offers a lengthy two years for the covered parts. In addition to passing testing that each unit receives for safety, this little bouncer is cosmetically appealing with an array of colors offered for your selection.

Weight limit:60 lbs (30kg)

Recommended for:Toddlers and up to age 5.

Editor’s Rating:  4.2 Stars

Skywalker 5 feet “Seaside Adventure” (60″) Trampoline and Enclosure


Skywalker 5 feet Seaside Adventure

This attractive little trampoline designed for the younger kids and toddlers is adorned with delightful graphics and marine life. Strong elastic stretch bungees are placed securely around the frame and hold the mat in place.

These chords offer a very secure and seemingly safer substitute for the springs used in adult type trampolines and help to provide a good bounce for the little ones. As with any trampoline parts, they should be checked on a very regular basis for necessity of replacement from wear.

The enclosure attaches securely to the trampoline and is included with the purchase price.

This jumper has the added security of a built in padded handrail to help your child to maintain balance and assist with motor skill development.

Recommended for:Ages 2-6

Weight limit:100 lbs (45kg)

Editor’s Rating: 4.1 Stars

Ladybug 36 inch Mini Trampoline from Pure Fun

Pure Fun Ladybug 36 inch Mini Trampoline

Although this adorable mini trampoline gains a lot of its popularity from the cute detachable pillow face, the bouncer still rates very high on the quality standards list. The actual jump surface is about 32” and most customers say that assembly of the frame and mat apparatus is very easy but are slightly challenged when it comes to dressing the bug so to speak.

Complete assembly is possible in less than one hour. The lady bug jumper is definitely a children’s trampoline. Although this is great indoor playtime fun it could be used outside as well in nice weather and of course with supervision.

Protective padding adorns the grab bar handle and the spring’s as well better help to both protect and provide stability for children as they are jumping. Parent reviews claim that they have no trouble getting their children up to jump on this cute little bouncer.

Recommended for:Children 3+

Weight limit:75 lbs (35kg)

Editor’s Rating: 4.4 Stars

Diggin “Jump Smart” Electronic Triangular Mini Trampoline

Diggin Jump Smart Trampoline

Your kids are jumping on into the learning process with this smart little jumper. This unit features a number one rating as an early learning system. Here again the recommended age is 3 plus but parent reviews are for children of an earlier age. We suggest that you always follow the manufacturer’s recommendation on the product for safety assurance.

While jumping, your child will be able to participate in some gaming activities, music, memory matches and more. Bouncing fun is accomplished with a colorful and safe environment for your Childs safety and education.

Assembly is said to be a little more difficult and two persons are advised for the task. The price is slightly higher than some other competitors in this age group however you have the added learning advantage.

Weight limit:80 lbs (35kg)

Editor’s Rating: 4.4 Stars

Recommended for:Children 3+

Fold & Go 3 feet (36″) Mini Trampoline with Handle bar

The Original Toy Fold & Go

This small jumper quick set and play comes to us from The Original Toy Company and their sole specialty is with children’s entertainment. The six short screw on legs sit low to the ground surface to insure child safety and set up videos are available on line that show set up in about 10 minutes.

A grab handle is provided with this unit for added balance and stability with small jumpers. Surprisingly, the load limit is impressive at 150 pounds. This jumper is considered safer for children because it is manufactured with spring bands instead of springs. The grab bar may optionally be removed for older children under the load limit.

Weight limit:150 lbs (70kg)

Editor’s Rating: 4.6 Stars

Recommended for: Age 3+

Galt Folding Trampoline

Galt Folding Trampoline

This colorful kids unit is not necessarily recommended for aggressive jumps but more often the type used for physical therapy. The grab bar position and structure of the legs tends to lift the back portion from the floor surface with high jumps although it has not been known to tip.

Some customers have suggested adding weight to the legs opposite the bar. The design is very compact and substantial and consumers remark that the assembly is easy. Bungee cords attached to the bounce surface act as springs and prove to be ultimately safer for young jumpers.

These cords should be checked often as should any trampoline parts. Most customers estimate their need for replacement every 8 to 10 months and say that the manufacturer is very responsive in regard to assisting them.

Weight limit:77 pounds

Editor’s Rating: 3.9 Stars

Recommended for: Age 3+

About the Review Information

The trampolines we have provided here for you to review represent a various range of prices, sizes and benefits. More information is abundant throughout the internet about the different manufacturers and features involved with the units. It is always a great idea to do as much research as possible and consider what is going to work best from all aspects.

The amount of money you want to spend and the amount of space available are of course, two very big considerations. Remember as well, that for indoor units, the amount of space overhead must be adequate for the safety of your little jumper.

Consider your Reasons for Choosing a Trampoline

There have been a lot of accidents as a result of kids jumping off of beds, bunks, retaining walls and many other various surfaces. Kids love to jump and this is a well known fact. The trampoline can provide a stationery and safe arena for this type of exercise to take place when rules are put into place and the very best equipment options are taken into consideration.

Kids just don’t get the feeling that they are exercising out of necessity when they are jumping. Therapeutic advantages have been documented in children with sensory perception problems and all forms of autism. The bouncing motion tends to be very beneficial with the thought process and also with children who suffer from hyperactivity.

Whatever the reason you have decided that a trampoline will be a wise investment for your family, the next step is to choose which device will best accommodate their needs. Any one of the trampolines we have mentioned here should prove to be a safe addition to your Childs entertainment and exercise program.

The choices can be difficult because there are so many quality brands out there today. It may be a good idea to do your homework first by reading the reviews, investigating benefits, pricing and make a few selections that you feel are both affordable and appropriate for the space available.

After you have narrowed the search to a few models that you have approved of you might want to have a look through with your children and just see what may spark their interest.

It this is a gift, you would not necessarily need to mention that it is intended for them.

Children who have been able to help with a selection are generally more interested in the product. The end result would be that you and your children have made an educated decision on the best trampoline for kids in your opinions.

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Diggin HopHop Trampoline with Handlebar

Best Trampolines with Handlebar 2017 and Reviews – The TOP 10

What to Consider when choosing a Toddler Trampoline with the Handlebar

Choosing a trampoline for the little ones is no easy decision with many considerations to be thought through when deciding how to select the best trampoline with handlebar for your toddler.

You will be able to find some great research and suggestions here that should assist you with knowing exactly what to look for. When conducting your search for the best toddler trampoline with handlebar, you will be introduced to a wide array of choice in design, size and construction materials.

It will be very important to make your choice based on safety and durability instead of just eye appeal. Here we will take a look at why these trampolines are considered the top choices and what other parents have to say about their experience in choosing the best trampolines with a handle bar.


Trampolines with Handlebar


Ladybug 36 inch Mini Trampoline from Pure Fun

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Mini Trampoline from Pure FunBuy From Amazon Button
Little Tikes 3 Trampoline

Check Price on

Little Tikes 3′ TrampolineBuy From Amazon Button
Merax 36 inch Mini Trampoline

Check Price on

Merax Mini TrampolineBuy From Amazon Button
Pure Fun Kids Preschool Jumper

Check Price on

Pure Fun Kids Preschool JumperBuy From Amazon Button
Bazoongi Little Bounce Bouncer with Easy Hold Handle Bar

Check Price on

Bazoongi 48″ Little Bounce BouncerBuy From Amazon Button

Most first time little jumpers will want the added security of the handlebar so they can gain self assurance and become familiar with the bouncing experience. Once this confidence is achieved, you will become the head cheering section for all of those new and exciting maneuvers that toddlers achieve with daily practice.

Little jumpers greatly enjoy the sense of accomplishment and freedom as their little feet rise from the mat to meet with open air.

Trampoline play makes learning a fun experience for children while improving motor skill functions and meeting the daily recommendation for healthy exercise not to mention a great escape from tv and video games.

The Diggin Jump Smart Trampoline

The Diggin Jump Smart Trampoline

Parents seeking the best mini trampoline with handlebar may be very impressed by this triangular, colorful jumper with the easy grip handlebar system much like that of a trike.

Diggin Jump Smart will not only grab the immediate attention of your toddler, it can also serve as an interactive tutor during the exercise experience. Parents have considered this choice as a best toddler exercise trampoline with handlebar mainly because the unique chassis provides a very stable landing for their acrobats.

Children with motor skill deficiencies tend to favor the sound and bounce action along with the joy of pushing buttons and overall reviews would make me believe this model is a very popular favorite with them. One word of advice would be to review assembly instructions from experienced owners as getting this sturdy little jumper together appears to require some patience and know how.

  • This model’s maximum weight limit is 80 pounds.
  • The design features brightly color pads that kids will love. The pads are also easy to clean.
  • The split handle provides extra support for kids who are just learning how to bounce.
  • The model’s triangular shape makes it incredibly easy to store.
  • Plays fun and silly songs, including a count along and memory match song.

The Original Toy Company Fold & Go Trampoline

The Original Toy Company Fold & Go Trampoline

Several appealing facts can be brought to the table for the Fold & Go which makes it a hot sales item and top of the line in popularity with parents. Aside being terrifically easy to assemble, this handy jumper can be packed up and taken along from toddler age to 150 pounds thus placing this model above and beyond a best toddler trampoline with handlebar.

Your toddler will be able to enjoy great fun and exercise well into their elementary school days in most cases. Parents have suggested that even though assembly is designed with simplicity in mind, it often comes out better with two assemblers working together especially during the folding process.

Parents also suggest attaching two 5 pound weights to the rear section of the trampoline for added stability. With this being mentioned as a safety concern for many parents, the aforementioned solution has been noted to work for children within the weight limit.

  • Foldable
  • Safety Pad
  • 3’ Diameter to welcome jumpers up to 150 lbs
  • Steel frame with heavy duty pre attached elastic straps
  • Recommended for both in and outdoor play with supervision.

Popular Kids Spinner Counting Game Trampoline with Handlebar

Skywalker 36 in. Square Bouncer with Spinner Counting Game

Trampoline enthusiasts depend on the Skywalker brand bouncers as a reliable name for delivery of safety, quality and construction. The 36” square bouncer mentioned in this review is suggested for young ones between the ages of three and six with a weight capacity of 60 pounds.

Skywalker boasts a stout steel frame with robust legs that aid in adequate stability of this colorful number game bouncer. Strong elastic resistance bands unite the steel frame with the pad where they are interwoven and neatly tucked under a protective covering as an additional safety measure.

Many of the benefits noted with this model are motor skill development assistance with enhanced number and color recognition while encouraging a healthy interaction of both fun and exercise.

  • Uses stretch bands instead of springs for a fun yet soft bounce
  • Build motor skills through bouncing games
  • Jumping surface elevates only inches from the ground
  • Woven jumping mat to help prevent slips or falls
  • Six month limited manufacturer’s warranty

Ladybug 36 inch Mini Trampoline from Pure Fun

Ladybug 36 inch Mini Trampoline from Pure Fun

One of the absolute primary reasons we consider getting a trampoline for our toddler is to provide a healthy source for vital aerobic exercise. This little ladybug invites our first time jumpers to join in on safe and active fun with a bouncer that some parents have considered as a best exercise trampoline with handlebar where their children are concerned.

Parents indicate in their reviews that they have absolutely no problems with getting their toddlers to exercise on Pure Funs appropriately colored ladybug with her smiley detachable pillow face.

Safety and durability are communicated through the protective padding which overlays both the springs and child safe handlebar setup. Parents report that they have accomplished assembly in often less than one hour and that the children are attracted to the detachable pillow face.

  • Frame Material:Steel
  • Steel Frame Material
  • Rust Resistant Construction
  • Age approval is 4 years to 75 pounds
  • Warranty with product is 90 days
  • Detachable bug pillow face
  • Covered Springs with Padded hand rail

Bazoongi 48″ Little Bounce Bouncer with Easy Hold Handle Bar

Bazoongi Little Bounce Bouncer with Easy Hold Handle Bar

The Bazoongi Bouncer is a parent’s top choice item for the best trampoline with handle bar and offered by the manufacturer with an easy to grab, modifiable handle bar. The stability and construction of this six leg bouncing blast are a careful consideration in the design.

Adequate, safe jumping space is one of the many featured assets and protection from any hazardous or sharp materials is a definite plus. Some parents mention in reviews that the assembly is slightly difficult and the springs may be tough for just one person to put together.

A few parents indicated that they feel the jumper is more for small toddler that are not overly active. Of course this colorful bouncer has the children’s vote and if you are making a gift purchase keep in mind that the package contents are viewable when shipped.

  • (30) 3.5” Galvanized Springs
  • Top rail System easy assembly
  • Adjustable Handle
  • Jumbo Frame Pad

Merax 3’ Mini Trampoline with Handle

Merax 36 inch Mini Trampoline

When researching the best exercise trampoline with handlebar, an excellent consideration would be the Merax 3 foot model which stands out for many reasons. Mentionable considerations would be the quantity of legs for stabilization, quality of mat material for durability and weight limitations for extended usability just to point out  a few.  Additionally the Merax is designed as a foldable space saving unit with a total weight capacity of 220 pounds.

Easy assembly, affordable pricing, durability and ease of indoor or outdoor use with a rust resistant frame. The Merax 3 foot appears to provide a great way for our children of most size ranges to get good healthy exercise.

  • High quality at a competitive price
  • Rest Resistant Framework
  • Non hazardous no pinch springs
  • Large rubber feet offering better stability
  • Weight limitations support up to 250 pounds
  • Product suitable for indoor / outdoor use

Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline

Little Tikes 3 Trampoline

The Little Tykes three foot jumper is much like the other best mini trampolines with handlebar in safety and durability. There are however some slight differences that should be noted when making a buying choice for the children. Certain construction differences make the Little Tike suitable for indoor use only and this should be kept in mind when researching to purchase the best toddler trampoline with handlebar.

The springs are securely covered to protect your little one from harm, the jump mat is round and the frame on this model is made of both plastic and steel as opposed to other competitors in this grouping. Little Tike also kept children’s safety and fitness in mind when designing their exercise trampoline with handlebar for the three to six year old age group.

Also differing from competitors the handle bar on the Little Tike series is well padded and positioned  across the middle of the trampoline perhaps to provide greater assurance of stability. Parents have praised Little Tike for easy assembly, great exercise fun and excellent indoor fun. Some parents have noted issues with their children biting on the foam handle bar and the back lifting from the floor during exercise.

Other jumpers have suggested weighting the back legs on some of the other models.

  • Perfect trampoline for toddlers to burn off energy
  • Features large jumping surface and handle bar for stability
  • Plastic and metal combination
  • Trampoline is for indoor use only

Pure Fun Kids Preschool Jumper

Pure Fun Kids Preschool Jumper

Here is another great addition to the best exercise trampolines with handle bar from Pure Fun. Parents have noted that their preschool jumpers get “big air” with an abundance of strong safety springs that come with this smart looking tramp. Reviews also list positive progress with alphabet recognition by their preschoolers which, may be attributed to the colorful letters adorning the frame pad covering.

The weight capacity is about 75 pounds on this 36” square jumper and as always it may be a good idea to weight the back two of the four legs to insure added stability while your little one is jumping. The best recommendation here is for indoor use although the frame is steel, sturdy and comes with a long warranty.

Parents differ in assembly opinions, with many feeling that assembly is not difficult.

  • Made of steel frame, padded handle rail and springs
  • Sturdy steel frame with padded handle rail and covered springs for safety
  • For age 3 and up
  • Capacity:75 lbs
  • Bright, attractive pattern encourage shape, color and ABC recognition

Skywalker 60” Round Seaside Adventure with Enclosure

Skywalker 60 Round Seaside Adventure with Enclosure

Skywalker offers young jumpers a bright attractive bouncer here that is perfect for indoor play and the security of an enclosure with a padded handlebar completely around the inside of the safety net.

The jump surface is fully safeguarded from all metal parts and the grab handle is padded as well. Parents have provided some outstanding reviews about the Skywalker unit along with offering valuable insight into the fun their young ones experience bouncing safely inside the zippered enclosure.

Some parents have mentioned that they have added pool noodles to the bars and poles for added color and durability. This sounds like a great idea for reinforcement and to enhance the longevity of this cute and sturdy trampoline.

  • Gap free enclosure design attaches to the jumping surface eliminating gaps
  • Reinforced zipper secures the enclosure door to provide a secure bouncing area for young children
  • Padded foam enclosure frame and handle provides a soft handle for little bouncers to use for support as they develop their balancing and bouncing skills
  • Wide frame base and arched enclosure poles provide stability and safety as children bounce
  • Stretch bands provide a fun yet soft bounce with no springs and no worry about little fingers
  • Padded stretch band cover attaches securely and provides a secure surface for children climbing in and out of the bouncer
  • Lower enclosure attaches to the padded stretch band cover preventing little ones or small objects from entering underneath the jumping area.
  • Recommended for ages 3 through 7 with a 100 lb. weight capacity

Diggin HopHop Trampoline with Handlebar

Diggin HopHop Trampoline with Handlebar

For our tiniest of little jumpers the best exercise trampoline with handlebar is the Diggin HopHop recommended for toddlers as small as 12 months. This hopper is just the right size at 23 inches of padded heart shaped bounce mat fun that can keep toddlers busy for long periods of time.

The mat is specially designed for safety being low to the ground, padded, completely covered with a special stretch mesh fabric and brilliantly colored. The parent reviews seemed to be very mixed on this unit possibly having a lot to do with the size of toddler using the jumper. It is designed and suggested for 44 pounds and under.

Some parents mentioned they felt the weight limit should be lowered while others claimed their very small toddlers do just fine with it. Many parents claim the little jumpers are pleased with their bounce fun.

  • Toddler Trampoline
  • Hours of hopping fun!
  • Includes padded easy grip handle
  • Features sewn padded cover for safe bouncing
  • Ideal for small spaces
  • Low height makes storage easy
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Recommended Age:12 Months and Up
  • Weight Limit:44 Pounds


The importance of safety is the biggest concern when planning children’s activity with any trampoline with handlebar.

Keep in mind that every activity can be dangerous for little ones if they are left unattended and rules or recommendations are not taken seriously as the manufacturer has suggested. There is usually some sound advice offered from parents who have experience with little jumpers and are able to provide an objective review.

Many parents have excellent tips and tricks to remedy issues that they have come across to insure the safety and longevity of your new purchase. With a well put together plan and some good advice your little bouncer will have a healthy and fun method of exercise on one of these best trampolines with handlebar during their formative years.

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