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How to Clean a Trampoline Mat in 9 Simple Steps

Even though a trampoline is an outdoor toy, it requires regular cleaning and maintenance. Your trampoline is exposed to the elements, and dirty mats tend to wear out faster than clean ones.

Dirty mats are unsafe and get your children messy. You, with the help of your children, can clean your trampoline mat in a short period of time.

Since the mat will need to try, try starting earlier in the day. This way, the sun will have ample time to dry off the mat.

Here you go 9 Simple Steps how to clean a trampoline mat…

Kid on trampoline

Clear the Surface

Before you start to clean the trampoline mat, remove any small twigs or leaves that have fallen onto the surface. Twigs can actually cause snags in the mat, reducing its reliability and causing small ripples in the threads that make the mat unsafe.

Carefully remove these twigs by hand, and pick up leaves, pinecones, acorns, or any other natural debris that may have fallen onto the mat.

Then, remove any toys, games, or accessories on the trampoline and set them aside for later. Clean these things before your return them to the trampoline. Putting dirty toys back onto the trampoline will only make it messy again.

Sweep the Mat

Using a push broom or a straw broom, sweep away any surface dirt that’s sitting on the mat. Never use rakes, shovels, spades, or other gardening tools to free the mat of debris, as these things can actually cause damage.

Make sure to sweep the dirt clear off of the trampoline. This includes sweeping the protective pad covering the springs. The dirt needs to go under the safety enclosure, so you may need to lift it up during the sweeping process.

Inspect The Mat

After all of the debris and surface dirt have been removed, it’s the best time to check the mat for any signs of damage. Are there any rips, snags, or small holes?

If you see damage to the mat, it may not be safe to allow jumpers to resume using it. Even small holes can quickly become enlarged from children jumping and playing on a damaged mat. If you see signs of this kind of damage, it’s better to replace the entire mat.

Prepare Your Supplies

In order to thoroughly wash the mat, you’ll need to use the right cleaning supplies. Fill a bucket up with water, and add a mild detergent. Liquid dish soap or regular antibacterial soap works well for this purpose. If you’ve decided to use a disinfectant, make sure it doesn’t contain bleach or harsh solvents.

These kinds of detergent can discolor your mat and weaken the fibers. If you’re unsure, always read the back of the detergent bottle. If it says it isn’t safe to use on porous surfaces or that it may discolor fabrics, do not use this cleaning agent on your trampoline mat.

Soak the Mat

If you try to clean the mat while it’s dry, you’re going to have a hard time. A trampoline mat that’s been under the sun is a parched. It will soak up all the soapy water, causing you to scrub twice as hard. Hard scrubbing can damage the mat, so the best way to prepare the surface is by thoroughly soaking it with a hose.

With low water pressure, spray the entire mat until it’s thoroughly saturated. You’ll know it’s time to stop when water begins dripping underneath the trampoline. The whole thing should be slick before you start to scrub, creating the perfect surface for a scrubbing brush or wet rag.

Start Scrubbing

The entire surface of the mat needs to be scrubbed until it’s full of soap suds. You want the soap suds to have a brown tinge to them when you’re done, indicating that the dirt has been lifted off of the jump pad. Be careful what tools you use to scrub with. Always choose soft scrubbing brushes with nylon bristles, or plain wet washrags. Never use harsh scrubbing tools, steel wool, or scouring sponges on a trampoline mat. These things can cause the fibers to fray, slowly destroying the trampoline mat.

Scrub the mat in gentle, circular motions to safely lift all the dirt from the fibers. This process goes much faster when multiple people are scrubbing – especially if you’re cleaning a large trampoline. Children should be able to help.

Have them get on their hands and knees and gently scrub from the spring pads back to the center. They may even have fun playing in the bubbles. For safety reasons, don’t allow children to stand on the trampoline while it’s soapy and wet.

Rinse the Mat

After the mat has been thoroughly scrubbed, it’s time to hose away the dirty suds. Using a gentle hose setting with low water pressure, rinse away all of the soap until bubbles stop appearing, and the water dripping from the trampoline runs clear.

This is a good indicator that all of the trapped dirt has run off of the mat.

Allow the Mat to Dry

It’s not safe for children to jump on a slippery wet mat, so they need to wait for it to dry before they play. If you started early in the morning, the sun should dry the mat out throughout the course of the day.

If you don’t have time to wait or if the weather is overcast, you can speed up the drying process by placing large air movers around or under the jumping mat. These will accelerate evaporation. Don’t use a leaf blower to help dry the mat.

The strong force of the air can cause the jump surface to warp.

Inspect The Mat Again

After the mat has dried, take one final look at the surface to assure it’s safe for your children to jump on. You want to check to see that no accidental damage has occurred during the cleaning process. Even if you were very careful, accidents can still happen.

Once the trampoline is dry and has passed a final inspection, your kids are free to resume jumping to their hearts’ content.

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