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Trampoline Mat Replacement: Frame Parts, Mat And Pad Replacements

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A trampoline can be a great investment for any type of family. Whether you have children who could use more exercise or enjoy using a trampoline for aerobic workouts, you are sure to find a way to benefit from one of these fun and useful outdoor products.

Trampolines are available in all sizes and in a broad range of prices. You can find affordable trampolines that may last for a few years of frequent use or invest in a more expensive trampoline made from high-quality materials that will last much longer.

Regardless of what type of trampoline you buy, you should always look for one that includes safety features such as a protective net or an extra-stable frame to keep users safe at all times.

While most higher-end trampolines are designed to last, issues can come up at any time and require you to replace the frame parts, mat or your trampoline’s pad. If any of these items become damaged, you don’t have to throw out your entire trampoline and start shopping around for a replacement.

You can find frame parts and replacement jump pads for most trampolines. These parts will cost much less than buying a brand-new model and are usually very easy to install. If you initially set up your trampoline yourself, you are already familiar with how to install the frame, pad, mat, safety net and other parts.

So, adding your new replacement piece shouldn’t take much time and you can go back to enjoying your family trampoline once again.

How to Measure for Trampoline Mat Replacement

You may have owned your trampoline for years before the mat needs a replacement. And if that is the case then you may have also forgotten the exact measurements of the mat.

When it comes to replacing parts on your trampoline, there are several measurements that you will need to guarantee that the parts you purchase are the correct size.

Even if you don’t need a new net or frame, you may still need to measure these parts to ensure that the replacement parts you do need will work correctly.

When you need a new jump mat, you are required to measure the frame size of your trampoline. If you already know the frame size then you shouldn’t have any issues, but if you are unsure, it is a good idea to double-check so that you know you are ordering the correct replacement part.

Measure from one outside edge of the frame to the other side to get the diameter of your jump mat. Along with measuring the frame size, you will also need to measure the spring size from one hook to the other.

The usual lengths for trampoline springs are 5.5-inches or 7-inches. To correctly measure a spring, remove it from your trampoline. Then measure it from one end to the other, including the hooks. You want to measure the entire length of the spring to get an accurate replacement.

Most replacement jump mats are available in 8, 10, 12, 13, and 14 foot. You will also want to count the number of eyelets on your mat for the hooks. But if you miscount the eyelets by a few holes, you shouldn’t worry. You can always space out the springs enough so that the replacement jump mat will still fit correctly.

trampoline mat replacement - trampoline space parts

How to Measure for a Replacement or New Trampoline Safety Net

These days practically all new trampolines come with a safety net. But if you have an older model trampoline or purchased one without a net, you can order one to add to your trampoline. You can also find replacement nets if your current one has become damaged.

The first thing you will need to do is measure your frame size. Start at the outside edge of the trampoline’s metal frame and go across the widest part or diameter of the frame.

Count the number of enclosure poles that you have, and check to make sure the poles are straight. You should have either six or eight safety net poles.

A universal safety net enclosure is a great choice for a replacement safety net. This product will slide over straight poles and includes a zippered closure.

You may also find some other options that do not feature a zipper that are usually much cheaper.

If you can purchase a stock replacement safety net for your trampoline, it may be your best option, especially if you are unsure about the measurements. Instead, you can go by the trampoline’s make or model number to order your replacement part.

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Ordering Replacement Poles for Your Trampoline’s Safety Net

Trampoline safety net poles are available in various lengths, so you want to make sure you are buying the right type and the right amount for your trampoline.

There are two primary lengths for trampoline poles, one that is suitable for an 8-foot trampoline, and the other that works for all other sizes such as 10, 12, 13, or 14-foot trampolines. It is best to order poles that come with foam padding around them for added safety.

Also make sure that the poles you order come with their own brackets, or else you may have to look elsewhere to purchase those separately.

To make sure that your replacement poles will work with your trampoline, check if your poles are straight and fit on the exterior of your trampoline. Another option is to measure the overall height of your trampoline starting at the ground and up to the top of the frame.

Then measure from the frame to the top of the safety net. This will let you know if the pole length that order will fit.

trampoline mat replacement

When to Replace a Trampoline Jump Mat

The jump mat is the primary part of your trampoline. Without it, you are left with a useless frame and safety net. If you have a good quality trampoline that you invested in, and you do not want to buy another complete trampoline just because of a bad jump mat, you can save a lot of money by purchasing a replacement mat.

Trampolines are manufactured to be used for several years. Most are made to withstand all types of weather conditions so that you can leave it set up all year long. But if you begin to notice that your jump mat is tearing or fraying where it is connected to the springs, you should stop using it until you get a replacement mat.

The Reasons Why A Trampoline Mat May Wear Out

Trampolines have weight limits and if you and your family has used it multiple times while exceeding the weight limit, then you could easily wear down the fibers of the jump mat quickly. And even though most mats are designed to withstand rain, snow, and harmful UV rays, being left out in severe weather over time can also cause damage to the mat.

Plus, if you have had your trampoline for more than 10 years and it has been used frequently, it could become worn down simply due to how much it has been used.

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How to Tell If Your Trampoline Jump Mat Needs Replaced

If you notice that your jump mat doesn’t provide you with the same strong bounce as it once did, if the middle of the mat starts to sag, or if the mat is fraying around the edges, it is time to replace it.

A trampoline mat may also become overstretched if too many people jump on it at the same time. And if it has held large amounts of snow, dead leaves or debris during the fall and winter seasons, this can also cause wear and tear to the mat.

Another sign that your trampoline may need a replacement mat is if the stitching or the rings attached to the mat start to come off. Any time you notice these things, you need to look into replacing your jump mat right away. This is a sign that your mat has been used frequently over the years.

It is also common for kids or pets to make small rips or tears in the mat material. While you may not notice them at first, over time these small rips can become larger. A trampoline jump mat that has holes in it could result in unwanted accidents or injuries.

Some users have ended up in the emergency room with broken bones or sprains due to this type of issue. Replacing your jump mat with a brand-new one will help you and your family to avoid these injuries and make your trampoline safe to use once again.

trampoline mat replacement - springs

How to Find a Replacement Jump Mat for your Trampoline

Once you have correctly measured all the necessary parts to order a replacement jump mat for your trampoline, you need to find one that will fit your frame. Sometimes you can find replacement parts on manufacturer’s website. But if that option is not available to you, you can always search online for the part that you need.

Most jump mats will have rings for springs built in, but you can also find mats that have elastic bands that will loop over the frame. It is important to know which type of jump mat you need and the number of springs that your mat has, if any, so that you order the correct part. You may also want to purchase a spring tool that can help you remove the old trampoline mat and rings safely and much faster.

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What is the Best Material for a Trampoline Jump Mat?

When you are looking for a replacement jump mat for your trampoline, you will want to make sure that the new mat is made from strong and durable material.

The highest quality and safest mat material is Permatron Polypropylene. It is UV-resistant and even sewn with UV-resistant thread. The V Rings that attach to the springs should also be galvanized to prevent rust or corrosion.

If you own a competitive or Olympic trampoline, the replacement mat may need to have extra-strong and durable fabrics. That is because these trampolines are designed for use strictly by professionals.

Therefore, you shouldn’t purchase one of these mats for your regular trampoline because you think it will more durable. You should purchase a mat that is designed to fit your trampoline.

trampoline mat replacement

Do You Need Replacement Parts for Enclosure Systems?

If you have a trampoline with an enclosure system that includes netting and poles, you will need to measure the parts differently to order replacements.

The outside frame must be measured, and you will need to do a thorough inspection of the feet of the trampoline to find out exactly how many legs it has. This will help you to determine how many pole uprights you will need.

For a new trampoline frame, you will need to measure the size of your frame from one outside edge to another. Measure across the widest part of the trampoline, also known as the diameter.

The padding on your trampoline is the part that covers the springs and protects users from accidents or injuries. If you need replacement padding due to years of wear and tear, you will need to measure the size of your trampoline’s frame.

Go from the outside edge to the opposite outside edge of the metal frame to measure the diameter. Most frames are close to an even number such as 8, 10, 12 or 14, however, there are frames that are 13 feet as well. As long as you are within 2 inches of the correct size, you should be fine when ordering a replacement pad.

Always Make Sure that Your Trampoline Is Safe to Use by Checking for Issues

After a long winter season, you and your family will be ready to head outside and jump on the trampoline once again. Be sure to check for any of the above-mentioned issues such as sagging in the middle of the mat, fraying, tears in the fabric or fraying from the springs. Inspect the entire trampoline thoroughly to check if you need to order any replacement parts before you start enjoying it once again.

History of Trampolines: How Did We Get the Trampoline?

Trampolines have become a staple in the American family’s backyard for the past few decades. While they are still quite expensive, these outdoor play areas have become more affordable in recent years and have allowed more people to enjoy them than ever before. They provide us with a fun way to exercise, regardless of age, and offer a great excuse for kids and teens to go outside and play.

But trampolines weren’t always used as a fun way to pass the time during the summer. They were originally developed to be used as training tools for sports activities and survival training in Alaska. And long before that, trampolines were used in ancient times in celebratory or religious ceremonies.

The Early History of Trampolines

There is very little evidence of what trampolines were used for back hundreds of years ago. But archaeologists have discovered evidence of trampoline-like devices used in China, Iran, and Egypt. Many believe that they were used in ceremonies, however, their exact purpose is still unknown. Here is some more insight on the history of trampolines.

The Leaps of the Middle Ages

The earliest known prototype for the trampoline was known as “The Leaps” which surfaced during the Middle Ages. This device consisted of a thin board that was placed over two stands, one at each end. The user would jump on it and the spring action of the flexible board would cause the person to fly up into the air. This was an act that may have been performed at side shows or carnivals at the time.

As the Leaps became more popular, the device was seen being used by more performers all throughout the world. It was an easy device to assemble and could be transported from one city to another with little effort.

It was later replaced by a springboard that was fixed to a base and included a hinge for additional movement. The springboard could catapult one user in the air as another person jumped on the free end. This was later added to many tumbling or acrobatic shows and can even be seen today in circus performances.

history of trampoline

In the frigid state of Alaska, trampolines made an early debut as rebound devices that were used by locals for sport and survival. These trampolines were made from walrus skin and could be used to toss people into the air.

To do so, one person would sit on the skin as two or more people would hold on to the edges. In a sweeping motion, the people along the edges would launch the seated individual into the air. This was used as an early form of recreation and was also helpful with hunting animals from a safe distance during a time when hunters didn’t have access to binoculars.

How Did We Get the Trampoline That We Use Today?

The exact invention of the trampoline that we are familiar with today is unknown. There is no type of documents or any evidence that points to its origin story. However, it is believed that the first trampoline was designed by Du Trampolin, a French artist.

Aside from the fact that the device could have been named after him, Du Trampolin is believed to be the inventor of the trampoline after he made a realization while watching circus performers. He was watching a trapeze act and came up with the idea of a safety net that could propel the fallen performer into the air.

He spent some time working on his invention and experimenting with different techniques using various materials. The result was a net that could be used by a single acrobat to provide them with a safe landing.

The Modern Day Trampoline

Du Trampolin may have come up with something very close to our modern-day trampolines, but it wasn’t until the 20th century that trampolines, as we know them, were invented. Larry Griswold and George Nissen were the inventors of the first trampolines in 1935.

Griswold was a gymnast as a child and became a gymnastics coach at the University of Iowa. That is where he met Nissen who was a tumbler on the university’s gymnastics team. The two had studied the safety nets used by trapeze artists at the circus and thought it would make a great tool to use with their own gymnastic training.

They developed the first modern trampoline using an angle iron, a canvas bed, and rubber springs. It was made in the basement of a YMCA where Nissen and Griswold threaded the long cords of the nets by hand.

history of trampoline - used for rescue

How the Trampoline has Helped Train Important People Throughout History

Since the invention of Griswold and Nissen’s trampoline, the device has been used in countless situations from military training for pilots in World War II, to preparing astronauts for space travel. Whether it is being used for fun, training or survival, the trampoline has played a very important role in our history since it was initially invented.

A mother and daughter preparing to do some cool trampoline tricks.

Coolest Trampoline Tricks, Videos, and How-To’s

Owning a trampoline allows you to put your body through an actual workout while you are having fun. One of the best things about trampolines is that you can do so many fun, cool trampoline tricks on them. Even those of us who manage to trip over our own two feet can be graceful enough to do high jumps. And flips with ease while playing around on a trampoline.

There are tons of tricks that you can perform on a trampoline. That don’t require any prior skills or much practice. You can find how-to’s online that explain tricks for beginners and experts alike. You don’t have to be a professional gymnast to master these fun and exciting cool trampoline tricks. But it is important to stay safe while you are practicing.

Use Safety Gears When Doing Cool Trampoline Tricks

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Always use a trampoline with a safety net and padding, especially if you are new to performing tricks. And don’t try anything that appears to be far too dangerous such as jumping from an extremely high distance. As long as you take your time and use some common sense. You will be able to successfully achieve the coolest trampoline tricks found on the web.

Cool Trampoline Tricks for Beginners

cool trampoline tricks for beginners

If you are using a trampoline for the first time, congrats! You now have access to one of the coolest exercise products there is. As long as you use your new trampoline with safety in mind. You will be able to enjoy years of fun and eventually learn how to perform various tricks.

How To

It is advisable that all new trampoline users take their time and learn how to move around on the trampoline without fear. It can be intimidating at first because you may think that standing on a trampoline is similar to standing on a bed.

But a mattress is much more stable than a trampoline’s jump pad so you should first work on controlling your balance and learning how to simply walk around the mat.

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Next, you should learn how to safely bounce on the trampoline. You don’t have to do a high bounce at first, just try to jump like you would while standing on the solid ground to get a general idea of how the jump mat responds to your movement. Once you feel comfortable moving around and jumping on the trampoline, you can start practicing a simple trick known as the Double Bounce.

1. Double Bounce

The Double Bounce is one of the most popular trampoline tricks for beginners. You will need to have another individual on the trampoline with you to perform this trick. Make sure that you do not exceed the weight capacity for your trampoline by adding another jumper.

The trick involves you and your partner bouncing alternatively so that when you jump up, they jump down and vice versa. This activity is fun to try out and it can help new users to improve their balance.

2. Spin Your Body or A Cork

Spin Your Body or A Cork is a cool trampoline tricks

Another trick for beginners to try is to spin their body in the air while they are jumping. You will need to twist your body in one direction as much as possible while you are in the air. It can be difficult at first if you are not used to this type of movement but remember that if you fall you will only be landing on the trampoline mat, and you shouldn’t become injured. Spinning just half of your body is good for beginners. Once you are more confident, you can try to completely spin your body around for a 360-degree turn.

3. The Superman Trick

The Superman Trick as a cool trampoline tricks

The Superman Trick is slightly more advanced than the Double Bounce or Spins. With this trick, you get the chance to fly into the air by stretching your arms toward the body and slightly landing down on the pad. To avoid serious injuries, you will need to attempt to fall forward instead of vertically.

Cool Trampoline Tricks for Advanced Users

Once you become familiar with how the trampoline responds to your actions, and have achieved several simple tricks, you can move on to more advanced flips and spins. Remember to always put safety first when you are attempting these new moves and check to make sure your trampoline is in good condition without any flaws or defective parts before you proceed.

4. Front Flip

He is doing a Front Flip as a cool trampoline tricks

The front flip is similar to the Superman trick. It requires you to catch your arms as you jump up into the air. The difference is that you need to flip your body while you keep your legs in the front and your head to the back. It is possible to add in more moves once you feel comfortable doing a front flip. You could try spinning on your knees instead of spinning with your feet for a unique twist.

Here are 10 trampoline tricks to try.

And here’s another video about how to safely work your way up to the more advanced cool trampoline tricks.

Trampoline Safety Tips to Remember

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Always follow the safety tips that are listed in your trampoline user manual before you attempt any tricks. Make sure that your jump mat, padding and safety enclosure net are all in good condition, and follow the guidelines for age or weight restrictions. Pace yourself and practice new tricks without anyone else on the mat with you to avoid accidents or injuries.

Best Inflatable Trampoline for Toddlers

The 8 Best Inflatable Trampolines

Inflatable Trampoline for Toddlers

A trampoline can be a great addition to your backyard. Aside from being a fun toy for children of all ages. It also provides a way for the entire family to get plenty of exercise without even trying. There are many different types of trampolines available from simple indoor trampolines used for workout sessions. To those designed exclusively for small children to use, one is an inflatable trampoline.

When it comes to the best trampolines for toddlers and preschoolers, inflatable trampolines are a great option to consider.

What are Inflatable Trampolines?

Inflatable trampolines are designed with kids in mind and create a fun-filled oasis in your backyard. These setups are often very large and colorful, and some are even designed to use inside a pool to create a unique water trampoline.

Features for the Best Inflatable Trampoline

An inflatable trampoline is like a regular backyard trampoline. The frame is from inflatable PVC material. There are also no springs on these trampolines. And you jump using the air mattress on the inside. Water trampolines are designed the same except they have ropes to anchor them while in the pool. They also have handled in place for security.

Many people choose to rent inflatable trampolines for birthday parties and other special events. They are available in a wide range of sizes. And some are so large that you would only want to have them up temporarily. However, you can also find inflatable trampolines that are just the right size to place in your yard for everyday play.

Plenty of parents recommend these trampolines for toddlers. Because they are considered much safer than traditional trampolines. And they are available in fun, colorful designs that appeal to younger kids.

The Best Inflatable Trampolines and "Water Parks" Currently Available 

Here are some of the best inflatable trampolines for young children rated by customers who own them.

8 Best Inflatable Trampolines and Water Parks Comparison Table




Our Rating


Blast Zone Crocodile Isle Inflatable Water Park 

Blast Zone Crocodile Isle Inflatable Water Park inflatable trampoline

easily inflate within two minutes

Intex Jump-O-Lene Transparent Ring Inflatable Bouncer

Intex Jump-O-Lene Transparent Ring Inflatable Bouncer is one of the inflatable trampoline for kids

great choice for small children between the ages of 3 and 6 years

Intex Playhouse Jump-O-Lene Inflatable Bouncer 

 Intex Playhouse Jump-O-Lene Inflatable Bouncer or Inflatable trampoline

made from strong and durable materials

Banzai Mega Bounce Trampoline 

Banzai Mega Bounce Inflatable Trampoline

a great option for young and older kids

BouncePro Superdome Trampoline and Bouncer Inflated Air Bounce 

BouncePro Superdome Trampoline and Bouncer Inflated Air Bounce

patented SteelFlex enclosure system

My Bouncer Little Castle Bounce Ball Pit Popper

My Bouncer Little Castle Bounce Ball Pit Popper

a non-toxic, puncture-resistant nylon material

Blast Zone Misty Kingdom Inflatable Bouncer & Water Park 

Blast Zone Misty Kingdom Inflatable Bouncer & Water Park inflatable trampoline

product comes with a Premiere Quality Guarantee

Blast Zone Big Ol’ Bouncer Inflatable Moonwalk 

 Blast Zone Big Ol’ Bouncer Inflatable Moonwalk

inflates in seconds

Here's Our Full Reviews Of
The 8 Best Inflatable Trampolines and Water Parks 

1. Blast Zone Crocodile Isle Inflatable Water Park 

Blast Zone Crocodile Isle Inflatable Water Park inflatable trampoline

One of the best things about the Blast Zone Crocodile Isle Inflatable Water Park is that it takes less time to inflate fully than the others mentioned here. It can easily inflate within two minutes, giving your children more time to play. The vibrant green play area looks great sitting in the backyard and is very inviting on a hot summer day.

This trampoline and water park are large enough for five children to play at once. It sprays water using a blower to keep kids entertained all throughout the summer. Features include two water slides, a climbing area, and a large pool area that can be filled with plastic balls when it is not being used as a swimming pool.

It measures approximately 14’ x 22’ x 8’. The deflated size of this inflatable play area is similar to a rolled up sleeping bag.


  • it takes less time to inflate fully
  • great sitting in the backyard
  • large enough for five children


  • ban
    blower is not included



Our Rating



2. Intex Jump-O-Lene Transparent Ring Inflatable Bouncer

Intex Jump-O-Lene Transparent Ring Inflatable Bouncer is one of the inflatable trampoline for kids

The bright and colorful Intex Jump-O-Lene Transparent Ring Inflatable Bouncer is a great choice for small children between the ages of 3 and 6 years. This rainbow themed trampoline features twelve colored balls that roll around the top as little ones bounce and play. There are transparent sides that help parents keep an eye on the kids at all times.

There is also a crawl-through door that makes entering and exiting the bouncer easy. This strong and durable trampoline includes a repair patch kit for quick fixes. If you don’t want to use it as a trampoline, you can always convert it into a ball pit by adding plastic balls, sold separately.

This product is recommended for kids between 36 months and 6 years of age. It can support up to 120 lbs.


  • for small children between 3-6 years of age
  • features twelve colored balls
  • It can support up to 120 lbs


  • it leaks when overused



Our Rating

Great Choice for Kids


3. Intex Playhouse Jump-O-Lene Inflatable Bouncer

 Intex Playhouse Jump-O-Lene Inflatable Bouncer or Inflatable trampoline

Unlike the transparent round bouncer also sold by Intex, this Jump-O-Lene Inflatable Bouncer is square-shaped and provides slightly more room than the ring bouncer. This brightly colored trampoline is ideal for jumping and playing outdoors. It can be used as an inflatable trampoline, a ball pit, or a playhouse.

There is a large crawl door which makes it easy for kids to get in or out on their own. The Jump-O-Lene is made from strong and durable materials and features reinforced net sidewalls that offer a safe enclosed play area for your kids.

The inflated floor and high side walls make the bouncing platform perfect for toddlers and preschoolers to play on. The maximum weight capacity for this Jump-O-Lene is 120 lbs. This product is recommended for children ages 3 to 6 years. The inflated dimensions are 68-1/2” L x 68-1/2” W x 44” H.


  • provides more room than the ring bouncer
  • 120 lbs. maximum weight capacity
  • recommended for children ages 3 to 6 years


  • easily leaks

Here's A Video About "Intex Playhouse Jump-O-Lene Inflatable Bouncer Installation and Play Time with Liam and Taylor"



Our Rating

Good Buy


4. Banzai Mega Bounce Trampoline 

Banzai Mega Bounce Inflatable Trampoline

The Banzai Mega Bounce Trampoline is a great option for young and older kids. This large inflatable measures approximately 96"L x 96"W x 68"H. It is designed with an incredibly strong polypropylene jumping net and knotting system.

The trampoline features UV resistant material so that it can stay outdoors without having to take it down each time it is used. The strong and durable construction of this toy makes it a great choice for households with plenty of kids.

This product is recommended for children between the ages of 36 months and 15 years. It has a weight limit of 200 lbs.


  • designed with an incredibly strong polypropylene jumping net and knotting system
  • features UV resistant material
  •  recommended for children between the ages of 36 months and 15 years


  • Hard to inflate



Our Rating

Great Toy


5. BouncePro Superdome Trampoline and Bouncer
Inflated Air Bounce 

BouncePro Superdome Trampoline and Bouncer Inflated Air Bounce

The BouncePro Superdome is a gigantic bounce house that is perfect for encouraging kids to go outside and play. It comes complete with a trampoline jump mat and an inflated nylon air bouncer, which makes it great for both younger and older kids.

The 8’ trampoline mat is surrounded by an inflatable ring, and the total jumping diameter is 16 feet. The frame and legs for this trampoline are made from high-quality galvanized steel that is rust-resistant.

Your kids will stay safe while jumping inside this trampoline thanks to the patented SteelFlex enclosure system. The BouncePro SuperDome includes an air blower for easy setup.


  • frame and legs are rust-resistant
  • includes an air blower for easy setup
  • surrounded by an inflatable ring


  • Longer hours to inflate



Our Rating



6. My Bouncer Little Castle Bounce Ball Pit Popper 

My Bouncer Little Castle Bounce Ball Pit Popper

The My Bouncer Little Castle makes a fun, colorful addition to your backyard. It is a non-toxic, puncture-resistant nylon material. It's durable enough to withstand daily use.

The My Bouncer Little Castle is perfect for use both indoors and outdoors. The bouncy area measures 50” x 50” and is capable of supporting two kids at the maximum weight of 75 lbs. Each. The bouncer and ball pit’s material is in five brilliant colors that will invite toddlers and preschoolers in to play. It is easy to set up and transport from one area to the next. Inflation time takes only 60 seconds.

You can deflate the bouncer, and have it packed away in less than 2 minutes. Each My Bouncer Little Castle includes a blower, storage bag, ground stakes and a repair patch kit. It may also be used as a ball pit; plastic balls are sold separately.


  • It is a non-toxic, puncture-resistant nylon material
  • easy to set up and transport
  • Inflation time takes only 60 seconds


  • Deflate when blower will not attach



Our Rating



7. Blast Zone Misty Kingdom Inflatable Bouncer & Water Park 

Blast Zone Misty Kingdom Inflatable Bouncer & Water Park inflatable trampoline

The large Blast Zone Misty Kingdom is a great solution to boredom. Kids will love playing on this, shows as a water park. You can add plastic balls to the swimming areas and transform it into a large inflatable ball pit.

The brightly colored Blast Zone Misty Kingdom measures approximately 14 x 13 x 9H. And can occupy five kids at once. An air blower is included to make set-up a breeze and inflate time takes less than 2 minutes. Once the bouncer is deflated, it can be folded into the size of a rolled up sleeping bag.

This includes a slide, trampoline area, climbing area, splash pad and ball pit. This product is made from premium materials such as high-strength x-Weave and commercial-grade vinyl for ultimate durability.

This Blast Zone product comes with a Premiere Quality Guarantee. And you can count on US-based customer support for assistance.


  • shows as a water park
  • made from premium materials
  • inflate time takes less than 2 minutes


  • When the blower will off it will deflate



Our Rating

Durable and Safe Products


8. Blast Zone Big Ol’ Bouncer Inflatable Moonwalk 

 Blast Zone Big Ol’ Bouncer Inflatable Moonwalk

The Blast Zone Big Ol’ Bouncer Inflatable Moonwalk is one of the largest bounce houses that you can buy. This bouncer measures 12W x 15D x 7H and inflates in seconds thanks to the added blower. The max user weight for this bounce house is 100 lbs. and the max total weight is 600 lbs.

It is made of strong and durable materials and the jump area is completely enclosed for added safety. The Big Ol’ Bouncer offers twice the bounce of an 8’ jumper and is perfect for birthday parties or neighborhood barbecues.

The safe slope slide allows users for easy access inside and the bright blue and green material makes this bouncer a great piece to add to your backyard.


  • inflates in seconds
  • safe slope slide
  • measures 12W x 15D x 7H


  • The tight opening is somewhat difficult for getting in/out.



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Things to Consider Before Buying an Inflatable Trampoline

There are several things that you will need to consider before buying an inflatable trampoline.

Check The Area

Including the environment to be set up in. There should be no sharp objects in the area that you place your inflatable trampoline. Anything that is sharp enough to puncture the material will also deflate it. Although most inflatable trampolines include a patch kit, they aren’t always effective. Plus, you don’t want to constantly apply them to the material and rely on them to keep your trampoline inflated. The best place to set up your inflatable trampoline is an open area in your backyard where there are no intrusions in sight.

Keep Pets Away

It is also important that you keep all pets away from your trampoline. You may not think that they will cause any severe damage. But their claws could poke a hole into the material and cause the trampoline to quickly deflate. Cats and dogs can rip large holes into the lining and cause serious damage in a matter of seconds. Therefore, you should always keep your pets away from these products.

Have Properly Inflated Trampoline Before Use

And finally, you should always make sure that you have properly inflated your trampoline before it is used. If there is not enough air, or if it is too much, you could end up busting the liner.

To prevent this problem from occurring. Read the instructions and make sure that you know how to fill up the trampoline correctly before you begin. You can also watch the inflation levels to guarantee they are accurate. Doing so will help you keep your inflatable trampoline in great condition for years.

How to Set Up an Inflatable Trampoline

Before you set up your inflatable trampoline, you will need to locate a good flat area such as soft grass. It’s important that you do not set up your trampoline on cement. Since it will increase the risk of injury.

Once you have found the best place to set up your trampoline. Lay it out flat and make sure the top is smooth.

Pump The Trampoline Full of Air

The next step is to pump the trampoline full of air. If you are renting an inflatable trampoline. Make sure that the air pump works before you sign any paperwork or pay any fees. If you purchased an inflatable trampoline. It should come with its air pump that is either manual or automatic. For larger trampolines, the pumps will usually be automatic.

Be sure to read the instructions if you are unsure. The pump will connect securely to the air passage on the trampoline and begin filling it with air.

For most larger inflatable trampolines, it will take around three hours to inflate fully. Smaller options will take less time. The instruction manual will let you know an approximate time frame for the inflation process.

To deflate the trampoline for storage. You reverse the process by releasing the air, folding it up, and placing it back in its storage case.

Is an Inflatable Trampoline the Best Choice for You?

Inflatable trampolines can be a lot of fun for kids of all ages, but if you only plan to use one for special occasions, you would benefit more from renting an inflatable trampoline than buying one. These play areas are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. However, there are many which are very large and may not fit into your home easily.

This type of trampoline provides young children with a fun and space place to play. And some include special features for climbing or sliding. Be sure to check out our suggestions for the best inflatable trampolines on the market if you are looking for a way to encourage your child to be more physically active.

toddler ball pit- toddler with a big smile playing in the ball pit

The Best Toddler Ball Pit

toddler ball pit- toddler with a big smile playing in the ball pit

Encouraging your kids to play outside can be a struggle these days. With screen time taking up so much of playtime, even for toddlers, children are getting less physical activity now than ever before. If you are concerned about your child’s level of active play and want to provide them with some fun outdoor options, a toddlerball pit is a great place to start.

Top 10 Toddler Ball Pits Comparison Table



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Truedays Kids Playhouse Tent 

toddler ball pit -  Truedays Kids Outdoor Indoor Fun Play Big Tent Playhouse

Hexagon Pop Up Ball Pit Tent 

toddler ball pit -  Hexagon Pop Up Ball Pit Tent

Fisher-Price Train Inflatable Ball Pit 

toddler ball pit - Fisher-Price Train Inflatable Ball Pit

Bestway Helicopter UP IN & OVER Ball Pit 

toddler ball pit  -  UP IN & OVER Inflatable Helicopter Ball Pit

Playz 3pc. Rocket Ship Astronaut Ball Pit 

toddler ball pit - Playz 3pc Rocket Ship Astronaut Kids Play Tent, Tunnel, & Ball Pit

My Bouncer Little Castle

toddler ball pit -  My Bouncer Little Castle Bounce Ball Pit Popper

Utex Pop-Up Kids Tent

toddler ball pit - UTEX 4 in 1 Pop Up Kids Play Tent Tunnel Ball Pit

eWonderWorld Twist Play Ball Pit 

toddler ball pit -  eWonderWorld Six Sided Hexagon Twist Play Tent

Kuuqa Kids Ball Pit

toddler ball pit  -  KUUQA Kids Ball Pit Ball Tent Toddler Ball Pit

 EocuSun Kids Ball Pit 

toddler ball pit -  EocuSun Kids Ball Pit Large Pop Up Toddler Ball Pits Tent

The Top 10 Toddler Ball Pits 

There are many different types of toddler ball pits available that range in price and quality. When buying one of these items, you want to find a product that is strong and durable enough to withstand years of use.

There are some ball pits that will grow with your child so that you don’t have to buy a replacement once they pass their toddler years. Some are strictly for indoor use while others can be used both indoors and outdoors.

To help you narrow down your choices and decide which toddler ball pit is the best option for you and your family, here are the top 10 best-selling products in this category.

Truedays Kids Playhouse Tent 

toddler ball pit -  Truedays Kids Outdoor Indoor Fun Play Big Tent Playhouse

If you need a large ball pit for multiple kids or playdates, the Truedays Kids Playhouse Tent is a great option. This tent is the largest outdoor/indoor play tent and ball pit currently available. It measures 55.1″x 47.2″x 47.2″ and features Velcro door closure and two tunnel ports for exploring.

The large ball pit is designed to withstand weight from the impact. It has a waterproof floor and a shock-corded PU coated pole system for added stability. The product is easy to assemble and open for use. It offers a large and safe place for your little ones to play whether it is indoors or outdoors.


  • Awesome cute little house
  • ​Easy setup/takedown
  • Big enough for both kids. 


  • Not a windy day playhouse.



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Hexagon Pop Up Ball Pit Tent 

toddler ball pit -  Hexagon Pop Up Ball Pit Tent

The Hexagon Pop Up Ball Pit Tent has plenty of room inside for your child to move around and play. It is 30” tall and more than 4 feet wide. There is a large entrance that makes it easy for your toddler to crawl in and out, and there are 5 mesh windows for breathability.

This ball pit is easy to set up and conveniently folds flat for storage in the included zipper bag. It is made from a high-quality polyester material that can withstand plenty of wear and tear.


  • This was a great buy
  • LOVE this ball pit!
  • Looks larger than picture! Easy to fold and compact when folded.


  • This only lasted 6 weeks before the edges started tearing



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Fisher-Price Train Inflatable Ball Pit 

toddler ball pit - Fisher-Price Train Inflatable Ball Pit

The Fisher-Price Train Inflatable Ball Pit is a bright and colorful option for kids with active imaginations. This fun inflatable is shaped like a train’s engine and offers plenty of features for exciting indoor or outdoor play. It is easy to set up within minutes and deflates quickly once playtime is over.

The train ball pit includes 25 plastic, PVC-free, and Phthalate-free balls. It is ideal for use by kids that are ages 2 and up.


  • Nice size for mommy and baby
  • The train is wonderful!


  • Good but has a hole.
  • Had Hole in Top Canopy!!



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Bestway Helicopter UP IN & OVER Ball Pit 

toddler ball pit  -  UP IN & OVER Inflatable Helicopter Ball Pit

The unique design of the Bestway Helicopter UP IN & OVER Ball Pit is sure to catch your attention. Your child will love playing inside the spacious ball pit and pretend they are flying high in the sky in this helicopter shaped inflatable.

Kids ages 2 years and up can enjoy this toy that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It measures 52″ x 31″ x 27″ and comes with 50 non-PVC and Phthalate-free balls.


  • Great Ball Pit
  • The best inflatable.
  • It’s a perfect size.


  • Its perfect if you get the extra ball set, but if you don’t you will probably regret it.



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Playz 3pc. Rocket Ship Astronaut Ball Pit 

toddler ball pit - Playz 3pc Rocket Ship Astronaut Kids Play Tent, Tunnel, & Ball Pit

The Playz 3pc. Rocket Ship Astronaut Ball Pit is a great choice for children who need more options for active play. This creative spaceship designed ball pit offers plenty of opportunities for your child to make belief. The set includes a castle tent, crawl tunnel, and a basketball pit with a hoop.

Each piece can be used together or separately for multiple playtime activities. This toy kit is approved by the USA CPSC Toy Safety Guidelines and it is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It is portable, durable, and easy to assemble. Fold it up and store it away in the included storage bag once playtime is over.


  • Well-made, sturdy, and huge! kids will love it
  • This is a nice large three piece playset for toddler and kid


  • Some comments says that it was Damaged from the first use.



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My Bouncer Little Castle

toddler ball pit -  My Bouncer Little Castle Bounce Ball Pit Popper

The My Bouncer Little Castle is one of the best toddler ball pits available. It comes with 500 colorful balls and an easy to assemble inflatable house that is ready to play on within minutes. The house is made from the same material used for tents, making a strong and durable product. The fabric is torn and puncture resistant. It is also free for lead, BFA, Phthalate, and PVC.

This bouncy castle can be used both indoors and outdoors. It includes a blower pump for a quick and easy set-up. It also includes a storage bag and instructions. It is lightweight and easy to carry around from one location to another. The castle measures 100″D x 118″ W x 72″H when assembled.

The My Bouncer Little Castle can support up to 2 kids safely and there is no weight limit.


  • The kids love the bouncy castle
  • Noisy but worth it and decent size for the price


  • Designers didn’t anticipate.The hole is just large enough  to squeeze a child head through.



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Utex Pop-Up Kids Tent

toddler ball pit - UTEX 4 in 1 Pop Up Kids Play Tent Tunnel Ball Pit

The Utex Pop-Up Kid’s Tent is a 3-in-1 play area that any toddler will enjoy. The play tent includes a tunnel and ball pit that is great for babies and toddlers. It is designed to be used both indoors and outdoors, and it folds up easily once playtime is over.

This pop-up tent is made from strong and durable polyester fabric that is resistant to wear and tear. The two main pieces may be used together or separately for even more creative play. This toddler ball pit and play tent include a lightweight zipper storage bag for easy transport.


  • The kids love this! It is really large and requires space if you want to set it all up at once.
  • Perfect gift for toddlers


  • VERY large so this wouldn’t work well for a small room.



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eWonderWorld Twist Play Ball Pit 

toddler ball pit -  eWonderWorld Six Sided Hexagon Twist Play Tent

The eWonderWorld Twist Play Ball Pit is a great choice for those energetic toddlers who need a fun and safe place to play. The hexagonal ball pit includes a storage bag for easy portability, but it does not come with any balls.

The best feature for this play ball pit is the added safety meshing for visibility purposes. The Twist Play Ball Pit uses twist technology that allows you to set it up easily in seconds. It measures 46″ L x 39″ W x 38″ H and features three openings for your child to crawl through.


  • Larger than expected and an instant hit
  • Great fun for kids of all ages
  • Best ball pit EVER!


  • Would be a bit better if you have a method for keeping it upright and keep it from folding in on itself.



Our Rating​


Kuuqa Kids Ball Pit

toddler ball pit  -  KUUQA Kids Ball Pit Ball Tent Toddler Ball Pit

The Kuuqa Kids Ball Pit has a colorful display and features a fun hexagon shape. It is a great choice for infants and toddlers based on its size and the vibrant colors. The ball pit is more of a playpen made from strong polyester fabric. It remains stable thanks to the high-strength memory steel holder.

The material for this ball pit is waterproof and easy to care for. It can be folded once playtime is over and stored conveniently. This ball pit is great for both indoor and outdoor use. The only drawback is that the balls are sold separately. However, the playpen is very affordable.


  • It’s even better than I expected
  • Fun for everyone!


  • Should have a SAFETY HAZARD! Broken sharp wire!!
  • Tiny and Flimsy. Nothing impressiy.



Our Rating​


EocuSun Kids Ball Pit 

toddler ball pit -  EocuSun Kids Ball Pit Large Pop Up Toddler Ball Pits Tent

This fun and spacious toddler ball pit is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. It includes a polka dot tent house, tunnel and a ball pit all in one package. The 3 pc. play area creates a fun place for your toddler to roam around and explore. It can also assist with fine motor skills and improve hand-eye coordination.

Each piece of the EocuSun Kids Ball Pit may be used separately, which provides a variety of playtime activities for your little one to take part in. The fabric for this kid’s tent and ball pit is eco-friendly, soft, non-toxic, and odorless. It has a breathable mesh design so that you can watch your child as they play inside. It is mosquito proof and comes with its own zipper storage case.


  • Used 400 balls to fill it to a good level. 
  • Perfect size
  • ​Great little ball pit!


  • Spills easily



Our Rating​


Why Parents Should Buy a Toddler Ball Pit 

Children of all ages love to play on inflatable bouncy castles and inside of ball pits. Adding a brightly-colored toddler ball pit to your backyard is sure to lure your little ones outside this summer for hours of active play. These products are great to have for birthday parties and other special events. But they can also be used on a daily basis any time your child needs to burn off some energy.

Ball pits range in shapes and sizes, and there are even some small enough to fit inside of a bedroom or playroom. While you may be more inclined to buy an outdoor version, an indoor toddler ball pit is a good option for year-round play, allowing your child to have fun regardless of what the weather is like outside.

The Benefits of a Toddler Ball Pit 

Aside from giving parents a break from their active toddlers, a ball pit has many excellent advantages that can help your child more ways than one. Ball pits offer a fun and colorful way to help toddlers grow physically and mentally.

This safe and effective toy can improve a child’s sensory-motor functions, allow them to develop depth perception, and helps little ones explore their body equilibrium which is important for their physical growth. Ball pits are even helpful in assisting with color and pattern recognition.

Important Things to Consider When Buying a Ball Pit for your Toddler 

Now that you know what types of ball pits are out there, it is time to learn more about the important factors to consider when buying a toddler ball pit.

toddler ball pit-kids in the ball pit

Age and Weight Limits

Toddler ball pits are designed for smaller children in mind. While there are some that can withstand the weight and active use of an older child, most of these are made exclusively for infants and toddlers. Therefore, you should always check age and weight limits when buying a ball pit to determine how much use you will get out of the product.

Add-Ons and Features

Are you hoping to buy a simple ball pit or something more elaborate that will keep your kids busy throughout the day? There are all types of toddler ball pits available from basic models to those with multiple pieces that can be connected to create a large play area. You can find ball pits with add-ons such as basketball hoops, tunnels, slides and more.

Not Every Ball Pit Will Include Balls

It may seem strange that the main component of a ball pit isn’t included with many popular models. But there are several high-quality pits that don’t include any of the necessary plastic balls to make you’re set up complete. Fortunately, you can purchase plastic PVC-free balls separately which can be useful if you purchased a pit by itself or would like to add more balls to your child’s current set up.

Ease of Use

Are you interested in buying a ball pit that will remain in one place most of the time, or do you need something that can easily fold away for storage after use? Will the ball pit be used exclusively indoors, or do you want the option to use it both inside and outside?

Before buying a ball pit for your toddler, you should ask yourself these questions. Doing so will help you find the right toddler ball pit that is easy to set up, easy to store, and capable of both indoor and outdoor use.


You should also be concerned about the materials the ball pit is made up of. Choose a product that is made from high-quality, non-toxic materials and one that is resistant to usual wear and tear. If you have more than one child, you will want to get as much use out of the ball pit as you can.

So, choosing one that can withstand years of use is a great option. Other factors to look for concerning the material include choosing a ball pit that is BPA-free and certified safe for small children to use.

Choosing the Right Toddler Ball Pit for Your Child

Toddler ball pits offer small children a fun and exciting way to take part in more x each day. These colorful play areas can help with fine motor skills, pattern and color recognition, and even social skills. Ball pits are available for both indoor and outdoor use, and the best products are designed to withstand the usual wear and tear you would expect from active play.

While the ball pits mentioned in this article are considered safe for the recommended age group, it is important to always supervise your child while they are playing in a ball pit to prevent accidents or injuries.

4 trampoline anchors

How To Tie Down Trampoline With Trampoline Anchors

set of trampoline anchors

A trampoline is one of the best backyard products you can buy together with the trampoline anchors. They’re a fun way to keep you and your whole family in shape while providing hours of entertainment. They aren’t exactly cheap. However, they do require maintenance. The elements can really wreak havoc on your trampoline, so you’ll want to protect your investment as best you can.

Did you know that your trampoline could tip over or even blow away during a storm? This could easily cause damage to your house or the property of your neighbors’. You don’t want that. So how can you ensure that your trampoline is safe and secure? Tie it down with trampoline anchors. These handy products ensure your backyard bouncy castle is safe from the elements, so you can rest easy when the weather rolls around. Confused about trampoline anchors are and how to use them? We’ll go over that.

You don’t have to worry about choosing the best one, either. We’ve done the research for you and compiled a list of the top 3 anchor kits on the market.

Comparison Table

What exactly is a trampoline anchor kit?

set of trampoline anchors with straps

Usually, a kit consists of four tie-down straps and four stakes, also known as augers. The stakes are inserted into the ground to “anchor” the trampoline to the earth. The best ones are spiraled like screws, as this helps hold the trampoline in place better.

Heavy-duty straps connect your trampoline to the stakes in the ground, effectively tying it down. When the wind picks up, the whole kit and caboodle keep your trampoline safe and sound.

So which anchor kit is the best one?

Top 3 Trampoline Anchors on the Market

Check out our top picks for the best trampoline anchors on the market. These kits will ensure you have solid protection for your investment.

1. SkyBound Heavy Duty Trampoline Anchor Kit

SkyBound Heavy Duty Trampoline Anchor Kit - Set of 4
  • Set of 4 heavy duty, Black cork-screw steel stakes
  • The steel cork-screw anchors twist deep into the ground for the highest level of...
  • Sky bound's trampoline anchor kits help protect your trampoline during stormy/windy...

The SkyBound anchor kit is one of the most highly-reviewed on the market.

These four corkscrew stakes are about 15 inches long. The length of the screws ensures that stronger winds won’t pull the trampoline out of place, while keeping the anchor easy to install and use.

The augers are made of coated black steel, making them extra tough against the elements. The heavy-duty nylon tie-downs are 8 feet long, so you know you’ll have the length you need to anchor your trampoline securely.

The straps have metal buckles on them, allowing them to be tightened and loosened easily. Customers loved the simplicity and solidity of this simple kit.

The price is very reasonable. Remember, you’re spending this money to protect a much more expensive investment — so don’t be afraid to buy.

2. JumpSport Trampoline Anchor Set

JumpSport Trampoline Anchor Kit
  • 4 straps and 4 anchors secure your trampoline safely to the ground
  • Helps prevent strong winds from moving your trampoline
  • Lets you securely anchor your trampoline to the ground

The JumpSport trampoline anchor kit was a favorite among customers.

Like the SkyBound, the Jumpsport comes with four straps and four screws to use as anchors in the ground.

This easy-to-use system really packs a surprising punch when it comes to functionality. One customer even reported the kit held strong in 80 to 95 MPH winds. That’s edging up into hurricane territory, so you know this kit is ready to keep your investment safe.

This kit is well worth the money. Those living in or near areas that have frequent tornadoes and hurricanes should definitely consider buying this product.

It could save you hundreds of dollars on a replacement trampoline, or thousands of dollars in property damage.

3. Cajun Tie-Downs Trampoline Anchor Kit

Skywalker Trampolines Wind Stakes – 4 Pack
  • Fits any trampoline with leg diameter up to 2"
  • Made of weather-resistant galvanized steel
  • Helps stabilize trampoline during storms or strong wind

The Cajun Tie-Down anchor kit is another solid kit that customers highly approved of.

The straps are strong and sturdy, made of 100 percent polypropylene webbing with UV protection. These straps aren’t going anywhere, nor will they rot during the rainy season.

Buckles allow for easy tightening, and reviews stated that this product is simple to install.

This is a very affordable kit. Customers reported it holds up very well during winds and works well for all types of trampolines.

Tips for Installing Trampoline Anchors

installing a trampoline anchor

These tips to make installing trampoline anchors a breeze:

  • Wet the ground first. This will make it easier to push the augers in. Once the ground dries, it will be even more secure.
  • Find out the measurements of your trampoline before buying. Unless you have a sunken trampoline, you’ll need longer straps to reach the ground.
  • Make sure to install your trampoline anchor kit during good weather. If you think a storm is coming fast, it may be best to put the trampoline in your garage instead of trying to install the anchor kit as quickly as possible. You don’t want to be caught in a potentially dangerous storm.

Here's A Relevant Video From YouTube:

Trampoline Anchors Increase Safety and Peace of Mind

trampoline anchor set up properly

There’s nothing worse than fretting about potential property loss and damage during a storm. But you won’t have to worry if you take the proper precautions.

By using trampoline anchors, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your trampoline (and your wallet) will live to jump for joy another day.

3 Workout Routines You Can Perform on a Trampoline

3 Workout Routines You Can Perform on a Trampoline

Trampolines are fantastic for high-intensity, low-impact workout routines thanks to all the springs and cushioning. As long as you land safely, trampolines are one of the best ways to protect your body while still moving vigorously. Here are the three workout routines we recommend.

On general principles, though, take a few minutes to warm up before you start any of these routines. Trampoline workouts are intense, and it does help to prep your body beforehand. Similarly, be sure you can regularly get high into the air.

Many of the elements of these routines require significant airtime to pull off, so practice all of them before you begin the routine. Similarly, some of the jumps require a degree of flexibility to pull off. If you’re having trouble doing them, you may need to work on stretching and loosening your body first.

What’s This About Trampoline Sizes?

Trampoline workout routines use different types of trampolines. “Full” routines require the big, backyard-size trampolines, so chances are you can only do them outdoors. “Mini” routines use a much smaller trampoline you can use indoors or, in many cases, at your local gym.

Routine #1

This is our only recommended routine for full-size trampolines. It’s intense, requires practice, and demands flexibility – but it’s also a whole lot of fun.

Zupapa 15 14 12 FT TUV Approved Trampoline with Enclosure net and...
  • The 2019 newest upgraded Zupapa trampoline with the Safer Unique No-gap Jumping Mat...
  • The product total weight, box are NOT included, 15FT: 192 lbs. 14FT: 184 lbs. 12FT: 164...
  • All Zupapa trampolines get TUV certified. TUV Report Reference No. for Zupapa:...

Trampoline Size: Full

Step 1: Straight Jumps (30 Seconds, Rest 30 Seconds): While standing upright, raise your hands directly over your head and leap upwards. Keep your body upright and your arms above your head, landing straight down. This move requires practice and balance since you won’t be able to move your arms to adjust for wobbling.

Step 2: Seat Drop (30 Seconds, Rest 30 Seconds): Starting with your hands at your side, jump into the air and raise your hands so you can land on your rear. Your fingers should be pointed towards the edge of your feet. When you bounce back up, land on your feet.

Step 3: Tuck Jump (30 Seconds, Rest 30 Seconds): Begin in the same standing position as the previous technique. As you jump into the air, pull your knees into your torso and wrap your hands around your ankles to hold them in place for a moment. Land in a standing position with your arms straight up. This takes a bit more practice than some of the other moves in this routine.

Step 4: Pike Jump (30 Seconds, Rest 30 Seconds): Start in the normal beginning position this routine’s been using. As you jump up, move your legs parallel to the ground and reach toward them with your hands. Land back in the starting position. Like the Tuck Jump, this can take some practice before you can consistently pull it off.

Step 5: Swivel Hips (30 Seconds, Rest 30 Seconds): From the standing position, jump into the air, then stick your legs out and land on your rear. When you rise into the air, twist your entire body 180 degrees so you’re facing the opposite direction, then bounce back into the starting position. If you can bounce well, you may be able to keep changing directions through hip movements, but that’s not required.

Step 6: Straddle Jump (30 Seconds, Rest 30 Seconds): From the starting position, jump up and spread your legs so they make a 90 degree ‘V’ shape. They should also end up parallel to the ground. At the same time, reach towards your feet as best you can. Land in the starting position.

Step 7: Jumping Jacks (30 Seconds, Rest 30 Seconds): The last few require a lot of practice and effort, but this one is easy! Jump into the air, and as you do so, spread your legs and clap your hands above your head. Land in the starting position and bounce back up to repeat the movement.

Step 8: The Twist (30 Seconds, Rest 30 Seconds): Finally, the last part of this workout involves spinning around as you move up through the air. Start with a half-turn until you’re used to the motion, then progress to a full revolution each time you rise into the air. Like Jumping Jacks, this isn’t very hard – but it does take some practice to get used to it and remain oriented as you land.

Repeat these eight steps, then take a few minutes to cool down and relax by lightly bouncing on the trampoline. Congrats, you’re done!

Routine #2

This is a straightforward basic workout for a smaller trampoline. It’s more popular among women, but everyone can benefit from the sequence listed below.

Marcy Trampoline Cardio Trainer with Handle ASG-40

Check Price

Trampoline Size: Mini

Step 1: Stand on your trampoline, with your feet about half a foot apart. You’re not looking for a lot of height here, so keeping your feet apart helps provide balance instead. Next, bend your knees and your arms, keeping your elbows close, and start to bounce on the trampoline. You shouldn’t go any higher than the distance between your feet.

Do this thirty times to complete this portion of the routine. It may not be fancy, but the basic bounce on a miniature trampoline is a great way to burn calories.

Step 2: Get into the same starting position as Step 1. Instead of just jumping, though, start to bounce on the balls of your feet. At the same time, raise your knees to your waist in an alternating left-right pattern. Do this thirty times for each leg, giving a total of sixty lifts.

Step 3: Stand up straight, with your feet together (not apart like in the previous steps) and your hands at your side. When you jump, spread your feet out to your shoulders and land on your feet in a sitting position. Don’t go all the way down and land on your rear. Return to your starting position on the rebound and repeat 20 times.

After a short breather, repeat all three steps, then once more for a total of three cycles through. It only takes a few minutes, but you’ll burn far more calories than you may have realized were possible.

alternative workout for smaller trampolines

Photo credit to

Routine #3

Here’s an alternative workout for smaller trampolines. This one is more popular among men, especially those looking to build up their strength, but is suitable for everyone.

Stamina 38-Inch Intone Plus Rebounder
  • Large, durable heavy-duty polypropolene rebounding surface.
  • Two resistance tubes with foam padded handles for upper body strength training.
  • Motivational, multi-functional electronic fitness monitor tracks jumps per minute, workout...

Trampoline Size: Mini

Step 1: Do a few jumping jacks in the middle of your trampoline, then begin running in place. These should last for no more than a minute each – this step is just a warm-up for the rest of the routine.

Step 2: Sit down on the trampoline, then push upwards so you’re standing again – as fast as you can. While you’re standing, reach across your body (with alternating arms) to stretch out. This movement will help you strengthen your core. Do this 20 times.

Step 3: Put one foot in the middle of the trampoline and the other on the ground. With that foot that’s on the ground, push off and land on the other side of the trampoline, then go back the way you came. Do this for twenty seconds, then rest for ten seconds, and repeat three times for each leg.

Step 4: Get into a plank position with your feet on the floor and your elbows in the middle of your miniature trampoline. Switch to your hands for a pushup, then return to the plank position. Switch between pushups and planks for 20 seconds, then rest 10 seconds, and repeat this step three times. This will help to build the abs and upper body.

Between these steps, you’ll get a full workout of your core, upper body, and legs – and in only a few minutes, at that! This is a great routine if you’re low on time and want to do something intense.

workout for big trampolines

Photo credit to Top Comparisons

Safety Considerations

There are a few safety considerations to be aware of when using trampolines for your workouts.

Skywalker Trampolines 15-Foot Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline with Enclosure...

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First, if you’re using a full-size trampoline, you should always have a safety net around the enclosure. The routine is safe when done as directed, but if you land wrong, you could hurt yourself. This is one of the reasons you should thoroughly practice each step before including them in a workout routine.

Second, you should consider whether or not to get pads that wrap around the springs of your trampoline. These are an added cost – especially for a full-size trampoline – but they make it significantly less likely that you’ll hurt yourself if you land on the springs. Unfortunately, these may not be available if you’re using a trampoline at the gym.

Finally, if you’re going to have children mimic these workout routines, make sure to go over the safety information. This is particularly important for the first routine, which may look like play and stunts to a child who doesn’t know any better. If they start mimicking you without knowing what they’re doing, they could hurt themselves.

How to Keep Bad Weather from Damaging Your Outdoor Trampoline

How to Keep Bad Weather from Damaging Your Outdoor Trampoline

Trampolines are often the centerpiece of a backyard. They provide endless hours of healthy, active fun for children and parents alike. And, best of all, when guests are visiting they always want to spend time testing out the trampoline. In short, everybody likes a good bounce on the trampoline from time to time.

That is why it is such a shame when trampolines endure wear and tear due to bad weather. It is not uncommon for us to see trampolines left out in the rain without a protective skirt or tarp. It is also fairly common to see smaller trampolines unattached to the ground on which it sits. Clearly, there is a problem here.

If you want to enjoy your trampoline for years to come, it is important to take every precautionary measure to maintain it. Above all, this means guarding it against inclement weather. In most cases, your trampoline requires special treatment during winter months.

Do you want to find out how to protect your outdoor trampoline from high winds, snow storms, and other harsh weather conditions? Read on to discover everything there is to know about guarding your prized backyard possession against the elements.


Your Trampoline During the Winter

Trampoline During the Winter

Photo credit to YouTube

For those of us who have the pleasure of experiencing sub-zero temperatures during the winter season, specific steps must be taken to winterize your trampoline. Winterization ensures that your trampoline will be resistant to freezing temperatures and the accumulation of snow.

Most modern trampolines are built to withstand freezing temperatures. However, responsible trampoline owners must remove snow from the bounce mat at the first sign of its accumulation. As a rule, keep a shovel next to your trampoline during the winter months. After each snowfall, hop on the trampoline and clear away all of the white stuff before it has a chance to turn to ice.

Although routine snow removal might sound like a tedious chore for some, it is a small price to pay compared to the time it takes to disassemble and reassemble the trampoline as a whole. It is typically unnecessary to stow away a trampoline during the winter. However, summer-only trampolines tend to last a couple years longer than all-seasons trampolines.


Do I Need a Trampoline Cover?

Many trampoline owners cover their bounce mat with a tarp to protect it from snow accumulation. However, when it comes to preventing your trampoline from snow damage, there is no need to purchase a trampoline cover. In fact, covering your trampoline bounce mat with a tarp can even cause additional damages.

Propel Trampolines Trampoline Club House, Multicolor, 15'
  • Zippered privacy Entrance ties open or closed. Trampoline is not included
  • 3 screened windows with adjustable covers,Weather resistant walls protect play area
  • One piece Assembly drops-over and ties securely to enclosure posts and trampoline frame

Since the bounce mat (bouncing surface) of a trampoline is porous, snow will naturally seep through it as it begins to melt. This causes excess weight to run off of the bounce mat. This provides relief to the springs, which would otherwise strain under the weight of the snow as it accumulates.


Protecting Against the Wind

You should secure your trampoline to the ground if you live where wind conditions can become particularly harsh. Far too often we hear stories about trampolines of all sizes that fly on to a neighbor’s property during wind storms. An errant trampoline is something neither you nor your neighbor will appreciate.

Protecting Trampoline Against the Wind

Photo credit to

Tie Down Kits

The only way to reliably protect your trampoline against high winds is to purchase and install a tie-down kit. Tie down kits act as an anchor for your trampoline by rooting them into the earth. In most cases, anchoring your trampoline will minimize movement and structural damage caused by heavy winds.

Skywalker Trampolines Wind Stakes – 4 Pack
  • Fits any trampoline with leg diameter up to 2"
  • Made of weather-resistant galvanized steel
  • Helps stabilize trampoline during storms or strong wind

Wind Blocks

If the wind is not a major concern where you live, you may want to simply place your trampoline in a low-risk location. Generally, placing your trampoline next to a large tree or behind a wall is a good idea. This is because large objects can serve as an effective wind block. It can also help to place your trampoline at the bottom of a hill if you have that option.


Protecting Against the Rain

Protecting Trampoline Against the Rain

Photo credit to YouTube

During heavy rain conditions, we advise picking up a heavy-duty rain cover. The best rain covers are those that are made of polyethylene since this material is strong enough to resist significant pooling. Always make sure that your rain cover features a drainage hole in the center. This allows water to seep through onto the bounce mat without damaging the springs.

SkyBound Replacement Trampoline Mat with Spring Tool, 72 Rings & 147"...
  • This mat is 147 inches wide with 72 rings and is compatible with 14 foot diameter...
  • DURABLE: These trampoline mats feature heavy duty stitching, stronger rings, and UV...
  • MEASUREMENT: Ordering a replacement trampoline mat can be complicated. For help, watch...

Also, ensure that your trampoline rain cover is the correct size. Don’t overshoot it and assume that an oversized cover will get the job done. All this will do is make your rain cover droop and water to pool on top of it. An ideal rain cover should be stretched taut at all sides. The main purpose of a rain cover is to prevent your springs and frame from taking on rust damage.


Rustproofing Your Frame

Metallic frames and springs need to be protected from rust. Over time, rust damage can erode the durability of your springs and can cause structural failure if left untreated. Damage to trampoline springs can cause serious injury.

The best method of rustproofing a trampoline frame is to simply shield it with a tarp or rain cover. Ideally, all of the exposed metal components will be covered. Most higher-end trampolines have a steel frame that is naturally rust-repellent. However, trampoline springs are almost universally prone to rusting.

Trampoline Pro Jump Slammer Trampoline Basketball Hoop | Easy Install...
  • LIFETIME Parts Warranty - If it breaks we'll send parts or replace it at no cost to you!
  • DURABLE - Made of steel and the same material as your trampoline mat
  • FOAM BALL already included plus SAFETY flex rim provides a safer and more realistic play...

To rustproof your springs, you should always make sure the section where your bounce mat meets your frame (i.e. where the springs are housed) is protected by a trampoline skirt. Most family-sized trampolines are bundled with a circular blue skirt that wraps around the perimeter of the bounce mat and ties onto the metallic frame.

If you want to take even greater measures against rust buildup, you may want to consider purchasing rust-proof spray. A premium quality rust-proof spray can be purchased at your local hardware store. It contains active chemical ingredients, contained within an aerosol can, that can counteract the effects of water on steel.


How to Protect Your Trampoline During a Hurricane

How to Protect Your Trampoline During a Hurricane

Photo credit to

If you live near coastal areas, there’s a chance you will be exposed to a hurricane or tropical storm conditions. While nobody wants to imagine having to prepare to brace for a hurricane, it is important to know what to do in case disaster strikes.

First, check your local weather forecast. If meteorologists issue a weather warning for a potential hurricane or tropical storm, take action immediately. Hurricane-force winds can easily uproot large trampolines, even if they are anchored to the ground. If you suspect that a hurricane may be impounded, you must dismantle your trampoline and store it indoors.


Disassembling a Trampoline 101

Disassembling a Trampoline

Photo credit to YouTube

Tearing down a trampoline is a trampoline owner’s worst nightmare. The majority of commercial trampolines on the market today are a major hassle to set up and tear down. However, it is a plain fact that occasionally teardowns are made necessary due to extreme weather.

In the event of hurricane-force winds or severe flooding, an assembled trampoline can cause untold damage to yours or your neighbor’s property. Ask yourself, what’s worse: taking an hour out of your day to stow your trampoline, or paying thousands of dollars in insurance premiums after it crashes through your neighbor’s sliding glass doors?

Put simply, always veer on the side of caution. If you receive an emergency weather alert, do not hesitate to take down your trampoline. During difficult times, it will give you additional peace of mind and may potentially save you a lot of money in the long-run.


Tearing it Down

Consult your trampoline’s user manual to find out how to properly disassemble your trampoline. However, most trampolines can be taken down in the following steps:

  • Wearing a pair of gloves, pull each spring off of its hook
  • After removing a spring from one side, remove a spring from the opposite side and continue alternating accordingly
  • Store springs in a box, and then pull apart the frame at each joint
  • Once the frame is taken apart, store them together somewhere indoors
  • Lastly, roll the bounce mat into a cylinder and keep with the other materials


The Rundown

Now that we’re experts in trampoline maintenance, let’s run through some of the key takeaways. Rain or shine, following these simple rules, will allow you and your family to enjoy your trampoline for years to come.

  • Choose a strategic location for the trampoline; ideally, somewhere that is sheltered from wind exposure
  • To protect the springs, always fasten a skirt around the perimeter of the trampoline
  • If under a severe wind weather alert (i.e. tropical storm conditions), disassemble your trampoline are store it indoors
  • Shovel snow from your trampoline bounce mat before it has a chance to accumulate
  • Never use a rain cover to protect your trampoline from snow, as this prevents proper drainage
  • Purchase and install a tie down kit if you live in a windy area






children playing backyard games with balloons

101 Fun Backyard Games To Amuse Bored Kids

Amusing the kids can be tricky sometimes and as the weather gets warmer most parents would prefer them to be outside playing in the sunshine. So, we’ve put together a list of 101 of the best and most fun backyard games for the young ones and the young at heart.

Full List Of The Best 101 Fun Backyard Games

When deciding on which backyard games should be included in our list of 101 backyard games and ideas we tried to accommodate children of all ages. Yes, even the ones who think they’re too old for fun and games. Some entries may look like they’re on the list twice, but that’s because different age groups have different listings.

Games that you can buy:

JumpSport BigTop Trampoline Tent
  • Giant 11 Feet Across, 5 1/2 Feet High
  • Patent Pending No-Pole Safety Design
  • 3 Windows & 1 Door with Screens & Zippers
Little Tikes Slam 'n Curve Slide
  • Challenging inflatable rock wall leads to a slippery slide with a gentle curve at the end...
  • Designed so parents can see all the action!
  • Fun basketball hoop in splash pool area
Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Game - Fun Scavenger Hunt for Kids of All Ages -...
  • MEMORIES FOR A LIFETIME: GoTrovo is an action-packed pirate scavenger hunt game for the...
  • ENTERTAIN THE KIDS WITH NO SCREEN WHATEVER THE WEATHER: fun trails in the home and garden
  • BOREDOM BUSTER FOR KIDS AGED 3-10: No two trails are ever the same, kids can play for...
Sidewalk Chalk Spray Set of Three Colors
  • Set includes 3 different colors
  • Each bottle contains .35 oz of colored powder made from cornstarch
  • Recommended for ages 6+
Premium Ring Toss Game Set - Includes 8 Rope & 8 Plastic Rings -...
  • BOTH ROPE & PLASTIC RINGS are included so you can play how you like.
  • HOURS OF FAMILY FUN - Families love playing ring toss at tailgates, barbecues, parties,...
  • HELPS KIDS DEVELOP HAND-EYE COORDINATION in a fun family-friendly game.
Playz Ball Pit Princess Castle Play Tents for Girls w/ Glow in The...
  • 50 BALLS INCLUDED - GLOW IN THE DARK STARS Children fall in love with our premium dream...
  • PRINCESS APPROVED Soft thick fabric & quality breathable mesh design allows for a safe &...
  • POPS OPEN IN 1 SECOND Portable, durable, easy to setup & foldable with a lightweight...
WOW Super Slide l 25' x 6' Water Slide
  • Giant 25' x 6' backyard lawn slide with sprinkler system
  • Extra-thick, heavy-duty PVC construction
  • Customized connection system to connect multiple slides together
Zupapa 15 14 12 Ft TUV Approved Trampoline with Enclosure Net and Pole...
  • The 2019 newest upgraded Zupapa trampoline with the Safer Unique No-gap Jumping Mat...
  • The product total weight, box are NOT included, 15FT: 192 lbs. 14FT: 184 lbs. 12FT: 164...
  • All Zupapa trampolines get TUV certified. TUV Report Reference No. for Zupapa:...

EasyGo Products 14' Inflatable Mega Movie Screen - Canvas Projection...
  • EASY SET-UP: The mega inflatable movie screen is easy and convenient to set up in 2...
  • SCREEN & FRAME: This amazing new WHITE DISPLAY detachable screen and inflation fan work...
  • ATTRACTIVE DESIGN: This mega outdoor movie screen kit includes an inflatable frame,...

Melissa & Doug Hop & Count Hopscotch Rug (Play Space & Room Decor,...
  • CLASSIC HOPSCOTCH RUG: The Melissa & Doug Hop & Count Hopscotch Rug features a classic...
  • DURABLE MATERIALS: Our hopscotch rug is made from high-quality woven materials that can be...
  • SKID-PROOF BACKING: This high-quality hopscotch game set features a skid-proof backing,...

500pcs Assorted Colors Water Balloons Bomb Balloons Beach Balloons Fun...
  • 500 Multi-colored water bomb balloons. Perfect for birthday parties, picnics, outdoor...
  • Kids and children will love the vibrant colors and have a blast playing water games with...
  • Jarty Party Water Balloons Are Made using 100% brand new, high quality, odor free,...

  • FREE ACCESSORIES AND SHIPPING - The complete set includes the official rulebook and a...
  • PACKED WITH AWESOME FEATURES - These NHPA-approved horseshoes have more weight forged into...
  • PITCH LIKE THE PROS - This world class horseshoe design has longer tips to grab the stake...

Kiddie Play Traffic Light Toy for Kids Cars and Bikes with Lights and...
  • Real working lights with realistic traffic sounds
  • Automatically changes between red, yellow, and green. Teaches traffic regulations and...
  • Base can be filled with sand or water for stability

BANZAI Splish Splash Water Park
  • Transform your backyard into a junior ocean adventure!
  • The water park is 90 x 68 x 22" when set up
  • Contents includes 1 splash mat, 1 inflatable dolphin. 1 inflatable whale slide, 4...

EasyPro+ PCT1317 Deluxe Pond & Garden Cover Tent Dome Netting 13x17...
  • KEEPS OUT LEAVES & ANIMALS: The EasyPro PCT1317 Deluxe Pond and Garden Cover Tent Dome...
  • STURDY POLES & MESH: This dome netting includes strong fiberglass poles and strong...
  • CONVENIENT ZIPPER: The net's built-in zipper allows you easy access to feed fish in your...
MESHA 12 Inches Assorted Color Party Balloons (144 Pcs)
  • Colored Balloons 12": Beautiful balloons in assorted colors to make your party most...
  • Premium Quality Party Supply: The 12 inch diameter birthday balloons are made with premium...
  • Balloons are Favorites: balloons can be used anywhere anytime and by people of all ages....

Toysmith Marbles in a Tin Box
  • The marbles in this set can be used in games of skill, traded with friends or for the...
  • This set includes 160 glass marbles in a variety of colors and patterns.
  • Marbles are kept in a colorful tin storage box when not in use, reducing clutter.

AmazonBasics Bocce Ball Set with Soft Carrying Case - 100mm
  • Full-size bocce balls measure 100mm each
  • Set includes 4 green balls, 4 red balls, 1 white pallino, and 1 measuring device
  • Poly-resin composite for long-lasting strength

Intex Jump O Lene Castle Inflatable Bouncer, for Ages 3-6
  • Soft inflatable, floor and high walls provide a safe bouncing platform
  • Castle with four turrets is great for kids imaginations
  • Hours of playtime,avoid area with sharp objects and debris before setup

Slackers 100' Night Riderz Kit with Spring Brake
  • Combination 100' (113' total cable length) Zipline and Spring brake kit!.
  • New compression 5.25 steel spring braking system is a great addtion to your backyard...
  • 2 adults following our thorough instructions can set up the zipline in less than an hour!

Brothers are for Making Mud Pies (Puffin Lift-the-Flap)
  • Penguin Books
  • Harriet Ziefert
  • Publisher: Puffin Books

Tailgating Pros Solid Wood Premium Cornhole Boards with Corn Filled...
  • SOLID WOOD CONTRUCTION - Our Regualtion Size Boards measure 4ftx2ft and are constructed...
  • RUGGED FRAME & ADVANCED DESIGN - Solid Wood Frame with Folding Legs, a 1/2" Top Board, and...
  • CARRYING CASE INCLUDED - Our Carrying Case with Shoulder Straps is made from High Quality...

Sun Pleasure Party Bird Island Giant Unicorn Float - Fast Speed Pump...
  • UP TO 6 PERSON CAPACITY - Enjoy a day in the sun on the beach, pool or lake in this jumbo...


BANZAI Bump n Bounce Body Bumpers n
  • 25"L x 25"W x 23"H inflatable body bumpers
  • 2 body bumpers included for belly-to-belly bumping action
  • Fun and safe cushiony inflatable surface
POCO DIVO 6-ft Play Tunnel Kids Tent Children Pop-up Toy Tube
  • Perfect for muscle development, stimulate the imagination for creative playtime
  • Consist of blue, yellow & red is the most popular multi-color tunnel
  • Fast and easy set up and fold by pop-up design, Lightweight and portable with a carry bag
13-Foot by 13-Foot Square Extreme Twister Inflatable Multi-Person...
  • HEAVY DUTY - The vinyl on our inflatables is double, triple, and in some areas 6-way box...
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - Our inflatables are manufactured with 15 ounce Plato« "Lite and Strong"...
  • EASY TO PLAY - A pair of giant dice take the place of the spinning wheel to instruct...
GoSports Giant Wooden Toppling Tower (Stacks to 5+ feet) | Includes...
  • GIANT SIZE: Tower starts at 2.5 feet tall and grows to over 5 feet during play - Includes...
  • BONUS RULES WITH DRY ERASE BOARD: Includes bonus dry erase board to make your own optional...
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Hand Selected Knot Free Pine Blocks - Beware of other low-cost towers...
Giantex Trampoline Combo Bounce Jump Safety Enclosure Net W/Spring Pad...
  • Six U-shaped Legs- Six legs are arranged averagely under the trampoline. U-shaped legs can...
  • Safety Enclosure Net and Foam Sleeves- Safety enclosure netting are perfectly attached to...
  • All Accessories Included- Our trampoline includes steel frame, jumping mat, safety...
Darice Wood Xylophone – Wood Base With 8 Metal Keys in a Scale –...
  • AN INTRO TO MUSIC - The xylophone has a wooden base and features 8 clear-sounding metal...
  • CUSTOMIZABLE - The wood base of the xylophone and the wooden mallet can be painted and...
  • FULLY ASSEMBLED - The 11.5" long xylophone comes fully assembled and includes a 7" long...
Crayola Ultimate Crayon Collection, 152 Pieces, Coloring Supplies,...
  • CRAYOLA CRAYON SET: 152 classic crayons in a durable Crayon Storage Caddy.
  • DOUBLE WRAPPED & DURABLE: These kids' art tools are double wrapped for extra strength.
  • GLITTER & METALLIC CRAYONS: 152 different colors including glitter and metallic colors.
Creative Cedar Designs Octagon Wooden Sandbox
  • 84" L x 78" w x 9" H Sand box with 3/4" thick timbers hold up to x 500lbs of Sand when...
  • Sandbox kits have Stained cedar timbers and hardware that make building a Sandbox that...
  • Durable, eco-friendly polyethylene Sandbox cover goes on in seconds to prevents excess...
Costzon Mighty Inflatable Bounce House, Castle Jumper Moonwalk Slide...
  • EXCLUSIVE MATERIAL - Costzon bounce house is made by extraordinarily heavy-duty puncture...
  • ENDLESS SLIDING& Jumping FUN - There is a inflatable slide connected with the jumping...
  • PROTECTIVE NETTING - Let your children jump freely! Tall mesh walls surround the jumping...
GoSports Giant Wooden 4 in a Row Game - 2 Foot Width - Huge 4 Connect...
  • GIANT SIZE FUN: Game measures over 2 feet wide and 2 feet tall and can be setup indoors or...
  • 100% WOODEN CONSTRUCTION: Each game is crafted from sturdy premium wood and painted white...
  • GAME PIECES INCLUDED: 42 GoSports Plastic Coins (21 red + 21 blue) - The coins are made...
merka Educational Kids Placemat - Non Slip Washable (USA Map)
  • DESIGNED BY TEACHERS: Our designs are thoughtfully thought from the ground up thinking...
  • GOOD KARMA. Your purchase helps others since we invest a percentage of sales on micro...
  • ILLUSTRATIONS EASILY RECOGNIZED BY CHILDREN: beautiful, crisp colors and illustrations...
Gym Dandy Spinning Teeter Totter - Impact Absorbing Kids Playground...
  • TWO-IN-ONE PLAY SET - This seesaw can rotate in complete 360 degree. Thanks to its...
  • HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION - This teeter totter is built with a heavy-duty frame that's...
  • SAFE AND ERGONOMIC DESIGN - This play set features 2 elongated soft cushioned seats and...
Micro Mini Deluxe Scooter - Purple
  • New adjustable T-bar accommodates children as they grow
  • Please tighten handlebar clamp using supplied hex wrench before riding
  • New anodized T-bars with 8 fun new deck colors
Chess Armory 15" Wooden Chess Set Felted Game Board Interior Storage
  • Chess Armory 15 Wooden Chess Set with Felted Game Board Interior for Storage
  • Toy
  • Chess Armory
Little Tikes Clubhouse Swing Set
  • Backyard swing set with built-in playhouse and toddler swings and sliding board
  • Two ways to climb to the platform of the clubhouse
  • Large slide with handrails, sized especially for younger kids
LovesTown Carnival Games Darts Balloons, 500Pcs Circus Decorations...
  • 🎈 500 Pcs 6" Carnival balloons with 10 pcs metal tipped darts, The balloons popped...
  • 🎈 party balloons are a little more "touchy", they popped easily and loudly,...
  • 🎈 balloon pop games is a thrilling kids' outdoor party game, it improves hand-eye...
Ultimate Combo Inflatable Bounce House
  • Inflated size L 12 ftxW 10 ft xH 8 ft
  • Features an obstacle wall, inflatable basketball hoop, slide and extra sliding surface,...
  • Heavy-duty puncture-resistant,fire-resistant material (lead free and 6P free) with double...
RoseArt Washable Sidewalk Paint 3 Colors 2 Foam Brushes (DDL87)
  • Just add water to the paint powder, stir and paint
  • 3 fun colors, Red, Blue, Yellow-use them individually or even mix them together for a...
  • 2 foam brushes-your magic wand to paint your masterpieces
Intex Sun Shade Inflatable Pool, 62" X 62" X 48", for Ages 2+
  • Capacity: 9-1/2-Inch, 74-gallon
  • Includes drain plug
  • Comes with repair patch
Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center, 117" X 76" X 53", for Ages...
  • Center includes water slide, wading pool, water sprayer, ring toss game (with 4 inflatable...
  • Water sprayer attaches to garden hose to keep kids cool in summer
  • Water capacity: 77 gallons.
Play-Doh Fun Tub
  • 20 pieces and 5 Play-Doh colors for lots of open-ended creative fun
  • Reusable plastic tub makes it easy to store everything for next time
  • Great for playdates
John Deere Sandbox Vehicle (2 Pack)
  • Durable plastic construction
  • Vehicle 2-pack
  • Free Rolling Wheels
EasyGo Giant Checkers Game – Indoor Outdoor – Family Game – Lawn...
  • FUN, EYE-CATCHING CONVERSATION PIECE - Our checkers large folding board game is a...
  • CHECKERS ON THE GO - Take this folding oversized checkers game with you to BBQ's, parties,...
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Little Tikes Cozy Truck Ride-On with removable floorboard
  • Durable ride-on truck with a drop-down tailgate and a removable floorboard for growing...
  • Includes rugged "off road" wheels
  • An opoening gas cap, a steering wheel with a working horn
Little Tikes Spiralin' Seas Waterpark Play Table
  • Water play table helps develop "put-and-take" and early motor skills with fun characters
  • Drop balls down spiral, watching them go round and round and down into the water
  • Turn the Ferris wheel to scoop up and drop off balls
Step2 Kickback Soccer Goal And Pitch Back
  • Fun multi-use sports center with a 2-in-1 soccer goal and pitch-back
  • Practice scoring goals or play a game of soccer with your teammates
  • Practice throwing and catching on the reverse side of the soccer goal
Lawn Bowling Game/Skittle Ball- Indoor and Outdoor Fun for Toddlers,...
  • EASY TO PLAY - This backyard bowling game gives an outdoor twist on a classic game with...
  • TAKE IT ANYWHERE -This wooden set also includes a draw-string mesh bag for convenient...
  • DURABLE BUILD- This wooden backyard bowling game set is beautifully constructed out of...
Ultimate 175 Gram Flying Disc - Professional Foldable Sporting Throw...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND SOFT - This catch disc is made by the safer PE Material, it doesn't hurt...
  • EASY TO PLAY - Our ultimate sporting disks are specially designed for straight flights,...
  • GREAT FUN GIFT - Perfect for throwing games at the beach, lake and pool. Both adult and...
Fisher-Price Grow-to-Pro 2-in-1 Tee Ball
  • Height-adjustable tee grows with kids as they get taller
  • Bat guide for beginners
  • Use the bat and ball for outdoor play without the tee
Triumph All Pro Series Press Fit Outdoor Ladderball Set Includes 6...
  • Our best all-steel ladderball set assembles in seconds with no need for screws, knobs, or...
  • Strong polymer connecting joints hold the steel frame together without the need for...
  • 36" high x 23" wide metal ladderball frame secures to slotted steel legs with no screws or...
Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor with Trailer
  • 2 speeds plus reverse; 2¼ & 4½ mph. (4½ mph lockout for beginners)
  • Accelerator pedal with automatic brakes
  • Farm tractor wheels provide traction on grass, dirt, gravel or pavement.
Little Tikes 3' Trampoline – Amazon Exclusive
  • Perfect trampoline for toddlers to burn off energy
  • Features large jumping surface and handle bar for stability
  • Plastic and metal combination
Costzon Inflatable Bounce House, Castle Jumper Slide Mesh Walls, Kids...
  • EXCLUSIVE MATERIAL - Costzon bounce house is made by extraordinarily heavy-duty puncture...
  • ENDLESS SLIDING FUN - There is a inflatable slide connected with the jumping area. Your...
  • PROTECTIVE NETTING - Let your children jump freely! Tall mesh walls surround the jumping...
Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Speck Seahorse Sifter
  • Plastic Sifter For Sand Play
  • High-Quality Molded And Painted Plastic
  • Smiling Speck Seahorse Adds Character And Cheer

Mini Ogodisk Super Disk Set - Outdoor Family Camping Game for Kids,...
  • FUN FOR BACKYARD, BEACH, AND POOL PLAY - Our OgoSport Disk Set is perfect for some fun in...
  • DURABLE FOAM, SPANDEX - Our beach trampoline game set is strong enough to catch and throw...
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Stomp Rocket 20008 Ultra Rocket, 4 Rockets [Packaging May Vary], Red
  • 100% KID powered: Run, jump and STOMP to launch these rockets up to 20 stories high --...
  • Winner of the Dr. Toy Award, iParenting Media's Hot Toy Award, Creative Child Magazine's...
  • Includes a Stomp Launcher and 4 foam-tipped Ultra Stomp Rockets

Strider - 12 Sport Balance Bike, Ages 18 Months to 5 Years, Blue
  • LEARN TO RIDE: A balance bike is the first step in learning how to ride a bike.
  • GROWS WITH YOUR CHILD: The seat and handlebar heights adjust to accommodate ages 18 months...
  • DESIGNED FOR YOUNG KIDS: The lightweight frame weighs only 6.7 pounds, making it easy for...

Radio Flyer Ultimate Comfort Wagon
  • Five seating and storage options-seating for two, flatbed, covered storage & ride,...
  • Expandable rear storage bag folds away when not in use, removable padded seat covers,...
  • Child and adult cup holders. Handle folds over for easy storage. Handle to floor: 45...

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Seaside Sidekicks Sand Baking Set
  • Sea-creature inspired "baking" set
  • Includes shell-shaped measuring cups, octopus whisk and crab mixing spoon.
  • Mixing, sifting and baking theme presents an exciting twist on sand toys!

Toysmith Kid's 3-Piece Garden Tool Set
  • These functional, high-quality hand tools are designed for outdoor play time, or working...
  • This set includes a trowel, rake and shovel.
  • Each tool is constructed of metal, with a durable hardwood handle.

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Shimmy Snake Magnifying Glass With...
  • nake-shaped magnifying glass
  • Easy to grasp with bright green styling
  • Sturdy plastic construction with shatterproof lens

Little Tikes - First Slide (Blue/ Green)
  • First Slide
  • Designed for great stability for young children
  • Easy assembly, handrails snap into place
Step2 Charming Cottage Kids Playhouse
  • Little ones can use the kitchen sink, swivel faucet and outdoor eating area to have an...
  • Realistic sounding doorbell lets kids know when their friends have arrived
  • Window planter boxes features drain holes for little ones to plant and grow real flowers!
Mini Ogodisk Super Disk Set - Outdoor Family Camping Game for Kids,...
  • FUN FOR BACKYARD, BEACH, AND POOL PLAY - Our OgoSport Disk Set is perfect for some fun in...
  • DURABLE FOAM, SPANDEX - Our beach trampoline game set is strong enough to catch and throw...
  • ADAPTS TO MANY OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES - Our disk set is perfect for kids above age 4, but can...
Prextex Realistic Looking 7" Dinosaurs Pack of 12 Large Plastic...
  • Prextex 12 Boxed Sizeable 7" dinosaurs Includes Book with history of each dinosaur will...
  • Kids will enjoy hours of Imaginative Play with realistic-looking dinosaurs
  • Fun and educational for both boys and girls alike
Crazy Forts,Purple, 69 pieces
  • Just add bedsheets for endless fun
  • 69 Pieces - 25 geometrically precise solid plastic balls and 44 reinforced sticks
  • Durable - Portable - Easy to build

DIY Games

Ninja Warrior Course DIY

Here's A Video on Ninja Warrior Course DIY of a Girl Kid

Backyard Twister DIY

Here's A Video on DIY Twister Mat Game

Ring Toss DIY

Here's A Video of How to Make a Ring Toss Game DIY:

Tic-Tac-Toe DIY

Here's A Video On How to Make a Cardboard Tic Tac Toe Game at Home - DIY:

Fairy Crowns

Here's A Video of DIY Tutorial on How to Make A Fairy Crown:

Recycled Bottles Bowling

Here's A Video on Plastic Bottle Bowling Set:

Firepit Swing Set

Here's A Video On How To Build Your Own Firepit Swing Set:

DIY Bucket Ring Toss​​​​

Here's A Video on Lets Make! : DIY Bucket Ball!

Outdoor Games

Mini Olympics

Here's A Video on Olympics Day Indoor & Outdoor Games:


Here's A Video of OPC Picnic 2011 - Children Playing Some Games:

Tire Swing

Here's A Video of DIY Kids: Build a Backyard Tire Swing:

Shaving Cream Slip-n-slide

Here's A Video on Shaving Cream Slip and Slide;Messy Fun!

Rebounder Soccer

Here's a Video On How To Build A Soccer Wall/Rebounder! (Full DIY Tutorial):

Pool Noodle Toss

Here's A Video About Pool Noodle Ball Toss - fun kids activity:

Bean Bag Ladder Toss

Here's A Video on Bean Bag Ladder Toss:


Here's A Video on DIY GIANT BUBBLES for kids! Family Fun playtime with bubble toys Ryan ToysReview:

Outdoor Reading

outdoor reading with the kids under a tree

Find Shapes in the Clouds

4 hands making a heart shape with clouds

Walk the Dog

kid walking a dog

Feed the Birds

kid in pink and violet jacket feeding a bird

Planting flowers or vegetables

Mother and daughter planting flowers together as backyard games

Painting and Arts

Squirt Gun Painting

Here's A Video On How To Do Squirt Gun Painting:

Making Pounded Flower Bookmarks

Here's A Video of The Fine Art of Flower Pounding:

Glow in the Dark Chalk

Here's A Video of DIY Glow In The Dark Chalk:

Rainbow Bubble Wrap Tree

Here's A Video on Bubble Wrap Painting:

Mud Painting

Here's A Video on Mud Painting:

Ooey Gooey Worms

Here's A Video of Edible Mud Sensory Play:

Rainbow Glitter Sidewalk Paint

Here's A Video On DIY Glitter Sidewalk Paint:

Outdoor Chalkboard

Here's A Video on Backyard Chalk board:

Indoor Fun

Shallow Swing Potato Chip Chair

Here's A Video on Chip Chair "Shallow Swing", Assembling:

Stacking Cups

Here's A Video On 7 Fun and Cheap Games with Cups (DIY Minute to Win It Party):

Importance of Backyard Games in Your Child’s Development

Recent statistics state that approximately one in three children in the United States are overweight. One way to combat that problem is to get kids outside to run instead of shooting zombies on screen, inside the house.

There’s more benefits to outside play than just the physical aspects. Have you ever seen kids out of school doors as soon as the bell goes off?

You can see freedom and excitement in their faces. Being outside allows kids to engage in behavior that isn’t acceptable outside. For example, they don’t have to use inside voices. Running around is the best way to steam for a child.

Activities like throwing a ball, trampolining, and treasures hunts, all help your child to grow and develop fine motor skills. Backyard games usually involve more kids and social skills are another important aspect of a child’s development.

Did Our List of Backyard Games Bring Back Some Memories for You?

play dough for backyard games

You will have noticed some oldies and goodies on our list and that was deliberate. Although the modern toys are fun to play with there’s a lot to be said for the sheer fun of getting your hands dirty by making mud pies or building sandcastles.

blue trampoline chair

Trampoline Chair: Top 10 Products In The Market

If you haven’t experienced relaxing on a trampoline chair, it’s time to discover what you’ve been missing. Also known as Bungee chairs their unique design make them a fun, as well as practical, accessory to any office or home.

Bungee chairs for the office tend to look more formal than the trampoline chairs on our list, but if your office fosters a more casual culture, then any on the list would be good to take to work. Trampoline chairs are known for providing great back support which makes them ideal for sitting at a computer for 8 hours a day.

Despite their appearance, the best trampoline chairs are comfortable for people who suffer arthritis and other conditions. If they’re the right size for you, you should be able to sink into them quickly, and a small bounce will help you to get back up.

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