Owning a trampoline allows you to put your body through an actual workout while you are having fun. One of the best things about trampolines is that you can do so many fun, cool trampoline tricks on them. Even those of us who manage to trip over our own two feet can be graceful enough to do high jumps. And flips with ease while playing around on a trampoline.

There are tons of tricks that you can perform on a trampoline. That don’t require any prior skills or much practice. You can find how-to’s online that explain tricks for beginners and experts alike. You don’t have to be a professional gymnast to master these fun and exciting cool trampoline tricks. But it is important to stay safe while you are practicing.

Use Safety Gears When Doing Cool Trampoline Tricks

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Always use a trampoline with a safety net and padding, especially if you are new to performing tricks. And don’t try anything that appears to be far too dangerous such as jumping from an extremely high distance. As long as you take your time and use some common sense. You will be able to successfully achieve the coolest trampoline tricks found on the web.

Cool Trampoline Tricks for Beginners

cool trampoline tricks for beginners

If you are using a trampoline for the first time, congrats! You now have access to one of the coolest exercise products there is. As long as you use your new trampoline with safety in mind. You will be able to enjoy years of fun and eventually learn how to perform various tricks.

How To

It is advisable that all new trampoline users take their time and learn how to move around on the trampoline without fear. It can be intimidating at first because you may think that standing on a trampoline is similar to standing on a bed.

But a mattress is much more stable than a trampoline’s jump pad so you should first work on controlling your balance and learning how to simply walk around the mat.

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Next, you should learn how to safely bounce on the trampoline. You don’t have to do a high bounce at first, just try to jump like you would while standing on the solid ground to get a general idea of how the jump mat responds to your movement. Once you feel comfortable moving around and jumping on the trampoline, you can start practicing a simple trick known as the Double Bounce.

1. Double Bounce


The Double Bounce is one of the most popular trampoline tricks for beginners. You will need to have another individual on the trampoline with you to perform this trick. Make sure that you do not exceed the weight capacity for your trampoline by adding another jumper.

The trick involves you and your partner bouncing alternatively so that when you jump up, they jump down and vice versa. This activity is fun to try out and it can help new users to improve their balance.

2. Spin Your Body or A Cork

Spin Your Body or A Cork is a cool trampoline tricks

Another trick for beginners to try is to spin their body in the air while they are jumping. You will need to twist your body in one direction as much as possible while you are in the air. It can be difficult at first if you are not used to this type of movement but remember that if you fall you will only be landing on the trampoline mat, and you shouldn’t become injured. Spinning just half of your body is good for beginners. Once you are more confident, you can try to completely spin your body around for a 360-degree turn.

3. The Superman Trick

The Superman Trick as a cool trampoline tricks

The Superman Trick is slightly more advanced than the Double Bounce or Spins. With this trick, you get the chance to fly into the air by stretching your arms toward the body and slightly landing down on the pad. To avoid serious injuries, you will need to attempt to fall forward instead of vertically.

Cool Trampoline Tricks for Advanced Users

Once you become familiar with how the trampoline responds to your actions, and have achieved several simple tricks, you can move on to more advanced flips and spins. Remember to always put safety first when you are attempting these new moves and check to make sure your trampoline is in good condition without any flaws or defective parts before you proceed.

4. Front Flip

He is doing a Front Flip as a cool trampoline tricks

The front flip is similar to the Superman trick. It requires you to catch your arms as you jump up into the air. The difference is that you need to flip your body while you keep your legs in the front and your head to the back. It is possible to add in more moves once you feel comfortable doing a front flip. You could try spinning on your knees instead of spinning with your feet for a unique twist.

Here are 10 trampoline tricks to try.

And here’s another video about how to safely work your way up to the more advanced cool trampoline tricks.

Trampoline Safety Tips to Remember

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Always follow the safety tips that are listed in your trampoline user manual before you attempt any tricks. Make sure that your jump mat, padding and safety enclosure net are all in good condition, and follow the guidelines for age or weight restrictions. Pace yourself and practice new tricks without anyone else on the mat with you to avoid accidents or injuries.