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The Best Children’s Indoor Trampolines

If you’re tired of telling your kids to stop jumping on the couch and their beds, you should give them an alternative. Give them an indoor trampoline.

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Top 7 Best Children’s Indoor Trampolines

There are a dizzying number of indoor trampolines for kids on the market.

Some use springs, others rely on elastic bands.

Some are notoriously difficult to assemble. Others fit together rather quickly.

Here’s our list of the top seven children’s indoor trampolines.


Merax Kids Trampoline

Merax Kids Trampoline with Handrail and Safety Cover, Mini Trampoline...
  • Foam padded handle and no-spring band/bungee system enhance the safe and fun bouncing...
  • Oval rebounding surface for more stability and twins or parent-child activities.
  • Rust-resistant frame offers long-term use warranty, easy to assemble, no additional tools...

The Merax Mini Rebounder is oval-shaped a balance bar that divides the bouncing surface into two 55 inch halves, making it easier for two kids to bounce at the same time.

It easily accommodates two kids, but one kid can bounce on one side alone without compromising the trampoline’s stability.

The weight capacity is 180 pounds. That capacity represents a combined weight of the kids on either side of the balance bar.

The unit weighs a little over 15 pounds and ships at slightly more than 30 pounds.

The marketing material for this trampoline says that the unit is foldable. However, only the bouncing surface is foldable. The frame has to be disassembled for storage.

There’s a one-year warranty on the frame and a three-month warranty on the parts.


Little Tykes Trampoline

Little Tikes Easy Store 3' Trampoline, 36.00 L x 36.00 W x 33.50 H...
  • Great energy burner!
  • Foam grip on the safety bar
  • Easy storage

This trampoline was especially designed for kids aged three to six.

The maximum weight load of the trampoline is 55 pounds, so obviously, this is a trampoline for only one kid at a time.

Don’t allow kids above the weight limit on the trampoline. To do so would increase not only the likelihood of damage to the trampoline but also increase the chances of injury to the kids.

The trampoline weighs a little over 15 pounds and ships at less than 15.5 pounds.

The bar rises 26.25 inches above the jumping surface.

Be careful to fully tighten the handlebar as directed to avoid too much play in the bar.

The trampoline uses elastic bands rather than springs, which are safer and quieter.


No products found.

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This trampoline is rated for kids three years old to six years old.

It’s safe for weight up to 132 pounds.

It’s available in one color and comes with a handrail.

It has a protective cover, which will please parents, as well as being bright and colorful. The manufacturer claims 10 minutes from the box to being used, so it’s also easy to put together.

The balance bar is padded for safety.

This trampoline has a stable non-foldable design.

The handrails of the balance bar don’t stop flush with the trampoline but extend to the floor for additional stability.

Padding covers the springs.

The trampoline shipping weight is 17.4 pounds.

The trampoline’s bouncing surface sits eight inches off the ground.

The handrail height is 24.5-36 inches and is adjustable to grow with your kid.


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This trampoline dispenses with the usual springs and instead, uses high-elasticity bands. The bands are safer than springs when a child falls onto the trampoline.

Even though the bands are safer than springs, the bands are still covered by protective padding in the same manner as traditional springs.  This gives parents another level of protection for their children. Several Amazon customers singled out the elastic bands for praise.

The elastic bands also reduce the amount of noise that the trampoline can make.

The padding may not stand up to the harshest users.

The weight limit is 155 pounds.

Assembly should be a breeze. You only need to screw in the legs and assemble the bar. The manufacturer estimates the time of assembly at 15 minutes. A wrench and four screws come with the trampoline.

Your purchase also includes a handy carrying bag so that your kids never have to be without their favorite pastime activity.

The frame of the bouncing surface folds for easy packing. The bar and the legs do not fold. They have to be disassembled for transport.

The bouncing surface is 36 inches in diameter and sits 9 inches above the floor.

The bar extends from the floor upward to a height that’s 23 inches above the bouncing surface.

You can get the trampoline in either red padding with contrasting blue legs and handle or in blue padding with contrasting yellow legs and handle.


Skywwalker Round Bouncer Trampoline with Enclousure

Skywalker Trampolines Space Explorer Mini Trampoline
  • SAFETY IS OUR PRIORITY: All of our products are tested for safety and durability to meet...
  • DESIGN: This mini trampoline features 36 bungees instead of steel springs for a design...
  • PROMOTES HEALTHY KIDS: Introduces young kids to a fun, active lifestyle. This mini...

This trampoline is recommended for kids aged three to 7.

The maximum weight load is 100 pounds.

It’s designed for use by one kid at a time, but several parents report using it for two kids whose combined weight was less than 100 pounds.

The trampoline’s frame is fully padded for safety. The interior of the structure includes a 360-degree balance bar to help inexperienced bouncers keep their stability.

The trampoline uses elastic bands rather than springs for safety. However, the bands are also covered by padding. Additionally, the bands and their padding are separated from the jumping surface by the trampoline’s wraparound netting.

The completed trampoline is 48 inches in diameter and 56 inches in height.

The trampoline only comes in red.

The frame comes with a three-year warranty while the parts are covered by a one-year warranty.

The netting is sewn to the jump mat to prevent gaps that could cause injury if a bouncer’s foot should become caught in it.

The trampoline also has additional netting. This netting extends below the trampoline, reaching the bottom of the legs. It prevents adventurous kids and pets from crawling underneath.

The trampoline is approved by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

Its shipping weight is less than 23 pounds.

Assembly videos are available online. The trampoline is supposed to assemble using hand tools, according to the manufacturer.


Pure Fun Kids Preschool Jumper Trampoline

Pure Fun 36-inch Preschool Jumper Kids Trampoline with Handrail, Ages...
  • Spring system is covered with mesh and cushioning to create a safe, worry-free bouncing...
  • Ergonomic inclined safety bar for increased security and stability; Soft, cushioned handle...
  • Bouncing system is ASTM, TUV/GS and CE certified for safety; Easy and quick assembly, no...

This trampoline is targeted at kids aged three to 7.

It has a square shape rather than the standard round shape. It measures 36 inches by 36 inches.

The trampoline uses springs, but they’re covered by mesh and cushioning.

That padding over the springs is decorated with the letters of the alphabet. The letters are in different colors and inside different shapes. For example, according to the manufacturer’s advertising photo, there’s a blue W inside a yellow triangle. The idea is to unobtrusively expose preschool kids to letters, colors, and shapes while they are having fun.

The weight capacity is 75 pounds.

Unlike most bars, the bar for this trampoline isn’t perfectly vertical. It leans slightly inward to increase the trampoline’s stability. However, don’t let the angle of the bar fool you into thinking that it folds downward.

It doesn’t. Once it’s attached, it remains securely in its position. Of course, the bar is padded for safety.

It comes with a 90-day limited warranty.


Giantex 55

Giantex 55" Kids Trampoline, with Safety Enclosure Net & Spring Pad,...
  • ❤️ Ideal For Kids- Our 55" Round Jumping Trampoline Combo Set is highly recommended...
  • ❤️ Safety Use- The padded protective frame and net prevent kids from being injured...
  • ❤️ Easy to Move and Disassemble: The trampoline has light weight so it is convenient...

This is a 4.5-foot diameter trampoline with a net enclosure and zippered entrance.

The weight limit is 110 pounds, which depending on the size could hold more than one child. However, with a 4.5-foot radius, there’s no room for more than two small kids without increasing the risk of injury.

We recommend only allowing one at a time.

The entire apparatus weighs 26.5 pounds.

According to the manufacturer, it’s easy to assemble.

This colorful trampoline has mesh netting which attaches to padded support poles and through the eyelets of the base.

Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Indoor Trampoline That’s Right for Your Children

Kid Playing in the trampoline

​When choosing an indoor trampoline for your kids, it’s important to take into consideration the trampoline’s weight limit.

If your child is too heavy, the trampoline will not respond properly. It simply will not give the child enough bounce for the experience to be enjoyable.

You also need to be aware of how much space you have in your room for the size of trampoline that you’re thinking of purchasing. There needs to be reasonable space between the trampoline and any furniture.

There should also be enough space that if your child bounced off of the trampoline, he wouldn’t injure himself against a door, a window, a stairwell, or any other typical household feature.

In trampolining, the old cliché advice remains valid: safety first.

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